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SS+1 is one of Nina's best pressure tools because of how versatile it is. It opens up a lot of options for her at all ranges and can be downright scary when the opponent has their back to the wall.

Its strength comes from the fact you can cancel ss+1 with either a ~b or ~f to get into back sway or crouch dash state respectively. When you do cancel the SS+1 on block you end up in enough positive frames to get un-interruptable followups.

SS+1 has pretty short range, so it'll typically only hit at ranges 0 - 1 or so, but even whiffing it isn't bad due to being able to cancel it into backsway which auto ducks, moves her back a little, ducks under some mids and blocks lows.

Notes about SS1

  • SS1~b n gives WS moves.
  • SS1~B+<button> gives QCB moves
  • SS1~b~u gives Sway Cancel
  • SS1~f~n gives WS moves
  • SS1~F+<button> gives QFC moves
  • SS1~f~u/f+<button> gives WS moves
  • SS1~f~d/b,d/b+2+3 gives Evil Mist
  • SS1~b,n F+1+2 gives CBB (ff+1+2)

Anything that you do from a blocked SS1~b~u that is i14 or less is un-interruptable if executed properly.

Anything that you do from a blocked SS1~f~n that is i15 or less is un-interruptable if executed properly.

Any WS move done from SS1~b_f that is i15 or less is un-interruptable if executed properly.

SS+1 At range 0

If you're in their face and you've got them on defense, ss+1 cancels are a great way to chip away at their defense. Some of the better followups here are:


  • ~f,N+1 - uninterruptable, mid, decent tracking, + on hit, only about -4 on block. Doesn't interrupt momentum a great deal
  • ~F+3 - Quick low that at this range will be -3 on hit. Be careful though, this option can be hopkicked.
  • ~F+2 - Mid, safe (-9), wall splat
  • ~F+1+2_3+4 - Throw, its a bit slow, and see-able, but if the opponent is really locked down, can lead to decent damage if they don't break the followups.
  • ~b,d+2 - Low, high crush, -5ish on hit, hop-kickable, -11 on block
  • ~b~u~db+3 - Low, +3 on hit, -13 on block. Hop-kickable and interruptable
  • ~B+1+4 - Unbreakable throw, only connects at extreme close range... or if the opponent's back is to the wall. Good tool to make them want to duck at the wall. Not terribly useful in the open
  • ~b~u~N+1 - Cancel back into SS+1. Don't do this very often, since its very interruptable,
  • ~b~d+4 - unseeable, un-interruptable, low that almost never gets blocked. Great for finishing a round.
  • ~b~DF+4 - unseeable, un-interruptable, low that almost never gets blocked. Great for finishing a round a bit more damage then the d+4 version.
  • ~b~u,N+1+4 - mid, barely intetruptable by jabs or other quick moves if done right. Hits them if they try to do anything other then block (or interrupt with jabs)
  • ~b~u~df+1+2 - mid, safe tracking, might trade with jabs, provides a CH stun that's breakable.
  • ~b~u~f+2 - high, uninterruptable, you can CH confirm the followup (CH+2,1,1+2) for massive damage if they like to attack after blocking a ss+1.
  • ~b~u~df+2 - almost uniterruptable launch, it will hit them if they try to do anything other then block or back dash.
  • ~bn 4:1_1:4 - uninteruptable ivory cutter

SS+1 At range 1

SS+1 starts to whiff at this range, but its still really good at just nicking the opponent as they're poking or moving. Also due to the increased range, you can start trying to force them to whiff with just ss+1~b,N. If they do whiff you can get a safe launch attempt with df+2. The timing on it is a bit weird so you'll want to practice getting the df+2 at various stages of the backsway. The early frames you'll still be counted as crouching, so you'll have to CC with ~u~df+2 to get the df+2 to come out. Normally when you're doing that you don't have enough time to whiff confirm, you just throw it out. In the middle frames, But if you wait long enough, you can just df+2 and it comes out.

Doing some of the followups become more risky at range 1, since if SS+1 hits, it pushes them out to where some of then will whiff.

SS+1 At range 2

This is primarily baiting territory. Not a lot of your followups will connect, but we do get a good new option out of ~b,db+2. Safe mid long range homing move that gives a stun on CH leading to massive damage.

Your primary tools here will be:

  • [SS+1]~b~u - just do it from time to time. It will occasionally catch people trying to come in and if you react fast enough you can follow up with something.
  • [SS+1]~b, db+2 - trying to bait a CH out of them. Also makes them more scared to step or walk at that range.
  • [SS+1]~F+3 - Good closing low that's 0 to -3 on hit. Its pretty linear, so you'll want to have them locked down with the db+2 first. But its great for closing into Nina's best range. At only -3 on hit, and it forces the opponent into crouch, you've got a lot of options. Sidestepping is great here, if they try to WS+4 or d+1 you, you'll get a free ss+2
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