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Basic rush down strategy

  • Nina's best range is range 0-1 (In their face basically) and that's where she wants to stay. Getting in on someone with a good defense is one of the hardest things Nina has.
  • She doesn't have a lot that's really scary except for getting launched. Since she has excellent wall carry and really good combo and wall damage people will really try to not get launched.
  • You'll want to be constantly sidestepping unless they've got you on lockdown. This is primarily so you can whiff punish with ss+2, or pressure with ss+1~b_f.
  • When you do get in, you'll want to use a lot of 1's and df+1's as pressure. Use the lows sparingly, since they're the weakest part of her offense.
  • d+4 is a great low to use, it doesn't do much damage, but its i12, -2 on hit, -13 on block and it catches steppers pretty good. This is the low you want to use for spamming purposes. It high crushes and stops a lot of stepping, great for lock down.
  • When you're a bit farther out, you can use f+2 as a pressure tool, but be wary of steppers.
  • db+2 is great for closing distance, but you're at disadvantage so you have to be careful. If the opponent likes to jab you can duck and ws+1,1+2 or ws+2 punish.
  • d+2 is another decent closing tool, is only -12 on block so really safe for a high crushing low. You are negative on hit, so you have to be careful.

Rush Down Tools

Move Frames To Hit Frames On Block Frames On Hit Track Left Track Right Hit Range Special Usage
1 10 +1 +8 0 0 High Can hit confirm the 2 followup, 1,2 jails Pressure and interrupt
df+1 13 -1 +5 5 2 Mid df+1,2 Jails Pressure, prevent ducking
f,f,df+1 13~17 -1 +5 11 11 Mid doing a f,f before the df+1 makes it track a lot better for some reason, but it comes out a lot slower too Pressure, prevent ducking, prevent stepping
d+4 12 -13 -2 4 10 Low Can counter confirm the 1 followup for +5 on hit Quick Low pressure
db+3 20 -13 +3 3 7 Low Knockdowns on CH for a guaranteed f,f+1+2 or if they try to stand, qcf+1 Low pressure when they're afraid to attack
4 11 -8 (?) +8 (?) 0 7 High Launches on counter Interrupt / Keep out
d+2 20 -12 -6 4 (?) 4 (?) Low High crush Low pressure / high evasion
1+4 15 -6 (?) +3 7 9 Mid Almost perfect tracking Lockdown
db+2 24 -8 (?) KDN 10 10 Mid Full tracking, Launches on CH Long range tracking move.
f+2 13 -3 +8 0 0 High Can counter confirm the 1,1+2 followup Great range 1.5 poke, but no tracking
df+4 12 -4 +7 0 0 Mid Fastest mid in the game Keepout and round finisher
SS+1~F_B 23 +13 (?) ~ +18 (?) +16 (?) ~ +21 (?) 4 4 Mid Cancel ss+1 with f or b for frame advantage Pressure. The cancels don't guarantee any followup even though it shows a 'combo' in practice mode, but on block or hit, the opponent has to guess what's coming next.
b+2,2 12 -4 +2 6 (?) 6 (?) High Can counter confirm the third hit for a wall splat CH fishing at the wall, pressure
d+3,2 16 -13 Launch 2 (?) 2 (?) Low, Mid Counter Launches, High crush Anti Rushdown
b+3,4 17 (?) -8 (?) KDN 3 (?) 3 (?) Mid, High Safe hit confirmable wall splat Wall splats and wall pressure
f+3 14 +6 KDN 6 (?) 6 (?) High, High Doesn't jail, so better players will duck and launch Pressure, medium tracking abilitiy
uf+3 14 -10 KDN 4 4 Mid Low crushes on 5th frame Wall splats, low crushes
SS+2 22 / ~12 (?) -14 Launch 3 3 Mid Great SS whiff punisher Whiff confirm before you hit 2, unless you're 100% sure it will hit. From Neutral the complete animation is at least 22 frames, but if you sidestep, then hit, its about 12 frames.
4,3,2 11 -13 Launch 4 4 High, Low, Mid The low CH launches Use when the opponent likes to attack after blocking a 4 or tries to whiff punish a 4
df+1+2 16 -4 +7 10 10 Mid,Mid Breakable CH Stun Short range fast tracking
b+1+4 16 -16 Launch 8 10 Mid, Mid 2 hits, 2nd hit has longer range, if just the 2nd hit is blocked (1st one whiffed) its a lot safer due to push back whiff punish
uf+2,1 18 -10, -13 Launch 4 4 Mid, Mid 2 hits, hit confirmable, first hit is -10, 2nd -13 goes straight to bound Mind games, safe-ish launcher
f,F+1+2 38 +5 KDN (?) (?) Mid Huge block stun, really only useful at wall due to pushback. You can cancel backsway (qcb) into F+1+2 with timing Wall Pressure
SS+4 29 -23 +6 (?) (?) Low Low option off of sidestep. Use if you empty sidestep, and opponent is too scared to do anything. Launches on CH SS pressure and options
qcb NA NA NA NA NA None Evasive move, it will evade all highs, some mids, some mids based on range, and auto block lows. You can often whiff confirm a df+2 or uf+2,1 Option select to cover many different options if you think the opponent will attack
df+2 15 -7 Launch 2 7 Mid Doesn't launch crouchers except on CH. Safe mid launcher. Doesn't have great range Whiff punish, or safe launcher just to throw out.
WS+1 13 -6 +5 8 8 Mid Great fast mid to cover almost all options from couch. WS+1,1+2 wall splats, but isn't really hit confirmable Covers most options from crouch

Tracking ratings go from 0 to 10. 0 Being no tracking, 10 being perfect tracking in that direction. These are from observation and not fully tested.

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