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uf+4, 3

uf+4, 3 Damage Notes
4, d,df+1,4,1, d,df+1,4,1+2 B! d,df+1,2 74  ?
4, d,df+1,4,1, d,df+1,4,1+2 B! d,df+1,4,1, ff+1,4 74+?  ?
4, d,df+1,4,1, f+2,2,2 B! dash, d,df+1,2 ?

df+2, 1

df+2, 1 Damage Notes
ff+1, d,df+1,4,1, d,df+1,4,1+2 B! d,df+1,3, d+1+2 ?  ?
ff+1, d,df+1,4,1+2 B! df+3, d,df+3~1, d,df+1,4, d+1+2 82 Limited?

Combo Info

TA! Filler:

db1+2,1+2 (Hold 5) - Ideal for a very high float and off long combos f2,2,1 - Use off shorter combos f2,2>1 - Off mid range combos df4,(2),3 b2,1+2

Post TA:

iwr1 - w!/Damage isw - Damage d,df1,2 - w! dash uf2_df1 - Oki spike

TA! Filler at the w!:

db1+2,1+2 - High float like 'Jacks' u1+2 df4,2,3 1+2,4, bf1+2 uf4,3,1 d,df1~3_4~df4,2,3 - whichever spin to re-align your axis to the w! if need be d,df1~3_4~1+2,4,bf1+2 - see above 3~b~f~1+2,4,bf1+2

Post TA! At the w!:

df3+4 - Hurricanrana attack throw for damage. df4,2,bf1 MC (Mountain Crusher) 1+2,4, bf1+2 ff1, d1+2 - Works after long TA! w! filler.

Post b!:

isw - Damage iwr1 - w! d,df1,2 - w! f2,2,1 - High w! dash df1 - Oki spike

w! Combos, no b!:

w! d3+4 w! isw w! iwr1 - w! break w! MC - w! break w! 1+2,4,bf1+2 - w! break w! ff1, d1+2 - Off low w! - w! break

w! Combos post b!:

b! MC b! 1+2,4,bf1+2

w! Break:

df3+4 isw - Execution required iwr1 - Execution required - redundant as isw does more damage and it's T6 oki is gone but worth it if there's a corner w! break, iwr1 into another w! situation. d,df1,2 - See above for w! to w!, not as cool looking. ff1,4 df1_uf2 - Oki spike

Low Parry (LP):

d,df1~4,1, d,df1~4,1, d,df1,2_d,df1~4,d1+2_f2+3

Launching BT opponent:

1, d,df1~3,1, f2,2,2 b!

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