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Core moves

  • 1 - high
  • 1,2 - high, high
  • ff+1 - fast mid poke, decent range. If they like to jab after blocking this a qcf+2 will crush and launch them.
  • b+3 - slow low that people will just let you hit because its not scary, but it does setup her WS game
  • d+3 - quick low poke
  • db+4 - Damaging low poke that sets up her WS game
  • d,df+1,3_4 - mid poke that sets up mind games (post more later on that)
  • qcf+2 - 16 frame high safe tag bufferable launcher that high crushes
  • df+2,1 - high damage whiff punisher - tag bufferable
  • uf+4,3 - hopkicks - try to use it only for low crushes and/or punishes its really punishable unless you do the 1 followup but then you don't get a combo.
  • fff+2+4 - great throw
  • fff+1 - good for closing distance, + on block, but really linear and high
  • 4~2,1 - unseeable low, that if you space it so the low kick connects, but the first punch doesn't, you get the guaranteed 1 followup for a wall splat.
  • FC,df+4,3 - good low with a hard knockdown, if they try to stand up, ff+1 will float them, if they don't, d+2+3 is good ground damage.
  • ff+3 whiff punisher, with a damaging followup f+2+3 which leads to good Oki. Wall splats.
  • WS+3, part of her WS game, its safe, mid tracking that knocksdown giving a guaranteed ff+2
  • qcb,f+2 - great throw,can buffer the qcb from anything and just hit f+2 to get the throw. Its great for 'punishing' -8 or so moves.
  • 4 - 11 frame CH launcher. Easiest follow up is a deep ff+1 into d,df+1,4,1... Be careful since it is now -12 on block, but difficult to punish.

Basic Strategy

ff+1 is a great tool for mid/long range poking. Its fast and you can psudo-hit confirm the 4 followup.

You want to get the opponent scared to attack so you can get into her strong WS (while standing) game. To get into FC she has a few good options:

  • b+3 is a slow, high crushing low that launches on CH.
  • db+4 has a weird hitbox, it kinda crushes highs and lows at various parts of the animation, but it can be floated. This one is better for when you've got them on defense.
  • Just running up and crouching. This one is very effective, especially if they try to use high keepout moves like jabs or magic 4.

Once you get into FC near them you've got some great options:

  • FC,df+4,3 - the main low out of FC, to get them to want to duck. It is launch punishable, so if you're not pretty sure they won't block it you might just do the

first hit. But it gives a hard knockdown and great Oki. If this hits, you've got d+3 for guaranteed damage, great for finishing someone off, or you can do d+2+3 or ff+2 for good ground damage. If you think they're going to try to stand, ff+1 will float them. Even if they don't try to stand and the ff+1 whiffs, you can usually get a d+3 or another ff+1 if they try to stand again.

  • WS+3 - Safe mid tracking with a guaranteed ff+2 followup. Great for if you think they're going to flash duck or try to parry the FC,df+4
  • WS+1 - Launcher, -13 on block. Use this if you think they're going to commit to a duck.

If you're pestering the opponent with pokes like 1,2 and ff+1 and they like to jab afterwards, you can SS,uf+4,3 or SS+3+4 to often catch people with a launch.

d,df+1 Shenanigans

d,df+1,3_4 leads to some great mind games, but you've gotta be careful. Just the spins are safe, but against an opponent with good reactions, they can jab you out of all your followups.

If they start interrupting your spin followups you can finish the shotgun - d,df+1,2. The second hit is delayable, but don't delay too much or they'll be able to interrupt anyways.

Once you've got them scared to attack after the d,df+1 you can do:

  • d,df+1,3_4, 4, 1+2 for a damaging low, but its launch punishable on block, so be careful
  • d,df+1, 3_4, uf+4,3 for when they start blocking the low
  • d,df+1, 3_4, F+1+2 (hold) for an unblockable high for when they just start standing there.
  • d,df+1, 3_4, qcb,f+2 for also when they just start standing there
  • d,df+1, 3_4, df+1 for a safer option if you think they're going to crouch. Against a crouching opponent you can get df+1, f,f+3, f+2+3 for a big chunk of damage

Opponent's back to the wall

Jaycee has a ton of scary options when your opponent has their back to the wall.

  • d,df+1,2 wall splats and is great if you've got your opponent trained to duck or attack after the d,df+1. You can also counterhit confirm the two hits.
  • uf+4,3,1 Against the wall the 1 makes the hopkicks only -12 and you can still get a wall combo if the hopkicks hit. The 1 will whiff, but you can still get b+1 for a bound. Also if they try to punish with a 13 frame punisher or slower, you'll still get a wall splat. But be careful against characters that have a 12 frame or faster CH launcher.
  • Her FC game is also really strong here. Her FC,df+4,3 doesn't wall splat anymore, but its still good here to make the opponent scared because of her strong followups.
  • ff+4~b is also good against the wall. It leaves her at +1 on block and she can do 2+3 for a wall splat, d+3 for a fast low that leaves her + on hit, d+4 for a more damaging low that sets up her FC game. If it hits, you should be able to turn around quickly with ~f and bound with b+1. You might also be able to just bound straight from back turned with 2, 1+2, but I'll have to test it to see.
  • If you can range 4~2,1 just right and have just the 4 hit and the 2 whiff, the 1 is a guaranteed wall splat. The range is really tight on it, so it will take some practice. If they start trying to duck it, you can d+1+2 for a wall splat instead.
  • You can counter hit confirm the 4~2,1 as well, so you don't have to always get the range just right. Often times its good to toss it out when you're not in the optimal range for the natural combo, just to throw them off some.
  • SS+3 is another good, mid, safe wall splatting move. It also pushes you into just about the right range for 4~[2],1.
  • You can counter confirm CH df+4,1,bf+1+2 for a mid wall splat too.

Against Crouching Opponents

  • df+1, ff+3, f+2+3 - Natural combo against crouchers. The df+1, ff+3 link is hard, you've only got 1 frame to hit it, but you can buffer the first f during the recovery of df+1 to make execution a bit easier. Does about 70 damage. Leaves the opponent grounded right in front of you. If they roll back a ff+1 will pick them up for a float juggle, if they tech roll, you've got a 50/50 mixup with WS+3, ff+2 or FC,df+3,4
  • df+1, ff+3, d+1+2 - Same as last combo, but slightly more damage for less oki
  • If you have a hard time with the above combos, df+1, ff+1,4 is a lot easier to do, but is significantly less damage.
  • If they're back is against the wall, the df+1, ff+3 will wall splat them.
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