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Anti-Pressure Tools

High Crush

  • qcf+2
  • db+2
  • d+4,1_4_d+4
  • db+3
  • b+3

Low Crush

  • uf+4,3

Keep out

  • M4


  • b+4
  • WS+3


  • b+2 > 1+2
  • b,b (back dash)
  • D_U,N (Side step)
  • d+3
  • 2~b, 2+3

Strategy and usage

Jaycee tends to be a bit linear, but despite that she can handle a rush down fairly well. Since she's got excellent high crush tools and whiff punishment she can capitalize on small mistakes and make them think twice about rushing down.

The basic strategy for dealing with rushdown:

  • If you just got hit by something: Block. Typically if you get hit you're in negative frames, so attacking is dangerous.
  • If you blocked anything other then a jab and doesn't block stun you, you're likely in positive frames, that's when you can try counter attacking.
  • M4 is great if they're not side stepping or high crushing at all. It tracks a little to the right, but sidesteps to that direction sometimes go under the M4. If you get a CH be ready to follow up with ff+1 to catch the juggle and really make them pay.
  • If they're stepping a lot, then you'll probably have to rely on b+4. Its high though, so it can be ducked, but if they're applying good pressure they're not likely going to be ducking. If you do hit, you get a free 4~2,1 followup but you've got to dash to get it.
  • If they're doing a lot of highs: qcf+2 or db+2 are both taggable launchers. qcf+2 is generally better since its faster and safe, but sometimes execution makes it difficult to get since you can't buffer the qcf.
  • b+3 is also a great tool for high crushes, it will launch them on CH, gives +5 on hit for a free FC,df+4,3/WS+3 mixup and is only -13 on block. If it hits at all, their rush down is stopped for now.
  • If they start getting frustrated with all the blocking you're doing, they'll likely throw out a low or throw. This is where uf+4,3 comes in handy. Jaycee's uf+4,3 is a bit weird though since you've got options with it. You can do uf+4 to be safe and get frame advantage on hit. uf+4,3 to launch, but be able to be launched on block, or you can do uf+4,3,1 to try and hit people that try to launch your uf+4,3, but you won't get a combo off it (except at the wall)
  • WS+3 is another great tool for catching steppers, but you have to be in crouch to use it, which isn't always good when you're getting rushed down. You can do an iWS+3 with - qcb:3 but that's tricky.
  • b+2 > 1+2 is handy if you delay the second hit people will often twitch and get CH'ed by the second hit, which gives you a free ff+2.
  • d+2, fast low poke, useful if they're hesitating, leaves you at -1 on hit.
  • 2~b, 2+3 12 frame knockdown. Its often useful to just toss out 2~b to see if it hits, if it does, 2+3 is guaranteed.
  • Don't forget about sides stepping and back dashing.
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