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  • Electric Wind God Fist: (f,n,d,d/f+2)

Great safe launch that is tag-able and lifts the opponent a great height. It is extremely good for whiff punishing and most partner characters can get their full bread'n'butter combo off 2xEWGF~tag. Use it quite often.

  • Wheel Of Pain: (4~3)

A safe launcher with decent range that can crush lows. You can pickup the opponent with a 1+4 to continue a combo on the opponent. Use at your discretion though as it is linear and easily sidestepped.

  • Three Ring Circus Combo: (1+4, 2, d+4)

A low launch that can be mixed up with 1+4, 2, 4 which is mid. This launch is really punishable on block and is quite an old school move from the earlier Tekken games so most people can easily see this coming. If you do manage to land it on the opponent, you can pick up with 1+4 to continue the combo.

  • Double Lift Kick (d+3+4)

Good ol' can-cans that is also tag-able. Not regularly used since this launcher is extremely punishable on block when you can just do the EWGF. It also leaves you in a weird restricted input timing state (hard to get ff+3,1 after this) after you launch someone with this, usually have to do a jab after this to make sure you're free to input moves to juggle. This move is only really ever used in situations where a EWGF might be hard to perform like after quickly SS an opponent's attack or the camera in the game goes crazy - especially near the wall in some cases.

  • Twisted Samsara: (f+4< 3)

A launcher that is usually followed up with a transition into FLY 3, it all hits If the first strike is CH. It's also delay-able so you can try and open up a careless opponent that is rushing in after the first strike. The first strike is jab punishable while the launching follow up is extremely punishable, usually a launch. Use at discretion.

  • Rengoku (d/f+3, 2, 4)

Another launcher that is usually followed up with a transition into FLY 3, and is quite punishable on block excluding the first strike. Not frequently used out in the open but it does great for when you've caught the opponent back turned with the whole string since they can't block it and you can juggle with it.

  • Samsara (u+4)

A low crushing launcher that is followed up with FLY 3 for the bound. Really unsafe on block and it has it's uses as the 'panic' move in tight sticky situations.

  • Laser Scraper (b,f+2< 1< d/f+2)

A tag-able launch at the end of a string that is punishable depending on whether you decide to commit with the whole string.

  • Demon's Hoof (f,n,d,d/f+3)

Similar to Wheel Of Pain in application although it's ability to low crush might be a bit lessened. Good range, safe launch on normal hit and can be done out of a cd. Beware though as it is pretty linear and easily stepped. Follow up with 1+4 for the pick-up to continue the juggle.

  • Uppercut (ws+2)

A launcher that sends the opponent away in a weird not a bound but looks like a bound state. Once you land this run in and follow up with ff+3,1 to continue the combo. Unsafe on block so might want to use this with caution.

  • Devil Twister (ss+2)

A really unsafe, slow launcher. Leads to really beefy combos with up lasers If you ever do manage to get it.

Counter Hit Launchers

  • Generic Uppercut (d/f+2)

A safe mid hitting CH launcher, really good and is great with frame traps. You might accidentally launch the opponent with these too should you fail to properly input a EWGF.

  • 839P Knee Kick (f+2, 4)

The second strike of this move combos on counter hit so you're going to have to be quite clever with using this move. Usually at quite a distance, you can purposefully whiff the first strike and delay the second strike for CH hunting an opponent that is rushing in for an opening. Be careful with this however since it is jab punishable on block. Once you do manage to land this, follow up with d/f+1,2 for a Bound/Tag Assault.

  • Demon Steel Pedal (b+4)

Another move that combos on CH, this CH launch is safe on block and is mid so using this move frequently isn't bad idea. Once you land the CH, follow up with a d/f+1,2 for the bound/Tag Assualt.

  • Reaper's Scythe (u/f+3)

A safe CH launcher with decent range that can crush lows. Once you've gotten the CH, follow up with 1+4 for the pickup to continue the combo.

Bound Moves

  • Axis Kick (1, 2, 3)

Fairly simple one two jab into a bound kick move. Isn't really used much in regular out in the open combos but it is decent once you've landed a high Wall-splat.

  • Aratama Strike (d/f+1+2)

The 'go-to' bound move for Devil Jin in staple combos. Might be a bit tricky to use at first since it leaves Devil Jin in a crouching states for combo follow ups but that should be alleviated with practice.

  • Twin Lancer (d/f+1< 2)

Another staple bound move that is used in cases where the d/f+1+2 bound move is to slow to combo decently with. Does quite well once you land a Wall-splat.

  • Hellsweeps (f,n,d,d/f+4, 4)

2 hit bound move that can be performed out of a cd. Can be used in staple combos but it is a bit more difficult to land sometimes. Effort is rewarded however since it can yield a higher damaging bind then regular binds.

  • Reaper's Scythe (u/f+3)

A slower jumping bound move. Not regularly used unless at the wall for a more damaging bind.

  • Amara (FLY 3)

The regular 'go-to' bound move after landing u+4, d/f+3,2,4 or f+3,4 launches into FLY stance. Not really used outside of these.

Tag Assault Fillers

  • Hellfire Cannon (u/b+1+2_u+1+2_u/f+1+2)

The up lasers, does alright damage for what it's worth and propels the opponent upwards for your point character to juggle with.

  • Back Fist to Side High Kick (b+2, 3)

Fairly simple 2 strike move that does 43 (unscaled)dmg and does not send the opponent far away in the combo. Decent enough If you had too many moves in the combo sending the opponent far away.

  • Laser Scraper (b,f+2< 1< d/f+2)

A 3 strike move with the last one being a move that sends the opponent further up setting up for more damaging combo enders for your point character. Fairly staple.

  • Laser Wheel of Pain(b,f+2< 1< 4)

Similar to laser Scraper but the last strike changed into a downward strike blow. Great for spiking the opponents for Floor Breaks and for damaging setups at the wall.

  • Demon Cycle Cancel into Rengoku (ff+3,1~ff d/f+3, 2, 4)

A beefy 5 hit Tag Assault that does a grip of damage and decently wall carries. Is somewhat more tricky to land in combos however as it requires you to sidestep to your character's right before initiating the entire assault. Might not connect If your point character did a lot of moves prior to the Tag Assault.

  • Demon Cycle Cancel into Demon Backhand Spin (ff+3,1~ff 2, 2)

A beefy Tag Assault that is much more easier to perform without the sidestep.

Combo Enders

  • Demon Cycle Cancel into DEWGF (ff+3,1~ff ff,n,d,d/f+2)

Probably only applicable in solo combos and hard to consistently perform but it doesn't get any better in terms of damage output then this.

  • Hisou (f+3+4)

Far reaching 2-hit jumping kicks attack. Does quite well should your partner's TA filler send the opponent far off in the air leaving Devil Jin running after the opponent.

  • Heaven's Dooor (f,n,d,d/f+1,U/F (Hold))

Attack throw transition with a beefy follow up. This is great If you can land it since the second part of the attack always does 10 dmg regardless of the combo scaling. So If you've already driven the combo scaling down to the point where attacks only do like 4 dmg, then this might be really appealing to end combos with.

  • Hellfire Cannon: (u+1+2)

Use this when your partner sends the opponent to far away for anything else to really reach or hit.

  • Hellfire Blast: (1+2)

Same with the up lasers except this time your partner should be keeping the opponent really high in the air for DVJ to get this really damaging lazer out. Something like Ogre's b+4,3,3+4 that keeps them really high.

At The Wall

  • Laser Cannon: (bf+2, < 1 < 2)

This is the generally used wall combo filler that Devil Jin will use in TAs and ending. Might be somewhat finicky to land on shorter characters due to the nature of the combo.

Wall Enders

  • Demon Steel Pedal (b+4)

Has a relatively low hitbox allowing Devil Jin to hit the opponent with this after the opponent slumps to the ground from the TA from your partner. Might even land multiple of these should your partner TA includes a 'delay' in between the attacks. For example fn+3,d+4 with Lei or 1, b+2, 4 with Heihachi.

Wall Carry

  • Jabs and Hisou: (1 & f+3+4)

These are pretty much the most easiest and probably staple wall carry moves you can perform. You can shift the amount of jabs in the combo to fit your current distance from the wall then you send them flying to the wall with Hisou.

Eg: ewgf, ff+3,1 1, 1, 1, 1, f+3+4 W!

  • Brimstone Strike: (b+1,2)

Same case as the Hisou carry with jabs but does less damage then Hisou. Brimstone Strike however gives you the added insurance policy of cancelling the second strike should you realize that you have wall-splatted the opponent earlier then expected. And that might happen in several cases where the camera is being crazy and the stages walls are hard to see.

  • Laser Scraper: (b,f+2< 1< d/f+2)

Decent wall carry distance but can be a bit finicky to combo with in staple pre-bound combos. This does however have the added benefit of being tag-able so you can wall-splat with this move and let your partner bind so that he can take red life.

  • Rengoku: (d/f+3,2,4)

Not really used often but still worth mentioning, this will carry a short distance after the last strike so you'll want to use it when you are near the wall. Once you land this and the opponent wall-splats at a nice height, then you can transition into FLY for the damaging FLY 3 bound.

Example: Devil Jin / Heihachi Light combo.

  • Hellfire Cannon : (u+1+2)

Very challenging to pull off wall carry with this move but once you figure out how you can wall carry with this, the distance the opponent flies off to will be incredible. You'll mainly use this in cases where the opponent is really high in the air such as after landing a ss+2 or your partner's TA propels the opponent really high. And hey If you're feeling really brave you might even hit an opponent tag crashing in with the up lasers. Warning If you plan on doing that though, it's really hard to do since it's dependent on the range and angle.

Example: Devil Jin / Lars crazy wall carry.

Sample Combos

Solo Devil Jin

CH b+4, d/f+1,2 B! u/f+3 == 57 dmg, follow up with d+3 to stack on an additional 8 dmg.

CH CD+4,4 B! ff+3,1~ff 2, f+3+4 == 62 dmg

4~3, 1+4, 2, d/f+1+2 B! ff+3,1~ff DEWGF == 67 dmg

1+4,2,d+4, 1+4, 2 d/f+1+2 B! ff+3,1~ff 2, DEWGF == 70 dmg

ws+2, ff+3,1~ff 2, d/f+1+2 B! ff+3,1~ff DEWGF == 75 dmg

d+3+4, 1, ff+3,1~ff 2 d/f+1+2 B! d/f+3,1,4== 76 dmg

EWGF, EWGF, d/f+1+2 B! ff+3,1~ff 2, f+3+4 == 83 dmg

ss+2, u+1+2, ff+3,1~ff 2, d/f+1+2 B! d/f+3,2,4 == 85 dmg

EWGF, EWGF, ff+3,1~ff 2, d/f+1+2 B! ff+3,1~ff DEWGF == 90 dmg

Devil Jin Team Combos

  • Devil Jin/Kazuya

(DVJ) EWGF, EWGF, 1, d/f+1+2 B! (KAZ) CD+4,1 (DVJ) CD+1-UF (Hold) == 97 dmg
(DVJ) ws+2, ff+3,1~ff 2, d/f+1+2 B! (KAZ) CD+4,1 (DVJ) CD+1~UF (HOLD) == dmg

(KAZ) ff+3, b+2,4, d/b+2 B! (DVJ) SSR ff+3,1~ff d/f+3,2,4 (KAZ) CD+3 == dmg

  • Devil Jin/Lei Wulong

(DVJ) EWGF, EWGF, d/f+1+2 B! (Lei) 3 (DVJ) ff+3,1~ff 2, f+3+4 == 97 dmg
(DVJ) u+4~u FLY 3 B! (Lei) u/f+3, CRN 2 (DVJ) ff+3,1~ff 2, f+3+4 == 94 dmg

(DVJ) EWGF~5 (Lei) f+3,1 1+2,1 BT 4,4 B! ff+3,4 == 96 dmg

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