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Move List Notes

Wherever it is mentioned that moves can be cancelled into flamingo stance, the notation is ~f or ~b right before the move hits. Exceptions will be mentioned in the notes.

Grappling Arts

1+3_F+1+3_BT 1+3 Hammerhead Throw Front 35 1 x
2+4_F+2+4_BT 2+4 Blue Shark Claw Front 35 2 x
2+4~B_BT 2+4~B Roll and Choke Front 40 2 Leaves you backturned on hit
Approach left side 1+3_2+4 Snake Revenge Left 40 1 x
Approach right side 1+3_2+4 Hunting Serpent Right 40 2 x
Approach back 1+3_2+4 Compound Fracture Back 50 No Break x
f+2+3 Human Cannonball Front 40 1+2 x
db+1+3 Swordfish Throw Front 40 1+2 x
b+1+2(~3) Punch Parry Front x x #1

#1 The 3 is a follow-up to the parry; guaranteed only if the 3 is done fast

Basic Arts

1_f+1 Jab h 9
2 Straight h 12
3 Hook Kick h 16
4 Roundhouse h 20 JGc
db+1_FC 1 Crouch Jab s 6 RC
FC 2 Crouch Straight s 9 RC
d+3_FC 3 Crouch Spin Kick L 16 RC
FC 4 Crouch Shin Kick l 13 RC
uf~n+1 Jumping Jab m 14 #1
uf~n+2 Jumping Straight m 18 KND
uf~n+3 Jumping Spin Kick m 30 W!
uf~n+4 Delayed Hopkick m 30 KND
UF~n+1 Jumping Downward Punch m 18_21 KND
UF~n+2 Jumping Ground Punch M 21 #1
UF~n+3 Jumping Spin Kick m_L 30_15 JG #1
UF~n+4 Jumping Front Kick m_M 30_18
1+2+3+4 Supercharge #2

#1 Attack will have different damage depending on what time you press the attack while in mid-air. When character's still rising, attack will do less damage, but when falling, attack will do stronger damage.
#2 Supercharge will enable you to do chip damage and makes your first hit a counterhit, but you cannot block and get counterhit in return.

Special Arts

1,1 Flash Jabs h,h 9,9 NC
1,2 Left Right h,h 9,12 NC
1,2,3~f_b_u_d One Two Flamingo Step (FLA) h,h,FLA 9,12 NC

Last hit can be cancelled by inputting any of the four directions

1,2,3,3,3,4 One Two Butterfly Kick h,h,h,h,h,h 9,12,16,13,13,33 5th hit can be cancelled into FLA
1,2,3,3,3,d+4 One Two Butterfly Needle h,h,h,h,h,L (TC) 9,12,16,13,13,20 Last hit gives FDFA on hit
1,2,3,3,4,4,3 One Two Black Widow h,h,h,h,h,m,m 9,12,16,13,20,24,24 Last hit can be cancelled into FLA

Last two hits are NCc

1,2,3,3,4,4,4 One Two Maelstrom h,h,h,h,h,m,L (TC) 9,12,16,13,20,24,16
1,2,3,4,3(~5) One Two Butterfly Blade h,h,h,L,m 9,12,16,13,28 If the 3 hits, the 3,4 is NC
2,2 Right Punch Back Fist h,h 9,27 NC

Second hit launches on CH

2,3 Jab to Flamingo h,FLA 9
3,3,3,4 Butterfly Kicks h,h,h,h 16,13,13,33 3rd hit can be cancelled into FLA
3,3,3,d+4 Butterfly Kicks to Low Kick h,h,h,L 16,13,13,20 Last hit gives FDFA on hit
3,3,4,4,3 Black Widow h,h,h,m,m 16,13,20,24,24 Last hit can be cancelled into FLA

Last two hits are NCc

3,3,4,4,4 Maelstrom h,h,h,m,l 16,13,20,24,16
3,4,3(~5) Launching Rocket h,L,m 16,13,28 3,4 is NC

Guaranteed on the back

4,3 Spin Kicks h,h 20,16 NC

4 is a CH launcher

4,3,4,3,3,3 Spin Kicks to Baek's Rush h,h,l,m,m,m 20,16,10,x,x,x If the low hits, the rest of the hits are guaranteed
4,3,3 Spin Kicks to High Kick h,h,h 20,16,10 Last kick can be cancelled into FLA
4,4 Falling Axe h,m 20,24
1+2,4 Spinning Axe Combo m,m 16,22 NC
3+4 or uf+3+4 Lightning Halberd hh (TJ) 13,13 NC

Can be cancelled into FLA

f+2,1,2 Crushing Flail m,h,h 16,13,27 f+2,1 is NC

If last hit hits on regular, or 2nd hit hits on CH (2nd 3rd are NCc) gives free d+3,3,n+3 3rd hit on CH launches

f+2,1,4 Crushing Low Kick m,h,l 16,13,27
f+3,3,2 Trident Rush h,l,m 13,13,24 First two hits are NC

Mid on CH launches

f+3,3~b+2 Feint Trident Rush h,m 13,24 Mid on CH launches
f+4,3 Heel Drop to Middle Kick m,m 29,27 NCc, W!, KND

Last hit can be cancelled into FLA

f+4,4 Heel Drop to Low Kick m,L(TC) 29,16 NCc
f+3+4 Spinning Hook Kick m 31 HA, KND, W!
df+1,3 Left Uppercut & High Kick to Flamingo m,h 16,16 Automatic transition to FLA, NC
df+2 Right Uppercut m 16 JG, does not launch crouchers
df+3,4 Double Claymore m,m 22,32 NC, KND, W!

First hit can be cancelled into FLA using ~f, ~d and ~u

Flamingo Arts

Note: In FLA all moves can be done except for the ones with #1 in the above table. Therefore they all will not be listed here. This section only contains the moves that are specific to FLA.

3 m x x
x x x x

String Hit Arts

4,3,4,3,3,3,3,3,4,3 10 h,h,l,m,m,m,h,m,l,m
4,3,3,4,3,3,3,4,3,3 10 h,h,h,l,m,m,m,l,m,[!]
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