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Tekken Tag Tournament 2: The Jaguars Guide

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Standing Attacks

In general, Most of King's moves aren't composed of strings and aside for a few attacks, doesn't give him favors in frame advantage department. But this is compensated with his overall great damage output, big range, and safeness. Most of his attacks are mids, yet he only has throws and average lows to make them really devastating and annoying to deal with. Keep in mind King is a overall safe character, so don't be scared to do some punishable stuff if you can afford it to make your opponents respect all of your tools, particularly the lows.

1,2 [~2+4_d+2+4] x One-Two Palm Strikes. King's NC jab string and one of his 10 frame punishers. Use this as one of your main pokes and to start your offense at times. Standard 2 throws are attached to it (both for standing and crouching) if in case you caught your opponent on the side for potential damage.
1,2,1 [~2+4_d+2+4] x One-two to a left uppercut. This is good to throw out at times for people who love to duck your jabs and it's a good NCc string. Though watch out since it's SSable. Again, Standard 2 throws are canned in this string if you caught someone on the side/back. This is also his 10 hit starter, and the first 5 hits (1,2,1,1,2) can be used as a pressure tool at times. Depending on your side position too, the whole 10 string can be guaranteed on your opponent's side.
2,1 x Right Straight to uppercut, similar to the last two parts of 1,2,1. Another great NC 10 frame punisher for King. Can also be used for poking purposes due to its safety. Unlike the previous two strings, it doesn't have the canned 2 throws (which is pretty situational anyways). The last hit still doesn't jail and can be sidestepped though.
4 x A roundhouse kick. King's 13 frame standard 4. It's a nice poke to throw out once in a while. This move shines though in juggles when you want a nice damage for your pretty short pre-bound/TA filler where you can use your partner's wall carrying ability.
1+2 x A European Uppercut. A nice i18 move. This move is a great way to go to backturned as King doesn't really have a direct input to go into it. It leaves you at -10 on block while backturned which is a bad situation to be in, but your opponent shouldn't punish if you do the followups to keep them in check.
1+2,1 x European Uppercut followed by a mid chest chop. It's a NC string that causes 52 damage (yum) and wallsplats too. The downside of this string is the last hit is -13 on block, so depending on the situation, you need to be a bit gutsy using this. This is more of a compliment to 1+2,3 which does more damage and safe on block but can be ducked. Just be careful for opponents can SS to the right after blocking 1+2 to option select all followups. Gives you more incentive to just use 1+2.
1+2,3 x This move is sick. A sick high roundhouse kick after a European Uppercut that can make you cringe and touch your head. It's also awesome gameplay wise. It is NC, safe on block, wallsplats and is worth 57 damage... You heard that... FIFTY SEVEN. That's just as strong as a unblockable, and considering it still wallsplats after that is just scary. The only downside is the last hit is a high and can be ducked punished, but it shouldn't be the case when complimented with 1+2,1 to keep them in check. Just be careful for opponents can SS to the right after blocking 1+2 to option select all followups. Gives you more incentive to just use 1+2, or just make sure you use this when it's sure to connect.
3+4 x King's Jaguar Step. This is one of the moves that make King's oki pretty scary, as the options that it gives you are pretty good. Forward Jaguar Step is a excellent tool for techrollers to force them to JGS stuff and you can hold it for longer for more damage if you see your opponent not getting up yet, which makes the options out of JGS way scarier.
b+3+4 x Backwards Jaguar Step. Another awesome oki tool. It's a better lowcrush in general than the regular Jaguar Step but puts you farther away, so even if you can dodge getup kicks with it, you might be too far away to punish (though you can put back the pressure afterwards easily). The magic of this move though is it can launch punish tag crashes. You can use this when expecting a tag crash and it will whiff in front of you, giving you a free hopknee. Aside from this, you can use Backwards JGS as a swayback move to kill aggressive opponents at bay.
1+4 x A standing Moonsault. Pretty awesome for a big man like King. It's a unblockable attack that hits grounded, which is pretty awesome oki wise. Also it can hit people who's a bit sleeping on defense. Just be careful to not spam this as you can get jab-floated for a juggle, and people can sideroll/sidestep this move to put you in a bad wakeup position.
f+2>2>1 x Double elbow to high hook. The first two hits are NC and have i14 startup, but all the followups are high, so it's not always advisable to just use this every time as a poke. What the great thing about this string is its juggling properties. This string is one of the awesome juggle fillers King has. f+2,2 is awesome as pre-bound filler and f+2,2,1 is a nice damaging wall carry tool. f+2,2,1 is also an awesome Tag Assault Filler and sets up a nice post TA last hit for characters with air throws or just one good damaging hit.
f+2>2>2 [~B] x Double elbow then a spinning mid elbow which kinda reminiscing from the Rock's punch combo. One of King's Bound moves. As a wall bound, it's more consistent when you are tilted in the opponent's left side, as at times, the last hit would whiff. As a poke, you can always use the cancel to force some shenanigans on your opponent :)
f+3:1+2 x A front mid kick to a sick DDT. A i15 just frame poke with 44 damage that people should use more. One of the great moves that aggressive King players need, just because of its good damage, great oki and safety. It's a pretty easy just frame too. What's sick too is that you can input this move as ff+3, giving you another nasty move when wavedashing. A great safer alternative for a hopknee that gives you great oki position. and DEE-DEE-TEE!!!
f+4 x A Van-Damme style Sobat. One of the best tracking moves in the game. i18 attack that low crushes, wallsplats, and tracks, it's also safe at -9 on block (which is not bad when you consider its range). It's pretty awesome when used at the right range when you want to just throw it out. You just gotta be careful since it can be jab-interrupted for a juggle. Also, its hitbox isn't the best.
f+1+2 x A left handed Lariat/Clothesline. It's a nice whiff punish at times with pretty solid damage. It also lets you do some crouchdash or JGS oki after it but nothing's guaranteed. It doesn't wallsplat too. Just be aware that it's not plus frames on block and it's a high.
F+1+2 x This move is awesome. For just holding the clothesline input a bit longer, you can get a bit slower, but more awesome, unblockable that does a chunk of damage. 54 damage isn't something to scoff at, and it also wallsplats too, and it's fast enough for a unblockable, making it viable as a comeback/damage tool and as a tech trap. It also does a running/sidestep property that can make it hard to punish for some when ducked.
f+3+4 x A perfect executed standing Dropkick. One of the few moves King has that gives frame advantage on block. Even when ducked, at times King would jump over the opponent, so it's technically safe. This version though has a built in dash with it. It maximizes the range the dropkick has but leaves you more vulnerable at startup. Nevertheless, it's a good move that King players should use, as it complements WR 3+4 more.
f+1+4 x A manly chest bump. Another move that King has that gives frame advantage on block. Unlike the dropkick, this move is a mid, which makes it unduckable. Its speed is decent at i17~18. The problem with it is the range is pretty short (throw range) and it's hard at times to do stuff in 18 frames without getting counterhit in that close range. But at the same time, even on block, you can do a lot more stuff like a throw, or do more pokes or even CH launchers, so it's a pretty rewarding thing to hit. Use it wisely.
f+2+3 x A running shoulder ram. This attack got a pretty wide active frames. As a standing attack, its safety on block depends on how far you are when you started the attack. The farther you are, the safer it is on block. It won't really matter though as it is pretty linear. Either you get punished on block up close or get SS punished if done far away. But at the same time, the damage this shoulder ram is insane. In general, it's used more as a punish for raw tags (as it can hit both characters at the same time), for oki (it can catch backrollers and spring kickers at times) and at juggles. One neat trick about this move is it can hit a opponent tagging out attempting to escape with a tag crash near a wall after landing an air iSW. This is crucial as you can kill a dying opponent without letting him tag out.
df+1>2 x A downward left elbow to a mid body blow. One of King's i14 pokes. It's "generally" safe, delayable and NC when undelayed. One of the weird property of this string poke-wise is that when undelayed, the last hit is at least jab punishable on block, but when delayed, the last hit becomes safe. At the same time though, it's hard/impossible to hit-confirm, so in the end, you just gotta be ballsy with the string. Aside from that, it's one awesome juggle ender setup wise as it spikes and leaves your opponents close, and it's also a very underrated oki tool as it's fast enough to beat get-up kicks and quickstands. df+1 by itself also has a lot of worth simply because it's -1 on block (can set up movement options), is an elbow (great safe option against reversal happy players) and gives a workable +3 on hit. At max range this move is +1 on block and +5 on hit, which can catch quite a few people if they're not aware of that.
df+2 x A mid elbow body blow. King's primary i13 mid poke. This move is just as essential as jabs in your offense, as you can put people who love to duck in check. It's easy to buffer throws with it too. Just beware that although it's safe, it's -6 on block so you can't sidestep jabs afterward.
df+2>1 x A mid elbow followed by a high hook. The last hit is delayable (the delay can be used to discourage buttons after blocking df+2) and gives you a mini juggle on a successful hit, so it's pretty nice. The problem with the last hit is it's a high, so it can be launched when your opponent ducks. At this point in the game, people already can anticipate if this is gonna come out so be careful. So as a poke, use it when they don't expect it. Aside from this, the string is a pretty nice juggle filler.
df+3,4 x A mid side kick followed by a enzuigiri. A mid-high i14 NCc string that does big damage. df+3 alone is a nice long ranged i14 poke that people can use, and the enzuigiri is just the cherry on top. On block, the first hit is -9 (just like most of his long range pokes anyways) and the enzuigiri is safe on block (no frame disadvantage), though it would leave you grounded lying in front of your opponent. The first kick alone is worthwhile when used in the right range, and if you got an eye when you know it's gonna CH, you can take big damage doing the followup. WARNING: This can be jab interrupted for a combo.
df+4,3 x Low-High Kick Combo. As a poke, I would only recommend doing the first hit as the second hit is easily duckable for a launch punish. What this string shines though is its good as a juggle filler and oki pickup. This can easily pickup backrollers and spring ups for another juggle easily, and can also hit get up kicks too. Along with King's other options makes him one of the most fearsome oki characters in the game.
df+4,3,4 [~B] x Low-High Kick to a Sobat. For some reason you didn't get punished for doing the whole df+4,3 as a poke, you can continue doing the whole string for a mini mixup. The mid option gives a stun on hit that can be dash df+4,3 for a juggle if you're fast enough, but on block, it's launch punishable. If you decide to go backturned, it's gonna be safer at -8 but it's still a pretty bad situation to be in, but at least you can JGS or do a mini haha step (holding db when backturned) to escape attacks. In juggling purposes, it's a nice option as a part of a low parry or a mid/high wallsplat.
df+4,3,d+4 x Low-High kicks to a Low Dropkick. Again, if you are somehow unpunished when doing df+4,3 as a poke, this is the other half of the mini-mixup you can do. Nothing pretty special about it aside from it knockdowns on hit. It's there to compliment the mid sobat. As a juggle string it's nice to use on a low wall splat but you would prefer to do better combos than that since it has pretty bad damage and worse followups.
df+3+4 [~5] x Frankensteiner/Hurricanrana. It hits as a special mid and gives big chunk of damage. What's the good thing about this is when pretty close, it doesn't matter when the attack is blocked, the opponent will still gonna be thrown (the only counter to this is for opponents to crouch guard or time their SW). It's also a taggable move and gives your partner a free stomp or a ground throw (for AK, he got a free Scissors Kick, People's Elbow or a ground throw). Remember though that you can get floated out of it for another juggle so be careful.
d+1,n+2 x Crouch jab to a Uppercut. It's NCc Special mid-mid panic button with the uppercut being jab punishable on block. Crouch jabs along is one of the great poke options for King. The uppercut followup is not as good as AK's crouch jab followup but there's a reason for it. Compared to AK, King got better tools when crouching and crouch jabs are a great way to go to crouch at times without compromising too much on safety. So basically Namco encourages to use it. We can still use the uppercut if we want to for throw setups as even though it's not as strong as it used to, it's still a decent poke.
d+2 x Generic Crouching Straight. Looks almost the same as a crouch jab and used in the same way also. But what makes it stand out is its exceptional range for that kind of poke. It got a nice hitbox going on with it, and it's a nice option to people's pokes. One less frame negative and one more frame on hit at the expense of being one frame slower.
d+4 x Generic Low Kick. Almost everyone has this, but when I talk about this to be one of King's essential low pokes, you'll see how his low pokes are mediocre at times. Almost similar in properties of df+4 aside from it being able to dodge highs.
d+1+2 [~5] x King does a wide and strong upward double-handed swing that launches opponents up high. A huge risky mid for a character that is known for its safeness. This is King's class one tag launcher and it highcrushes good and it also goes under some high-hitbox mids, so it's nice to throw out at times when pressured to keep opponents in check. This move is highly launch punishable, so when you hit it, be sure to make it count.
d+3+4,4,4 x Ali Kicks. It's a pretty quick low that's pretty much unreactable (admit it, you can only block with proper reads), though at hit, it leaves you at -9 crouching which is a pretty bad situation still, and it is launch punishable on block. Unless it's a scrub, don't use this as a poke UNLESS your opponent is about to die and you can afford to take the risk (and even then, you can use d+4 or df+4). Its real use competitively is as a oki tool (it hits grounded and got decent range, perfect for getting that quick damage that oftentimes needed when your full juggle leaves a pretty small lifebar left).
Ali Kick 2 x A spin uppercut that can be done after either the first, second or third ali kicks. As a poke, it's still risky for its reward (launch punishable on block), just like the kicks. Don't use it as a poke unless you're trolling around. Aside for it, it's good as a juggle ender that allows you to wall carry solo (but it recovers a little bad so you need to jusge your distance efficiently), as it got a pretty good range that goes along with the move which makes it possible to hit people even after a long juggle filler.
d+2+3 x People's Elbow. Just like in pro-wrestling, it's good as a oki tool to hit opponents lying on the ground. It would still catch people trying to stand up and force them on crouch on hit. Just to note that King's Elbow got bigger damage than Armor King's, which IMO is part of his design as the more damaging Jaguar.
db+2 x Mid Brain Chop. As a standing attack, it's a bit slow, but it's safe on block and launches on hit, so it's a good move to throw out at times (just be careful because it's linear and horrible on whiff). In general, it's a good move when accompanied with other faster pokes just to keep your opponents blocking/sleeping on defense. As a juggle move, this move is King's most reliable wall bound move that can hit even at off axis. You will use this move many times with your wall bound combos.
db+3 x A crouching ankle kick. Hits grounded, got a pretty good range and high crushes decently. It would be a great low if it weren't launch punishable on block, and on the high level, it is reactable, so you can't really use this move to break a turtler's defense. However, it's a good move to throw around aggressive players just because of its high crush and it also gives you a CH launch if you can crouch cancel fast. Just be wise about using this move.
db+4 x Low Dropkick. It's one of the go-to lows with King along with generic d+4, df+4 and FC df+1 IMO. Does great damage and leaves you grounded on block so most opponents can't punish (though Changs and Leo can float it for a launch). One of the reasons this move is good is because it is a lot slower than his other moves you would be using, and thus even though this move is completely very much seeable, you can sneak it in against players who try to figure out your pattern by reading your tempo and trying to sneak in sidesteps, backdashes and panic moves accordingly. Due to the speed of the move, it will hit the opponent, especially when they least expect it, or just being straight-up overwhelmed. It's also a nice oki option as it does solid damage. Just to note too that King's Low dropkick also does more damage than AK, which is telling that Namco intends us to use this move more.
b+1 x A high hook. King's primary 12 frame CH launcher. One of the essential pokes in King's arsenal as it keeps aggressive players in check. Just be wary that it's a super-high (has a very high hitbox) and it's totally linear on both sides, so don't be predictable when using it.
b+1>2 x A hook to a pretty stiff Kane-style Uppercut. King's NC i12 punisher. One of the best punishers in the game just because of its range and raw damage. It can hit far away and punish alot of things with pushback, and 44 damage is cringe-worthy (imagine it with rage... hurrr). As a poke, it's awesome too because of it being delayable it can keep people on their toes on defense. Just be wary that it's -13 punishable on block and it's high-high so they can duck the second hit and launch you. Be aware too that CH b+1,2 would not juggle your opponent as the last hit will "remove" the stun (NOTE: At max delay the 2 will float).
b+1>4 x Hook to spinning heel kick. This move is made to keep duckers in check. Sadly this string isn't NC, but it's pretty safe (just leaves you grounded in front of your opponent). The last hit is 33 damage and knockdowns but doesn't give you oki (you're also grounded after the attack). It's a nice string to throw around with not much risk.
b+2>4 x A wide right hook to a toe kick. b+2 alone is a meh to decent high i14 poke (-5 on block though), but what makes it worthwhile as a poke is the toe kick followup. The toe kick, at counter hit, not only gives you meaty raw damage, but also auto-transitions to a Angle Slam throw. It's easy to get the counterhit since the string is extremely delayable. Even without the CH it gives you huge frame advantage on hit, and it's safe on block. Just having that threat makes throwing b+2 as a poke to be a good thing, especially for people who continually headbutt the attack buttons.
b+2>1+2 x A wide hook to to a big headbutt. It's main use is for doing bounds on the open (it's bad as a wall bound due to the last hit being high which misses when opponents slump down). You would see this move many times in juggles. As a poke, the last hit is a high and its reactable to a trained eye, and on block, it gives no frame disadvantage and forces opponents into crouch (which is a good or a bad thing depending on your opponent). It's possible to df+4,3 juggle but the timing is a bit strict. It's nice to throw around every once in a while but still it's not recommended to be used and abused as a poke.
b+3 x A stiff high kick (not exactly a super kick). King's i16 punisher. It got insane range that it would punish stuff that has pushback. As a poke, it's -10 on block but has pushback so 10 frame punishers (jabstrings) won't reach, and it wallsplats too. But it's still a high and it's awful on whiff so be careful.
b+4 x Big boot. It's a move with a bigger active frame window. The properties of this move varies with position. When on pretty close to get a clean hit, it's safe, but when a bit farther than that, it could be launch punishable, but either way, you recover backturned and being at frame disadvantage while in BT is usually a bad situation to be. Did I mention it's a high attack? One timely duck and you're eating damage. On the flipside, on hit, you'll get 40 damage on clean hit or 27, which is not bad. What the real juice is that it leave your opponent knocked down and pretty darn close to you while you're backturned. It's one of the best oki position you can be in. In the end, use it on people who doesn't suspect and take them by surprise, just like how its used in wrestling.
ub+1 x A Ric Flair Backhand Chop. Move is safe on block (-3), tracks, gives huge plus frames on hit and got a built-in SSL (useful when you're stuck in crouch in 2P side) to it. The problem with it is it's a high, so it's not a real abusable poke, though it serves its purpose as a tracking move and anti pressure tool at times. Note that compared to AK's ub+1, King does way more damage and better frame advantage, but both cover the same purpose.
ub_u_uf+2 x The Jaguars' manly Randy Savage Elbow Drop. Jumps 10 feet without the need to climb a top rope, delivering a massive flying elbow drop to the opponent. You can jump either forward, backward or even straight up. The move is pretty good as a bait as its pretty quick jump can dodge a lot of attacks. This move can avoid running slides as well as unblockable tackles if timed right. It is also usable as a tag cancel if the opponent is going to use a low to punish your raw tag.
uf+3 x Spinning Heel Kick. Basically the same move and properties as the last hit of b+1,4. Another underrated move for King. It's a mid, got great range, does 33 damage, knockdowns, low crushes and leaves you grounded, technically making it safe on block. It's a great mid knockdown poke with a pretty few risk going on with it. It has pretty decent speed too. Use this on dash distance to fully utilize its nasty range. Remember too that you have this move when you need to get a poke to win the round without risking to get launched.
uf+4 x The world famous Hopknee. King's i15 standing punisher and primary lowcrush move. It's a knee so it's unreversable (so you can launch those pesky Jun/Asuka players). One of the moves that should scare people to duck. Just remember that it's -13 on block, and you can get jab floated to a juggle to a opponent who uses jabs to pressure. You also need to learn how to gauge its range. This move is good, but at the same time, don't use this as a crutch or a panic move too much. Use it wisely.
uf+1+2 x A jumping Polish Hammer. Commonly named as Capital Punishment. It's a mid, got pretty great range and lowcrushes due to King jumping forward, does good raw damage, safe on block, and it's a LAUNCHER. The downsides of this move is it's so linear and easy to sidestep which can leave you open for punishment, and opponents can easily jab interrupt you for a juggle because of the jump. It's a good move to punish raw tags due to its range and you can use this as one of the moves to get in close to your opponent. Just be careful that you don't abuse this too much.
UF+1+2 x A High-Jump, unblockable polish hammer. Commonly named as Burning Knuckle Bomb. It's a nice unblockable that does decent damage, but its linear, and you can see this move a mile away. The problem with King's version of this move is that for the unblockable to happen, King needs to stay at the ground preparing to jump, which gives the whole thing away already (you want the move to be as surprising as possible, which AK's version does). There's a just-frame version of this in b~ub~u~UF+1+2 but not only it's hard to pull off, it's really inconsistent. Honestly, this move is too risky for what its worth.
uf+3+4 x A quick animated Enzuigiri. A low crush high attack that does decent damage, similar to AK's SS 3+4. It also comes out fast and got a bit of evasive property. It's also technically safe because you are left grounded (but leaves you lying with your side on the opponent, so characters with good oki options would give you problems). Either way, it's a nice move to throw it once in a while.
uf~n+4 x Generic Delayed Hopkick. This move is noteworthy as it has meatier damage and also reaches farther than King's regular hopknee. You can use this to punish many launch punishable moves that leave you standing when hopknee or gut punch will not be available, so it doesn't hurt to look up what you can punish with this move.
Behind a wall bb~UB x A highflyer style cross body dive where King runs over the top rope runs up the wall, then does a cross body press. A pretty sick move for pretty sick setup-happy people. It does a chunk of damage already (25) but when hits clean, it will give you a sicker animation (technically a throwshift) and give you extra 20 damage. Not to mention it crushes pretty well. Of course you can't use the move when there's no wall behind you so it's pretty situational, but it's pretty nice to do and the reward is there too.

Dashing and Running Attacks

As some people already know, doing King's wavedash is totally different than other chars, and is much harder to do let alone keep at it. But at the same time, if you look at King's arsenal at wavedashes, it's all full of mids and it also has some complementary low in it (cd+1/FC df+1) plus the damaging multithrow starters makes it really, really good. If you can do it, you can really break turtles with ease, but again, that's if you can do it. But if you can't do King's wavedash, don't be too disappointed as just doing this options without the wavedash are great.

ff+1 x A elbow Lariat. Another great tracking move for King. It's mid, safe, with decent range due to dash, it tracks, and and it's an elbow (meaning it can't be reversed). This is so good for people who moves around too much, as you can easily make then stay in their place. It wallsplats too for a meaty damage near a wall. The only problem with it is the move can be considered to have a slow startup, but it's not SLOOOOW-slow, it just have a startup that's seeable, but not always reactable. But for its purpose as the lockdown move, it's a great move that I would recommend people to use.
ff+2 [~B] x King spins around then does a overhead elbow that looks similar to the last hit of f+2,2,2. Unlike that, it doesn't bound and only does a fraction of damage, but it's good to feint opponents with this as you you can cancel the attack by holding B. You can use the this to do some shenanigans like buffered throws or even sneaky lows, but just be sure that your opponent is scared at your offense, as feinting don't work on a masher.
ff+2>1 x Spin elbow to a lariat/clothesline. The last hit is basically f+1+2. This string is a natural combo, does pretty meaty damage, and delayable too (though not fully hit-confirmable). The last hit is duckable, so it's not something to just spam until your opponent figures it out. If you are gonna use this, be sure to cancel the first hit from time to time, and be sure your opponent's a bit scared/pressured initially.
ff+4 x A big boot to the gut. Mid with a solid damage, range, speed and it knockdowns (though it doesn't wallsplat). It's technically punishable on block, but it gives a big pushback that most punishers won't hit (so basically, don't use this move close to a wall to maximize the pushback). As an added bonus, when this move gets a counterhit, King does a pretty sick DDT that gives you more meaty damage. The real bad thing about this move is its linear so be careful.
ff+2+3 x Cross Body Press, basically the last hit of JGS 3, 2+3. Pretty sick dive that does nice damage, and when hit clean, it will do a unscaled throwshift damage to all to the already damaging dive. The problems with this move is it leaves you in a awful oki position on block, and the range is pretty short. Despite that, it's a good mid in late match when you are trying to do a killing blow.
ff~n+2 [~1+2,u,d,3+4] x A low body blow. Unlike AK's, this does less damage and only gives you a breakable stun on counterhit (the good thing is not alot of people break the stun since the move is not really being used alot). But if you don't want to bother with the stun, you can do a guaranteed throw that gives you 50 damage and oki (Do the powerbomb please. There is no reason not to). With that, it's actually pretty scary as a low, though the powerbomb can be annoying to do in a fast paced match (execution wise).
ff~n+1+2 x Chest push that does no damage in itself. One of the most reliable mid poke for King (side note: fastest standing mid in the game). You can do the move at 11 frames at perfect execution, but we are not robots. The move is fast. Don't let the zero damage fool you for not using this move. First of all, it's a mid, and gives you a free b+3 on CH (or b+1,2 or even 1+2,3 depending on wall positioning/pushback). And obviously, it's safe on block - in fact it's better than safe on block because it's just 0. A completely spammable move that's good for getting in close to opponents and stopping them from moving forward at you.
cd+1 x A left handed sweep. Same move as FC df+1. It's worth mentioning it here since it's one of the most reliable highcrush move King has. Having FC df+1 be inputted in this way gives King a good long range high-crushing low from both standing and on wavedash. It also works as a great tag punisher due to its incredible range and just being a low, making it impossible to reverse or parry (and hopkicks are usually too late to crush this). Use this wisely. This is safe on block (a popular setup is to reverse people's WS 4 attempts) but it is one of the slowest sweeps in the game and is thus totally low parryable on reaction.
cd+4 x A big knee to the gut. -9 on block like most of King's mids but still pack a meaty punch. On normal hit, it does some sort of fallback stun that can be techrolled by the opponent. But it they don't, YOU CAN DASH df+4,3 FOR A JUGGLE (Emphasized since most people thought this move was nerfed, the free juggle when unteched is still here). Now on CH, you actually get a crumple stun similar to FC df+2, which means free juggle. It's a pretty good mid to do even on a simple crouchdash and nice to complement King's multis along with his other mids.
cd+1+2 x Polish Hammer. One of King's tools in his scary oki arsenal. Its tracking is nerfed so people can sideroll it now, but it still has the meaty damage and it gives a free juggle on counterhit, making getup kicks a dangerous option for some. Just be careful because it's a bit slower than most oki tools, like stomps and it's not safe on block. I would prefer you to use this move in oki situations where your opponents are lying pretty at the ground.
cd+1+4 x King's Arm Breaker Multithrow Starter. This is one half of the cd throws King has on crouchdash. When you learn how to do wavedashes, this multithrow starter becomes easy to land and it's up to you to use it. One consequence of this move when the followups are broken is it leaves you on negative frames when backturned, so it's a pretty bad situation, but it's something minimal and easy to deal with.
cd+2+3 x King's Achilles Hold Multithrow Starter. Another half of the cd throws of King. A more damaging starter for 25 compared to 20 for arm breaker, and the followups are damaging throughout. A consequence though when the followup is broken is the opponent kicks you out of the hold, giving you a jab damage. Remember to vary your breaks!
fff+3+4_WR 3+4 x Spinning Dropkick. King doesn't have a running 3 so we need to use this :P but then it's not shabby. It got insane damage for a running attack, and it got waaaaay better range than regular running 3s. After this, you are lying on the ground so you can't really consider this as a frame trap of sorts (you can mix up get up kicks), but hey, it's good at what it does... DAMAGE!!! This move activates really late in the animation, so if you do it at point blank and your opponent is crouching, you will more often than not completely jump over them.
Running after three steps 4 x Running Ali Kick. This is basically King's running slide attack. It does way more damage than a regular Ali Kick and you can continue the regular followups around it, but it's not really advisable like I said before, since the frames are still awful even on hit. It's nice to do it once in a while though just for the big damage it does, and people not expecting a low.

Crouching and Sidestep Attacks

One of the strenghts of King is he got a pretty strong options on crouching. Remember though that his moves at crouching ain't like Anna's or Changs where opponents are force to guess with their 50/50s. King's crouching game are strong because of the fact that many of his options got a great deal of range. He can pretty much crouch from afar and his moves will still hit. To be able to use this advantage though, King payers need to get their spacing and movement right, so you need to be honest on your fundamentals to take advantage of this tools. Remember too that King can still access WS moves in his wavedash, making it a very powerful tool!

WS 1 x Quick left uppercut. As a poke, I would rather be using WS 4 because of damage and range alone, but in combos, it got its place where WS 4 makes them a bit far away for followups and if you can't crouch cancel consistently out of FC df+1.
WS 2,2 x A nasty body punch and backhand chop combo. A mid-mid NC string that gives huge damage (44, almost the same as a teched GS) and +frames on hit, and tracks, which also works as King's i14 crouch punisher. Before TTT2, people know you can step King's FC/WS game pretty easily. This move changes that. It is awesome for controlling movement from crouch, which is what King needed. The first hit doesn't do a lot of damage, but it's safe, compared to the -12 punishable, but a lot more damaging 2nd hit. This also breaks walls in combos. For only -12 frame punish, this move is so worth spamming still (still, be careful against characters with beefy -12 punishers like another King, Mishimas, Paul and Lars). Take note that this move can be accessible as cd~n 2,2, giving you another quick, great ranged homing move at wavedash. Another incentive to learn how to wavedash with King!
WS 3 x Generic WS 3. The only wallsplatting option King has from crouching. It's launch punishable on block but tracks in no particular direction and comes out pretty fast. It's a really risky option but it's still there.
WS 4 x This move is VERY GOOD in general. Only i11 from crouching, and is one of the best WS 4's in the game in terms of range and damage. Gives a very good spacing game on hit and block. You can use this move as cd~n 4, giving you a really quick and great ranged mid poke out of a wavedash. This is a very fast and safe wavedash option to test what the opponent will do.
WS 1+2 [~5] x One of King's safest launcher besides db+2. -10~9 on block, and taggable which is awesome. It's kind of slow, which makes it not really ideal for block punishing from crouch (because it's slow and doesn't have enough range... unlike FC df+2). However, for wavedash (input cd~n 1+2), this move is brilliant, because it's King's ideal punish for someone who'll want to duck against WD into grabs. Another thing about this move is that this move almost looks like another crouch dash in itself, which can mess with the opponent's head.
FC 1, n+2 x Yep, the crouch jab to uppercut. It was already mentioned before, but it's worth mentioning again. WE HAVE A JAB OUT OF CROUCHING. The crouch jab alone is a 10 frame poke, which is a bit faster than WS 4 and also leaves you crouching still to keep your FC game continuing. It's also a good poke when up close, and a good setup poke for a Giant Swing or Rock Bottom throws. Use it.
FC 4 x Generic low kick from crouching. Along with crouch jab, we should not be forgetting that we don't have this move. Only bad thing again about it is its bad frames even on hit and send opponents a bit farther, which isn't ideal for buffering King command grabs.
FC df+1 x A left handed sweep. Same move as cd+1. It gives you a good safe low on crouching and also gives you a good oki option and tag punisher just because of its range. Its good to be able to do this move out of standing, crouching and wavedashing. Just be sure that when you do this move, use this in a distance because you are open against mids, particularly hopkicks.
FC df+2 [~5] x King's Body Blow, a.k.a. Rib Smash, Gut Punch, Kayyal Special etc. This move is to King's like Dark Uppercut is to Armor King's. A good long range taggable i15 launcher that's -14~13 on block (which is at times, hard to punish). The range of this move is insane and it would consistently punish lows due to it. But to utilize this move completely, you need to be able to go to full crouch in many ways, which is pretty easy to do once you get used to it. One of my favorite setups with this is to hold down while standing up/techrolling, which is pretty good to make them stop putting more pressure on you on oki. Use this wisely.
FC df+4 x Ali Kick from crouching. Ali Kicks are already mentioned alot but it's still worth mentioning this time since it's the only move out of crouching that's fast enough and hits grounded. Particularly in great use for oki when you want to get that quick hit.
SS 2 x A big right-handed lariat. A safe knockdown move that has decent range, does nice damage, but hits high. I once fell in love with this move, but it being a high and being -5 on block hurts (though it's still safe). Though the probability of hitting this is pretty high if used right. It's nice to use this, but there are better (though not safer) alternatives like SS 1+2,3 or even SS hopknee.
SS 3+4 x A big swing enzuigiri, also called "Deadly Boomerang". A long range attack that does insane damage on hit, and waaaay more scarier damage at counterhit. This is the closes thing King has to a deathfist. It's good at catching people sleeping around because of its long range, and even as it being a high, it recovers grounded so no good oki for them even if they dodge it. Just be sure you are using this move in the right range.
SS 2+4 [~B] x King does a huge crouching sidestep before trying to grab the opponent. Take note that the grab itself is cancellable which makes King recover from crouching. This gives King an awesome sidestep move to setup full crouch and while standing moves. This is a great move to do in dash range, and though risky due to tracking moves, is still good to do up close. Be creative in using this! The cancel can be implemented as a double sidestep, which can be useful to set up whiffs.

Jaguar Step and Backturned

We gotta admit, King's Oki is too good. Am I mean TOO GOOD. He got options on every kind of situation and they all lead to great damage and/or more pressure, thanks with his Running Powerbomb combo ender. But even without that, you can still apply oki games with King's Jaguar Step, which is no slouch at all. To add to that, you can also do cross-ups, King's Backturned moves tailored to it. Know your options!

3+4_b+3+4 x Jaguar Step, where King does a spinning jump. As mentioned before, Jaguar Step in general works great at oki because of the wakeup options it has, not to mention good at walls as long as people play scared. Just be careful that use it with a bit of space because you are left vulnerable to high and mid attacks on this animation, and using it at least on dash range minimizes the risk.
JGS 1 x A high elbow hook. King's launcher option from Jaguar Step. Jab punishable on block and also duckable. It's still a nice move just because it's a launcher, and it's not something that people will watch out and duck because of the mid options on JGS.
JGS 2 x A right downward elbow. One of the primary mid options on Jaguar Step. This move is safe and when it hits duckers, King can get a free crouchthrow out of it (even the crouch throw multi throw starters!). This move shines on people who love their getup low kicks. Setup this move wisely.
JGS 3,2+3 x A Sobat to Cross Dive. Another nifty mid option out of Jaguar Step. As a mid, the sobat is pretty slow but it does respectable damage on its own, not to mention it leaves King at -9 frames. What this move shines is the followup dive. The crossbody will hit people that tend to move after JGS 3 was blocked (due to big hitbox), and especially people that tend to capitalize the frame disadvantage. Despite that, the transition in between is still having a big gap, so some people can sneak up on you. So be wise...
JGS 4 x A High Roundhouse Kick. King's Frame Trap option. This move hurts on hit and also gives you plus frames on hit, so it's good when you want to continue the pressure, especially in walls (it wallsplats too). The drawback of this move is it's a high, but its starting animation is eerie similar to JGS df+4, which is a mid, so as long as you are using them, you shouldn't have a problem with duckers. Also, a handy thing with this is after 2 or more spins, it becomes an unblockable, which makes it more handy especially when people are playing scared and just trying to block your attacks.
JGS df+4 x A Mid Roundhouse Kick. King's Tracking option out of Jaguar Step. I think Namco forgot to put the white trail on this move but this do track both ways that might as well name it a homing move. This move is technically launch punishable, but it has a massive pushback that makes most punishers out of reach. This pushback doesn't go away with walls so it's still a pretty handy tool there. Use this move, especially against sidestep happy turtlers.
BT 3:1+2 x A Backturned Kick to the nuts (Blind Kick) followed by a stunner. Unlike Armor King, King's Blind Kick isn't a natural hit launcher (it only launches on counter). What it tradesoff though is its raw damage and oki due to stunner followup. There is no reason for King players to not go for the stunner followup everytime, as the move won't transition to stunner if you actually get the launch. This move is not something I would spam when standing everytime due to it being punishable, but there are times where this move really shines, especially in oki/crossup purposes, as it hits grounded and probably the fastest strike King can do while backturned.
BT 1+2 x A Big right handed Lariat. This move is a sick setup move, and its speed and range for an unblockable makes it really worthwhile to use in the standing game. It hurts crazy too. It's comparable to the F+1+2 unblockable aside from this move not wallsplatting but doing better damage overall. Be aware though that it's still a high, so depending on which range you use this, you might end up whiffing in front of a crouching opponent and get punished hard. Be aware!
BT 3+4 x Backturned Jaguar Step. This move makes King's BT a little bit more dynamic in a sense that you can move and dodge many attacks even when backturned. It can also go for multiple spins so you can get significant space if you wanted. What's nice with this move is you can still buffer BT moves with it, making it a pretty good BT move setup tool. There is alot of things you can play around with this move, so don't be afraid to experiment with it.
BT d+2 x Generic Crouch jab from backturned. It's a good mention because it's a good fast tool when doing crossups, even better than blick kick IMO. It is a special mid that has really good range, and on crossup situations, when hit successfully, it leaves your opponent backturned, and yes, it's a free FC df+2 for you. Whether it launches or not depends if your opponent tried to "block" the FC df+2, as any response isn't fast enough to block, dodge or interrupt FC df+2 at that situation.
BT d+4 x Backturned Low Dropkick. It has the same damage as the regular low dropkick but it comes out faster and it has better low and high crushing. It's really handy as an oki tool because it hits grounded and typically beats getup kicks. The downside of this is just like the regular low dropkick, it's pretty linear, but you won't get punished much due to it anyway because you are left grounded so yeah...
BT uf+4 x Generic Backturned Hopkick, this move is more damaging and really nice range going on, but despite that, it has a iffy hitbox. Despite being mid, there will be times where the hitbox won't even collide duckers, making it whiff. Despite that, it's still a pretty good move because, well, it's still a launcher.
BT 1+4 x Backturned Moonsault. Compared to the regular standing moonsault, It does better damage and goes by faster because King doesn't have to turn around. It's gonna be one of your main options when backturned because it's really good. You will use this alot especially after some moves that leave King Backturned, like Muscle Buster, df+4,3,4~B and even 1+2.
BT 1+3_2+4 x Backturned Throws. This move should be used alot too just because they come out faster and both have a 1+2 break animation, making the breaks a total guess. Works well after a 1+2 when people are trying to side walk the canned attempts. It has a airthrow variations too to catch hopkickers, but you shouldn't be complacent because of that as generally hopkicks go faster than throws. But even with that, it's still a really nice option to use.

Generic Throws

1+3_f+1+3 x x
2+4_f+2+4 x x
Left Side Throw x x
Right Side Throw x x
Opponent Backturned 1+3_f+1+3 x x
Opponent Backturned 2+4_f+2+4 x x
FC 1+2 x x

Command Throws

db+1+2 x x
df+2+3 x x
u+1+2 [~B] x x
b+1+2 x x
d+1+3_d+2+4 x x
df+1+2_f~df+1+3_f~df+2+4 x x
b+1+3 x x
b+2+4 x x

Bufferable Command Throws

At Backturned Opponent b~f+1+2 x x
qcb+1+2 x x
fff+2+4 x x
f~hcf+1 x x
f~hcf+2 x x
db,f+2+4_qcb~F+2+4 x x
FC db~d~db+1+2 x x

Air and Wall Throws

At airborne opponent 1+3 x x
At airborne opponent 2+4 x x
At airborne opponent d+1+3_d+2+4 x x
At airborne opponent f~hcf+1_2 x x
At airborne opponent fff+2+4_JGS 1+3_2+4 x x
At wallsplatted opponent fff+2+4_f~hcf1_JGS 1+3_2+4 x x

Ground Throws

At FUFT opponent db+1+3_2+4 x x
At FUFT opponent DB+1+3 x x
At FUFT opponent DB+2+4 x x
At FU at any side of opponent db+1+3_2+4 x x
At FUFA opponent db+1+3_2+4 x x
At FDFT opponent db+1+3_2+4 x x
At FDFA opponent db+1+3_2+4 x x
At FD at left side of opponent db+1+3_2+4 x x
At FD at right side of opponent db+1+3_2+4 x x

Tekken Tag Tournament 2: The Jaguars Guide

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