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Stub page for collecting current information

Here's some of my initial observations - some of this might be written in the thread - I haven't read all the way back yet.

From what I've played with her - her Harrier stance is really good, but you can't abuse it... the mixups will eventually be seeable. But if you've got them feeling pressured, the f+4,3 puts them at the perfect position for a f+4 mixup.

Combos: If you don't want to spend time figuring out her max damage combos: just launch, then tail spin asap - if you can do the ff+4 consistently, that's the best one, otherwise 2,2, then just b+1 until you've got 7 juggle hits and finish with (on the 7th juggle hit) b+1~f+4

Pokes - she has a TON of safe mid options...

  • df+1
  • b+1
  • df+4
  • 4,4 (high, mid CH launcher)
  • 3,3,3,3
  • 4,4,4,4,4 (probably not last hit safe, but safe up to 3rd hit at least
  • 1,4 - high low
  • d+3,4 -low high NC can mix it up with d+3,3 for low mid - that one is probably unsafe.

Lows: db+4 launching low - really good since it actually has decent range (it seems more then Lili's) but slow... so seeable

db+3 knockdown - provides free Harrier mixup - almost the same move as Harrier 3

Her best launcher is uf+4,4 - decent range, decent damage.

She seems designed for holding back - she's got a lot of good options that involve 'b', but she's also really good when you turn it up to go crazy.

It feels like her 2,2 is i12



  • i10 - 1,1 or 1,2
  • i12 - 2,2
  • i15 - uf+4,4

While Standing

  • i11 - ws+4
  • i13 - ws+1,1
  • i15 - uf+4,4
  • i16 - WS+2


Normal Hit

  • uf+4,4
  • u_uf+3
  • [1,1], 4
  • b+2
  • d/b+4
  • WS+2

Counter Hit

  • df+4
  • 4
  • 4,4,4
  • b+4?

Tail Spin

  • 2,2
  • df+2,4
  • ff+2,4
  • ff+4


  • ff+4

Ground Spike

  • HAR 2
  • uf+1
  • d+1
  • 3,3,3,3,3
  • f+3
  • uf+4,4

Rage Art

  • 3+4

Staple Combos

The following launchers all have the same staple combos:

  • uf+4,4
  • db+4
  • CH df+4
  • [Launch] ff+4 TS! df+4, b+1, b+1, b+1~f+4
  • [Launch] b+1~f+1, df+1, 2,2 TS! b+1~f+4

The following launchers have the same staple combo:

  • WS+2
  • uf+3
  • b+2
  • [1,1], 4
  • [Launch] b+1~f+1, df+1, 2,2 TS! b+1~f+4
  • CH 4,4,4 2,2 TS! b+1~f+4

Wall combo

  • 1,b+1~f+4 - can get a 60% reset on last hit, but have to delay it a bit
  • 1, ub+4
  • 3,3,3,3,3
  • vs bigs - 1,1, 3,3,3,3,3

Post TS! Options

Late TS:

  • b+1~f+4 for damage
  • b+1~f+2 for ground spike nearby
  • b+1,1 for large wall carry or to push them very far away
  • b+1~f+1 to leave them floating close - if they tech you're in their face and they have to eat a mixup. If they roll back you can re-float them with b+1
  • 4,4,4~f (I think I saw someone do this for oki options - not 100% sure it'll all hit with late TS!)

Questions and answers


Is the mid kick to head butt string NC, or just NCC?

No clue, I will have to test. I didn't really like that move because the startup on it is really slow... I'd guess about i18.

Is her head butt move by itself unsafe on block? Is anything guaranteed on hit or CH, like her stomp? Also, is it high or mid?

I will have to test this. I would guess its safe since its High. https://youtu.be/0FamABfan0w?t=217 https://youtu.be/0FamABfan0w?t=113

Is anything guaranteed on the headbutt on hit or CH, like her stomp?

It looks like her best ground hitting move is ub4 - lots of damage, and leaves them in a bad spot both in the open and at the wall.

Not sure if its guaranteed though.

Can the second hit of uf+4,4 be sidestepped on block?

I highly doubt it would be easier to step then Alisa's uf+4,4.

Is uf+4 by itself unsafe?

According to rbnorway - no its -15. It could use some testing though. http://rbnorway.org/katarina-t7-frames/

what do you think of FC d+3? Any good?

Haven't used it yet. Will test and get back to you

How fast do you think ff+2,4 is?

i12 or i13... but I only used it a few times and I'm having to play on a J-stick - since I usually play on a K-stick, sometimes the f,f motions don't come out very crisply.

How good is f3 actually?

I don't think its all that good, especially as a ground hit. At the range that's useful, Harrier 3 hits grounded and also low crushes. I'm pretty sure its punishable on block and has TERRIBLE whiff recovery. But testing will be required.

Does it also have some sort of tracking?

No clue as to its tracking properties though. Testing is required.

Is 1,1,2 really +7 on block ? ( rhobnorway says so , but it feels wrong to me )

I'll have to do some testing.

What is the best transition to HAR?

f+4 as far as I can tell. It seems to me that all the string to HAR transitions are interuptable on block, not sure about on hit though.

Does her b3+4 tracks ? And what are its frame on block?

I will have to test. According to rbnorway - its -17~? on block

How well does her db4 , FC df4 and uf4,4 crush mids?

db+4 - not sure FC df+ 4 - not sure uf +4,4 doesn't.


Is her 3,3,3,3,3 NC? Anything guaranteed on back turned opponents?

3,3,3,3,3 is NC - but negative on hit so nothing guaranteed on back turned,

how good is her 1,1 mixups?

They're solid - she has safe mid ender, high ender that's +7, mid launcher that's launch punishable and mid low crush that's punishable - probably about -12.

Its a great mixup option since you can choose how much risk you're willing to take for the reward.

Is ff4 safe?

No - Its at least -12

Is 4,4,4 safe?


Is d+3,4 NC?

No - but it seems they have to be holding b really early for it not to hit.

if d+3,4 is not NC does it jail on hit?

No - but it seems they have to be holding d really early for it not to hit.

4,4 is safe?

Yes - but you can't apply pressure afterward unless you've got them scared for the 3rd hit (4,4,4) which I believe is also safe.

Do you think db+3 is seeable?

Yes, in the way that Nina's WTF is seeable... barely. I think Kat has more moves that mask the starting animation though. Possibly b+3+4

Is the headbutt high or mid?

High https://youtu.be/0FamABfan0w?t=217 https://youtu.be/0FamABfan0w?t=113

does f3 hit grounded?


How good is her movement?

Her backdash is really good, not sure about her sidestep yet. I'm not used to playing on J-sticks, and from what I can tell in general, sidesteps have to be a lot crisper then they were in TTT2 to get around things.

How do you feel with her oki . She does seem to have a great oki to me.

Her Oki is amazing. She has both mid and low Oki options that put the opponent right back into the same bad situation. You have to play risky for it though, but if you're applying the pressure, they've got to make split second decisions, in which most options they have are bad for them.

Any broken stuff?

  • HAR 3 and db+3 leave the opponent at perfect range and timing for a HAR+3_4 mixup.
  • 2,2 feels i12 and wallsplats
  • df+1+2 throw wall splats
  • 4,4 is stuuupid good. High, mid safe CH launcher with 4,4,4 also being a high, mid, mid safe CH launcher
  • df+4 stupid good CH launcher. Not sure on the frames, but it feels to be about i13-i15
  • She has GUNS in her GUNS!!!

Does uf4,4 bound backrolling opponents?

No- there's no bound in T7 anymore, so any move that does the initial bound doesn't launch on float anymore. So Alisa's uf+4,4 doesn't either, nor does Lars' bf+2,1

Do you have fun playing her?


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