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Tekken 7 Character Select



Nina has undergone some major changes from TTT2, most of which are beneficial to her, though there are a few nerfs.

The biggest change is that due to the change in movement, its harder for other characters to escape her offense.

But also the changes to movement means that some of Nina's evasiveness is harder to pull off.

One welcome change, is that if you weren't able to do the iWS+1's you don't need them as much, since her non iWS+1 combos do almost as much damage and still has really good wall carry.

So the first thing we should talk about are what moves you should be using now.

Key moves

Her normal jab strings are still really good (1,2 | df+1,2 | 1 | df+1) but being able to step after them takes different timing. It doesn't seem to be worse then before, you just have to get used to the new timing on them. Keep in mind that after 1,2 and df+1,2 she now has the sidestep cancel out of those by holding d or u. This sidestep cancel does make stepping without doing the cancel really weird on timing, but can be figured out. On block the sidestep cancels are pretty bad and most things you follow up with can be interrupted, but the move is not punishable, so doing the side step cancel into block is still viable. On hit the side step cancels are +4 or +5 meaning you are almost guaranteed to get a ss+1~f_b allowing you to continue pressuring. It can be jab interrupted, but I'm pretty sure if they jab interrupt you can ss+2 (needs some testing though)

Command Hit level Damage Start up frame Block frame Hit frame Counter hit frame Notes
1 h 7 10 +1 +8 +8 You'll be using this move a lot to keep your opponent in check and to provide + frames. Be wary though, its easily stepped.
1, 2 h, h 7,10 10,20 -1 +5 +5 Provides a bit more damage then just the single hit. You can sidestep cancel it now, but its really only worth doing it on hit.
4 h 15 11 -9 +8 Launch (JG?) Magic 4. CH launcher. Good as a pressure relief tool, but its easily stepped.
1+4 mm 4,20 15~16, 28~29 -5~-4 +4~+5s +6~+7s Beefy mid, with its +5 on hit and only -5 on block it provides a lot of options for follow ups.
f+2 h 12 13 -3 +8 +8 Great for fishing for CH at range 1.5-2
f+2, 1, 4 h, m, h 12,12,22 13 -3 KND(SCD) KND? Safe on block, really easy to CH confirm. People probably wont' be ducking the list hit for a while, and there's still the f+2,1,2 mid mixup.
f+3 hh 10,20 14~15, 26~27 +6~+7 KND CS Decent long-ish range poke. Its good at catching steppers too. Be careful since the two hits don't jail, but its difficult to block. One thing you can do if the opponent starts ducking it, is to mix it up with f+4,3 since the startup looks similar.
f+1+2 or WS+1+2 m 24 17 -14 KND KND One of the most useful power crushes in the game. Fairly fast at i17, long range and only -14 with decent pushback. One thing is really good about it is that often times in those mid/low mixup situations, you'll crush through the mid and beat out the low. This also wall splats making it very dangerous at the wall.
d/f+1 m 13 13 -1 +5 +5 Fast safe mid.
d/f+1, 2 m, h 13,10 13,30 -3 +2 +9 Another staple move. Natural combo, mid and good pressure options after hitting with it.
d/f+2 m 12 15~16 -7~-6 Launch (JG?)(+4) Launch (JG?) Safe launcher, but doesn't have much range and won't launch crouchers.
d/f+1+2 mm 5,10 16,18 -3 +21?kg +21?kg Now a SUUUPER good move. It provides +12~+22 on hit and the spin animation, meaning it wall spats too. At i16 its one of the fastest mid homing moves out there.
d+2 l (TC) 13 20 RC -12 0 +5 Now 0 on hit. You'll catch a lot of players trying to hit buttons after getting hit by this, you can catch them with ws+4,3 unless they dick punch. For some reason the dick punch will stop stepping after d+2 hitting so keep that in mind. Low parry if they abuse that.
d+3, 2 l (TC), m 12,10 16 -13~-11 Launch (JG?) Launch (JG?) Good CH launcher and relatively safe for a mid launcher. Since it high crushes, its good for dealing with high strings.
d+3, 4, 3 l (TC), h, m 12,18,20 16 +2 +5~+6s KND? Last hit is now uninteruptable and will launch on CH. Its +2 on block now, a lot of people will get hit by frame traps here with either a M4 or 2,4. Abuse it while its hot.
d+4 l (TC) 7 12 RC -13 -2 -2 Another staple you'll want to keep using. Tracks to both sides really good, high crushes, and you can CH confirm the CH d+4,1.
d/b+2 m (TC) 20 24 -5 KND SCD Long range homing move. A bit slow, so you have to get the opponents twitch whiff punishment out of them if they're good at that.
d/b+3 l 17 20 -13 +3s KND A good low that's +3 on hit and provides a free f,f+1+2 on CH. With the changes to movement, opponents can't move out of the way of followups after this move as easily as they could in TTT2.
d/b+3+4 m 21 19 -17 Launch (JG?) Launch (JG?) Another go to long range whiff punisher.
b+2, 2 h, h 12,14 12 -6 +5 +2 Still a really good string, CH confirmable for a wall splat if you finish the string.
b+4 h 15 14 -7 +11(SH) +18 CH launcher useful for keepout.
b+1+4 mm 4,14 16,31~32 -15 Launch (JG?) Launch (JG?) Go to whiff punisher, unless range is too great. It had a nice little buff making it -15 instead if -16, which means that there's a lot of the cast that can't launch it at tip range.
u/f+1 m (TJ) 20 26s -5 KND KND Low crushing safe mid launcher. The low crush is a little wokney though, so not the most reliable low crush.
u/f+2, 1 m, m 10,10 18 -13 BU KND? Your go to launcher. Since it will launch crouchers (unlike df+2) and its hit confirmable... you even get a bit of a mixup if they block the first hit. If they try to punish it and you finish the string, you get a CH launch.
u/f+3 m (TJ) 20 14 -10 KND KND Fast low crush.
f, F+3 m 23 15(16~) -14? +8? CS Last build I used it was still -14, but its *supposed* to be -13. When it is, its really good since tip range punishing will be almost impossible. Good for keep out.
f, F+4 m (TJ) 30 28 RG(29~) +11? +2s KND? On deep hit provides massive + frames if you tech. Opponent basically has to guess low/mid after blocking that.
d, D/F+4 l (TC) 20 26s(28~) -37 KND KND or FC,df+4 This move got some great buffs. You get a guaranteed f,f+3 or CC,d+3+4 on it now buffing the normal hit damage, plus it CH launches now.
qcb (Special) 20(21~) Useful evasion move. It can sometimes avoid mid/low mixups since it auto blocks low
d/b, qcf, n, d/b+2+3 h! 0 37~53 (42~) +33~+49 (SH) +33~+49 (SH) +33~+49 (SH) Unblockable launcher, high crushes.
qcf+1 h 21 14~15 (15~) +1 +3 Launch now a really useful range 2 poke. CH launches, plus a really good filler for combos.
f, f, f+1+2 m (TJ) 30 20?(23?~) 0 KND KND New running blonde bomb. 0 on block, tech jumps over quick lows. This is a really good move for closing the gap.
SS+1, F or B m, (Special) 15 14~15 (23~) +10~+11 +24~+25 GB +24~+25 GB Still really good for pressure.
SS+2 m 15 13~14 (22~) -14~-13 Launch (JG?) Launch (JG?) Good move to whiff confirm after a sidestep.
SS+4 l (TC) 17 20(29~) -15 +6s KND Low that's +5 on hit and only -15. Good to use after an empty sidestep and the opponent just stands there.
SS+1+2 m 22 19(28~) -11 KND KND Safe due to pushback, gets a guaranteed qcf+2 or ff+1+2 afterwards. There might be still juggle options, but needs testing.
qcf+3 l 17 19~22 (21~) -20~-17 0~+3s KND Long range low, but its range looks a lot longer then it actually is, so be careful. Also CH launches now.
WS+1,4 m,m 14,20 13~14 -3 Launch Launch new move extension. Players will try to duck the ws+1,1+2 and get launched by this new string. Its safe too.
df+1+3 h 30? 12 KND KND KND Counts as a command grab so must be broken with 1. Decent oki options afterwards too
df+2+4 h 30? 12 KND KND KND Counts as a command grab so must be broken with 2. Decent oki options afterwards too


Nina has easier combos this time around, you can still do the iWS+1s, but their damage has been significantly reduced. There are some combos where iWS+1's are still good though.

  • [df+2 |b+1+4 | db+3+4| qcb+4], qcf+1, qcf+1, f+2,1,4 TS! [dash] qcf+4,2,3
  • [df+2 |b+1+4 | db+3+4| qcb+4], df+3,2~SSR+1~db+2, iWS+1x3, f+1+2
  • uf+2,1, db+2 TS! SSL+1~b~uf+4, qcf+4,2,3
  • uf+2,1, db+2 TS! SSR+1~b+uf+4, iWS+1x4, f+1+2
  • uf+2,1, db+2 TS! qcf+1x2, qcf+4,2,3
  • Off launchers like CH ff+3, d+3,4, CH 3, ws+1,4: d+4,1, f+2,1,4 TS! qcf+4,2,3

Here's a good video by TekkenKilliams going over all the combo options from easy to hard.

Combos from Bopper


Staple: df+2, uf+4, micro~SSR df+1, df+3,2~f, WS+1, iWS+1, iWS+1,1+2 S!, WR+1+2 - 68
Failsafe: df+2, uf+4, df+1, df+3,2~f, WS+1,1+2 S!, WR+1+2 - 60

NOTE: When SSL~launch, do the failsafe and swap df+1 for f+1

Staple: ws+2, df+3,2~SSR+1~uf+4, iWS+1, iWS+1, iWS+1,1+2 S! WR+1+2 - 68
Failsafe: ws+2, df+3,2, df+3,2~f WS+1,1+2 S! WR+1+2 - 56

Staple: b+1+4, uf+4, df+1, df+3,2~f WS+1, iWS+1, iWS+1,1+2 S!, WR+1+2 - 74
Failsafe: b+1+4, uf+4, df+1, df+3,2~f WS+1,1+2 S!, WR+1+2 - 66

Staple: db+3+4, uf+4, SSR df+1, df+3,2~f WS+1, iWS+1, iWS+1,1+2 S!, WR+1+2 - 77
Failsafe: db+3+4, uf+4, df+1, df+3,2~f WS+1,1+2 S!, WR+1+2 - 69

Staple: uf+2,1, SSR+1~uf+4, df+3,2~f WS+1, iWS+1, iWS+1,1+2 S!, WR+1+2 - 75
Failsafe: uf+2,1, db+2, dash qcf+1, df+3,2~f WS+1, qcf+4,2,3 - 69

CH 4
Staple: 4, qcf+1, f+2,1,4 S!, dash qcf+4,2,3 - 61
Max range: 4, dash d+4,1, d+2,3 S!, dash qcf+4,2,3

Staple: QCF+1, dash uf+4, df+1, df+3,2~f WS+1, iWS+1, iWS+1,1+2 S!, WR+1+2 - 81
Failsafe: QCF+1, dash uf+4, df+1, df+3,2~f WS+1,1+2 S!, WR+1+2 - 73

CH db+2
Staple: db+2, SSR deep qcf+1, df+3,2~f WS+1, iWS+1, iWS+1, iWS+1, f+1+2 - 71
Failsafe: db+2, dash qcf+1, df+1, df+3,2~f WS+1, qcf+4,2,3 - 69 Arguably this should be used as staple here.

Staple: uf+1, CC df+3,2~SSR+1~f WS+1, iWS+1, iWS+1, iWS+1,1+2 S!, WR+1+2 - 70
Failsafe: uf+1, dash uf+3, df+1, d+2,3 S! dash qcf+4,2,3 - 64

CH f+2,1,4
Staple/failsafe: f+2,1,4, dash qcf+1, df+3,2~f WS+1, qcf+4,2,3 - 76 (Found no good iWS+1 alternative here)

CH d+3,2
Staple: d+3,2, df+3,2~SSR+1~uf+4, iWS+1, iWS+1, iWS+1,1+2 S! WR+1+2 - 77
Failsafe: ws+2, df+3,2, df+3,2~f WS+1,1+2 S! WR+1+2 - 65

CH d,df+4
Staple: d,df+4, f,f df+1,2~SSR+1~f WS+1, iWS+1, iWS+1, iWS+1,1+2 S!, WR+1+2 - 74
Failsafe: d,df+4, ws b+1, df+1, df+3,2~f WS+1,1+2 S!, WR+1+2 - 65

CH f+3
Staple: f+3, uf+4, df+1, df+3,2~f WS+1, iWS+1, iWS+1,1+2 S!, WR+1+2 - 85
Failsafe: f+3, SSL db+2 S!, dash qcf+1, df+3,2~f WS+1, qcf+4,2,3 - 78

CH qcf+3
Staple/failsafe: qcf+3, d+4,1, d+2,3 S! dash qcf+4,2,3 - 53

CH f,f+3
Staple: f,f+3, SWR d+2,3 S!, dash df+3,2~f WS+1, iWS+1, iWS+1, iWS+1, f+1+2 - 77 dmg
Alternate Staple: f,f+3, qcf+1, qcf+1, f+2,1,1+2 S!, dash b+2,2,2 - 77 dmg
Failsafe: f,f+3, SSL d+2,3, dash df+3,2~f WS+1, qcf+4,2,3 - 71

W! 2, df+1,2,1+2 - most damage
W! df+3,2, f+1+2 - for lower splats
W! df+3,2, 1+4 - floorbreak

Non iWS+1 Combos from Antifate

Antifate's non-iws1 combo list

Version 1.10
Tested on Ling Xiaoyu

FAQ: What is this combo list for?

- I noticed some players struggling with finding a good combo resource for Nina that did not contain a bunch of iws1 problems but were still optimized to some degree. I want to provide beginners with a solid foundation that will let them play Nina at a great level without having to deal with some of the hardest execution barriers in the game.

FAQ: Are these easy combos?

- No. They are non iws1 combos. The inputs are kind of tricky and require some degree of timing. They are much easier than iws1 combos though.

FAQ: Wall carry variations?

- These are not included in here. In general these are very situational. If you need a bit of extra distance post-S! for a lot of these, try d23 or qcf1 (with possible qcf3 continuation). Note that in some circumstances, the combos below may not be optimal for every particular stage configuration. As with everything, you must adjust on the fly.

FAQ: Will these work on Gigas, Bears, Jack?

- Fuck if I know. Who plays those characters.

FAQ: I have a hard time hitting d23 after qcf1, what gives?

- Try waiting a little bit. You cannot press d23 ASAP and have it link for a lot of these combos.

d/f2 - i15, mid, safe
- qcf1, qcf1, f214, DASH, qcf423 62
- qcf1, qcf1, qcf1, d23, DASH, qcf423 66

SS2 (Left) - i22 (i13 from sidestep), mid, -14 - (STARTING OFF-AXIS LEFT)
- qcf1, qcf1, qcf1, d23, DASH qcf423 69 (easier starting off-axis left)
- qcf1, qcf1, f214, DASH, qcf423 65

SS2 (Right) - i22 (i13 from sidestep), mid, -14 - (STARTING OFF-AXIS RIGHT)
- qcf1, qcf1, 214, DASH, qcf423 65 (harder on the right side)
- uf4, df1, df3,2~f, ws1,1+2, DASH wr1+2 63

ws2 - i15, mid, -13
- qcf1, qcf1, f214, DASH, qcf423 65
- qcf1, qcf1, qcf1, d23, DASH qcf423 69
- 4, qcf1, f214, DASH qcf423 61 (this is an easier combo, qcf1 is somewhat hard to link)

uf1 - i26, mid, -5
- MICRODASH, uf3, df1, df3,2~f, ws1,1+2, DASH wr1+2 66
- MICRODASH, uf3, df1, f214, DASH, qcf423 66 (same damage as above, different ender)
- ws1, uf3, df1, f+3, DASH, qcf423 66 (same damage as above, choose what you prefer)

b1+4 - i16, mid, -15
- qcf1, qcf1, f214, DASH, qcf423 68
- uf4, df1, df3,2~f, ws1,1+2, DASH wr1+2 66 (much easier)

db3+4 - i19, mid, -17
- qcf1, qcf1, qcf1, d23, DASH, qcf423 75 (have to wait on first qcf1)
- qcf1, qcf1, f214, DASH, qcf423 71 (have to wait on first qcf1)
- uf4, df1, df3,2~f, ws1,1+2, DASH wr1+2 69 (much easier)

uf2,1 - i18, mid, -13 (second hit) (this is uninterruptible)
- qcf1, qcf1, qcf1, d23, DASH, qcf423 74
- qcf1, qcf1, f214, DASH qcf423 70

qcb+4 - ~i21 (19f from backsway), mid, -15
- (SSL, optional but makes it easier) qcf1, qcf1, qcf1, d23, DASH qcf423 74 (have to delay qcf1)
- (SSL, optional but makes it easier) qcf1, qcf1, f214, DASH, qcf423 70 (have to delay qcf1)
- uf4, df1, df3,2~f, ws1,1+2, DASH wr1+2 68 (much easier)

f+4, 3 (second hit only) - i16, high -> mid, -13 (this is uninterruptible)
- 2, qcf1, qcf1, d23, DASH qcf423 60
- 4, qcf1, f214, DASH qcf423 59

(CH) 4 i11, high, -9
- qcf1, qcf1, f214, DASH, qcf423 68
- qcf1, qcf1, f214, DASH, qcf1, ff3 67
- qcf1, qcf1, f214, DASH, qcf1, qcf3 66 (most consistent ender)
- qcf3 29 (will hit at tip distance when qcf1 won't)

(CH) f3
- qcf1, qcf1, f214, DASH, qcf423 82
- db2, qcf1, d/f32~f, ws1, qcf423 81
- qcf1, qcf1, f214, DASH, qcf1, qcf3 80

(CH) qcf1
- uf~n~4, qcf1, qcf1, d23, DASH, qcf423 82
- uf~n~4, qcf1, f214, DASH, qcf423 78
- qcf2, qcf1, qcf1, d23, DASH, qcf423 82 (use if preferred)
- qcf2, qcf1, f214, DASH, qcf423 78 (use if preferrd)

(CH) db2
- DASH, qcf1, qcf1, df3,2~f, ws1, qcf423 73

(CH) f214
- DASH, qcf1, df3,2~f, ws1, qcf423 76

(CH) d+32
- qcf1, qcf1, qcf1, d23, DASH, qcf423 78
- qcf1, qcf1, f214, DASH qcf423 - 74

(CH) d,df+4
- uf3, d41, d23, DASH, qcf423 67

(CH) ff3
- qcf1, qcf1, qcf1, d23, DASH qcf423 81
- qcf1, qcf1, f214, DASH qcf423 - 77

(CH) d+2, (3)
- qcf1, qcf1, f214, DASH, wr1+2 - 70

(CH) qcf3

(CH) f+4,3
- 2, qcf1, qcf1, d23, DASH, qcf423 76
- 4, qcf1, 214, DASH, qcf423 75
- 2, qcf1, qcf1, d23, DASH, qcf1, qcf3 74

Wall Combos

Regular Wall Splat

Head on Wall splats after a wall carry

Max damage: W! 2, df+1,2,f+1+2 With Oki Options: W! df+3,2, 1+4 -> back flop

Great for Oki and continued wall pressure: W! df+3,2, 1+4 - This puts them in the flop animation. If they don't hold b then qcf+2, db+3, WTF will all hit them and provide good mixup material if they do hold b

Heavy Wall Stun

When you get a wall splat directly from a knockdown move at the wall (ex: qcf+2, f+1+2, uf+3, f+3)

Reliable: ss+1~b~u, ss+1~b~u~f+1,2,f+1+2 (you have to sidestep up for this to work) Max Damage: ss+1~b~uf+4 W! 2, df+1,2,f+1+2 Max Damage Oki variant: ss+1~b~uf+4 W! df+3,2, 1+4 -> back flop

Back Flop Oki Options

These are used when you do a wall combo that ends in 1+4 or d+3,4,3 and you get the back flop animation

Opponent doesn't hold B to stand up

  • qcf+2 gives good damage and is safe on block.
  • Beats:
  • non hold B - Grounded hit for good damage. Opponent can tech for a safe getup
  • hold B but blocks low - re-wall splat
  • Loses to:
  • hold B and blocks mid - safe except against Yoshi flash, but heavily negative. If blocked, kills pressure
  • Notes:
  • If blocked, many players will jab afterwards. If you think they'll do that you can duck and punish with ws+1,1+2 for a re-wall splat.
  • db+3 gives decent damage and + frames on hit
  • Beats:
  • non hold B - Grounded hit with good recovery. Allows for more pressure if opponent techs or not.
  • hold B but blocks high - +3 on hit for continued pressure
  • Loses to:
  • hold B but blocks low - -13 on block. Can be launched by Eddy, Kazuya and Josie, otherwise minimal punish
  • Notes:
  • 2,4 or 4 are un-uninterruptible after you hit. If you think they'll press buttons those will re-splat them
  • df+4 is un-uninterruptible after you hit and mid, do it if you want to cover both them ducking and pressing fast buttons - will lose to sidestep
  • df+1+2 can only be interrupted by moves that are i10-i12, homing, mid and will re-splat on hit. Do it if you want to cover them ducking, side stepping, or pressing slow buttons
  • d,DF+4 hits grounded and low for good damage and potential follow ups
  • Beats:
  • non hold B - Grounded hit for good damage
  • hold B but blocks high - free crouch cancel d+3+4 for extra damage and good positioning
  • Loses to:
  • Hold B but blocks low - they get a free launch
  • Notes:
  • One of the riskier options, probably not worth the risk/reward
  • d+3+4
  • Beats:
  • non hold B - Grounded hit for good damage and position
  • hold B but blocks high - Hits low for good damage
Loses to:
  • Hold B and blocks low - -17 on block so most people get a launch
  • Notes:
  • If they stay grounded, they get spiked so they have to deal with wakeup options. uf+3 will beat many options they try except for stay laying or maybe mid getup kick
  • If they stay laying or sideroll another d+3+4 will put them in the same situation.

Opponent Holds B

  • The qcf+2, db+3, d,df+4, d+3+4 options from the non-Hold B options
  • db,qcf,db+2+3, df+3, f+4 - high unblockable with guaranteed wall splat if it hits.
  • Beats
  • Hold B and blocks high
  • Hold B and commits to blocking low
  • Loses to
  • Non hold B
  • Hold B, ducks then does a fully high crushing move like a dick punch
  • Hold B, then they hit buttons quickly, interrupting the unblockable
  • Notes
  • There's a small window (approximately 3-7ish frames) between the high unblockable and the mid they can stand and block. The last hit is high so they can duck it and launch. Its a very tight window so very few players can do it.
  • If the opponent is ducking the unblockable you can do a slow qcf+2 to make it look like you're going for the unblockable but get the mid instead.
  • f,f+4 to hit duckers and get + frames on standers
  • Beats
  • hold B and blocks high
  • holds B and blocks low
  • Loses to
  • Non hold B
  • Notes
  • If they hold B and stand, if you tech you get +a bunch. WS+1,1+2 will beat everything they do except just block.
  • If you think they're just going to hold B, you can do it again to get them to want to press buttons later.
  • df+1+2 to catch duckers
  • Beats
  • Hold B and blocks low
  • Loses to
  • Non hold B
  • Neutral
  • Hold B and blocks high
  • Notes
  • a lot less negative (only -3) than qcf+2 with pushback. It allows for continued pressure if you're unsure of them ducking.
  • Often times after a blocked df+1+2 a ss+1+2 will catch them if they try to move or press buttons.

Wall or Balcony Break

When you get a regular wall splat post wall carry

Max Damage: W! df+3,2, b+1+2 Reliable: W! df+1, b+1+2

After a balcony/wall break

All combo hits before the balcony break count as combo hits. So post wall break combos tend to have a lot of pushback depending on how many hits before the wall break.

If you haven't used a tail spin move before the wall splat or to break the wall you can use db+2 for S!

If you're many hits into the combo (> 6 hits) at this point a dash qcf+1 will likely carry to the next wall
If you're still early in the combo (< 3 hits) you can not do the db+2 for S! post break and instead do qcf+1, qcf+1, f+2,1,4 S!

If you're many hits into the combo (> 6 hits) and you've used your spin, then just doing f,F+1+2 is the most damage.

Alternatively you can use UF+4 or uf+1 for a spike and oki.

Floor Break Moves

  • 1+4
  • d+3,4,3 (and other similar strings)
  • f+4,3,3 (only last hit)
  • WS+1,4
  • ff+4
  • f+2,1,2
  • uf+2,1
  • df+3,4,3+4 (only last hit)
  • d+3+4 but only if opponent isn't fully grounded
  • uf+1
  • UF+4
  • b+3
  • df,df+1

Wall Break Moves


These will break the wall during a wall splat combo

  • b+1+2
  • f+1+2
  • f,f+1+2
  • f,F+1+2
  • f,f,f+1+2
  • b+3,4

These will break the wall if they hit a standing opponent

  • The above moves
  • qcf+2
  • df+1+2
  • uf+3

High Crush Moves

  • d+4 - i12 high crushes fast, tracks well, low damage
  • d+2 - low, high crushes fast, decent range. Has a follow up with 4, but its high and is risky to throw out.
  • d+3 - i16 High crushes fast, tracks to Nina's right, can follow up with a 4 for a safe high or a 2 for a -13 mid launcher. Both are NCC
  • uf+2,1 - i18 mid, mid, delayable, hit confirmable launcher that's only -13. It only crushes really high highs, so jabs, some i11 magic 4's and a few others
  • qcf - the qcf will high crush its entire animation until you hit a button, then it stops high crushing. Not terribly reliable for a high crush
  • qcf, db, db+2+3 (Evil mist) - This move out of qcf will high crush its entire animation. Great for EWGF spammers. Its a high unblockable that guarantees a uf+2,1 unless they hold D. You'll still get some damage, but if you know they'll hold D a d+2,3 will S! them
  • qcb - the qcb will high crush in its early frames of animation, then will block high. You can get access to almost all of Nina's movelist after this, so its good for confirming a whiff and following up. It will also sometimes crush mid - especially if you sidestepped beforehand.
  • db+3+4 - i18 long range launcher that tracks to both sides in some situations, but is -18. It crushes like uf+2,1 but a bit bigger window, but the window is early in the animation, so you have to use it at close range to get the crush properties.
  • db+4,3 - low, mid launcher. Similar to d+3,2. Higher risk at -18, but a more damaging combo if it hits
  • d, DF+4 (WTF) - good high crush, causes knockdown and a guaranteed ff+3 afterwards, but causes stagger on block so its high risk.
  • d+1 (and d+1,2) - standard dick punch, with an optional additional dick punch. Really fast, crushes fast, but easily stepped or back dashed. Long whiff recovery.

Low Crush Moves

  • uf+1 - mid, safe low crushing launcher. Decent range. The low crush is a bit wonkey, so sometimes you'll get hit out of it with a low. Doesn't track well.
  • uf+3 - i14 mid, -10, low crushes on frame 4. Wall splats. Doesn't really track.
  • uf+4,3,4 - Can opener, don't use this, but it does low crush
  • UF+4 - decent low crush, crushes around frame 6. CH launcher. Tracks to Nina's left
  • uf+3+4 - fastest low crush in the game (not sure the exact frames, but faster then uf+3) Not too useful since on block it leaves Nina in a floatable position and can be floated before block. On clean hit against a standing opponent, it transitions into a multi throw for good damage, but since a lot of lows leave the opponent in a crouching state, you normally only get the hit.


One of Nina's strengths is that she has a tool for almost every job you might need. Fast pokes, safe launchers, good homing moves, wall splats, lows, long range launchers, +frames on hit, + frames on block, unblockable launcher, un-breakable throw, command throws, multi-throws, oki ,etc.

The problem with Nina is that even though she has all those tools, they're really only useful for one or two situations, so you have to keep a lot of the options in your head and pick the right one quickly.

She's best at range 0 where her pokes can quickly whittle down the opponent, but against characters that have a really good range 0-1 CH game it can be dangerous to play there. It might be better to spend more time at range and bait whiffs or counter hits while they try to close the distance.

Here are some of the ways you can implement some of her strategies:

Range 3+

Nina's weakest range due to the fact that most of her moves at this range are slow and/or punishable. The moves you'll most likely be using at this range are:

  • db+3+4 or b+1+4 for long range whiff punishing
  • f+3 to catch people stepping at range or coming in
  • f,f+3 keep out and to catch counter hits
  • f,f+4 to close the distance. Really good after they whiff a quick recovering move since you might get the block stun to gain frame advantage.
  • db,qcf, db+2+3 - for keep out, high crush and an unblockable launcher
  • qcf+3 - long range low - but keep in mind this move has less range then it looks like it should. If the opponent is backing up at all, it usually whiffs.
  • d+3,2 - high crush, CH launcher
  • d,DF+4 - high crush + some mid crush, CH launcher
  • f,f,f+1+2 - running blonde bomb to close distance
  • ss+1~b~u - near impossible to whiff punish, you can use this move to train your opponent to not try and whiff punish you at that range, opening them up for your approach
  • f+2,1,4 - Keep out and a CH launcher. Easy to confirm the CH
  • qcf+1 - fast CH launcher, high, but +1 on block. Good for closing distance
  • f+1+2 - power crush and has decent tracking. At tip ranges its difficult for most characters to punish
  • ub+3 - retreating move that can be used to catch limbs that were thrown out. Really bad on whiff though, but most people don't punish it.
  • db+2 - mid safe homing move. A bit slow though
  • d,df+1+2 - i16 mid homing move. Using the d,df input at this range closes the distance a bit. +a bunch on hit.
  • df+4 - fast mid keep out.
  • b+4 - fast high CH launcher useful for keep out.
  • Do continuous sidestep cancels (either b,db,d,b,db,d... or qcb,u,qcb,u...) to always have a ss+1 locked and loaded if they try to get close.

The general strategy here is to play the keep out game until your opponent gives you an opening to close the gap. Try to bait whiffs by moving in and out, baiting with ss+1~b or db, qcf,db+2+3. If they whiff a long recovery move, launch them with b+1+4 or db+3+4. If they whiff a fast recovery move, you can try to close the distance with f,f,f+1+2, f,f+4, qcf+3 or qcf+1.

For your keep out you'll want to make sure you stay just in range so that you can whiff punish if they stick something out, but if they're trying to close the distance, you can use moves like

  • b+4 - long range linear CH launcher. You get a free uf+2,1 or b+1+4 if you CH for a massive damage launch
  • f+3 - long range tracking move, also a CH launcher. Provides +6 on block so its good for being able to apply pressure afterwards. Keep in mind the 2 hits don't jail, so abusing the move all the time against opponents with fast reactions shouldn't be done.
  • ff+3 - long range CH launcher. The f,f motion of this move means that it will track fairly well, plus its one of the few moves where Nina's hitbox extends far beyond her collision box or hurt box.
  • f+2 - fast, high and linear, but easy to CH confirm the rest of the string.
  • qcf+1 - good for closing distance too, you'll be high crushing during the qcf motion until you hit a button. Decent at beating out strings started at range while they're attempting to close the distance
  • f+1+2 - if you don't think other moves will connect before theirs, plus it covers some side movement too.
  • df+4 - fast, mid, linear - this move is good at catching people that like to dash block since it comes out so fast.
  • d+3,2 - great for catching high strings started at range

If you're trying to keep your opponent with their back to the wall, db+2 is a good homing move that will push them to the right. If you need them to go left then you'll just have to step yourself to keep them aligned.

Range 1-2

This is where Nina really starts to get some useful tools, though a lot of them can be back dashed if the opponents movement is good.

  • d+2 - high crushing low that's 0 on hit. A lot of people are trained to hit buttons after getting hit by this, if they like to hit buttons, ws+4,3 will beat everything but a dick punch.
  • f+3 - to catch steppers and back dashers. Plus its +6 on block (if they don't duck the 2nd hit) so provides good frame advantage
  • f,f+3 - not quite as useful at this range since it'll be easier to punish, but still a beefy counter hit launcher
  • f,f+4 - this is the range where you start getting the block stun for really good pressure.
  • d+3,2 - High crush, CH launcher
  • d+3,4,3 - Alternate to d+3,2. The last hit will CH launch, and is +2 on block
  • d,DF+4 - high crush, CH launcher. You can also mix this up with d,DF,N+2 if they start trying to block it.
  • ss+1 cancels - this move starts getting useful here, even though it doesn't have much range, it'll catch people that stick their limbs out... making them think twice about it
  • f+2,1,4 - still a great move here, but at this range its a little in danger of getting stepped, so use more sparingly.
  • qcf+1 - comes out fast enough to be useful here for pressure.
  • f+1+2 - power crush, will likely get punished at this range, but useful for beating mixups. It comes out fast enough that it will beat most of the dangerous lows and crush through the mids/highs they throw out.
  • uf+3 - fast low crush, wall splats, only -10 on block.
  • df+1+2 - fast mid homing move that's major plus on hit, pushback on block can be used to bait whiffs
  • df+1 - Fast mid poke... you'll be using a lot of this move
  • df+1,2 - on hit you can sidestep cancel to keep up pressure. On block its not a good idea to cancel to side step.
  • df+4 - fast mid poke, but easily stepped
  • d+4 - fast low that high crushes and tracks really well. You can CH confirm the '1' follow up for frame advantage
  • db+3 - low that's +3 on hit. Good for pressure
  • 1+4 - Beefy mid that tracks fairly well. +5 on hit, -5 on block, meaning you can move after it gets blocked now.
  • 1,4 - This move is great for dealing with players that like to sidestep -> launch. The 4 tracks really well in that string and CH launches.
  • 4 - Magic 4 - fast CH launcher
  • df+2 - safe mid launcher, doesn't have great range though.
  • d+1,N+4 - fast panic button. A bit better then just doing d+1 since you'll get more damage, more pushback and a bit of tracking if they step. It is -10 but most people don't punish
  • b+2,2 - fast high move that tracks fairly well, also third hit is CH conformable that wall splats for good damage
  • uf+1 - low crush, mid, safe launcher, but a bit slow and the low crush is a bit wonkey.
  • qcb - evasive move that will evade some mids, block lows and duck highs. You can usually confirm uf+2,1 if they whiff something.
  • ss+4 - low that's + 5 on hit and isn't too punishable.
  • ss+2 - fast whiff punisher on side step.
  • uf+2,1 - high damage mid, mid, delayable, hit confirmable launcher. Crushes jabs pretty consistently. First hit is -10, second hit is -13 so relatively safe. If the opponent consistently blocks and punishes the 1st hit, you can use a slight delay to the second hit to hit him out of the punish.

Range 0-1

This is where Nina really shines, since opponents can't just back dash away from her attacks.

Pretty much all the same moves from range 1-2 can be used though ff+3 isn't advised

Tricky Stuff

At the wall, after a 1+4 ender, if the opponent holds B to stand up, you can do hcf,db+2+3 (Evil Mist) and hit with df+3, f+4 for another wall splat whether they duck the EM or get hit by it. There *might* be a small window where they can stand, but it is small. They can do a Full Crouch move that high crushes to avoid it though.

At the wall if you get a i14 punish use df+3, N+4 and you can use the 3+4_4 mixup. If the 3+4 hits, you can df+3,2, 1+4_uf+3_f+1+2 for guaranteed damage. If you use the 4 (low) and it hits a f,f+1+2 (no hold) is guaranteed, if they try to getup you'll get a backturned wall splat. From a Backturned wallsplat you can do UF+4 for a spike, and put them right back in the same situation, where a f,f+1+2 is guaranteed and if they try to get up they'll back turned wall splat.

Oki Options

After Nina's 1+3, df+1+3 and df+2+4 throws, if they try to move or getup at all f+1+2 will hit them. If they stay lying down, qcf+2 or f,f+1+2 will hit them.

If you're significantly off axis on a combo (like after hitting with b+1) - after S! you can use uf+1 to spike them. Good options are WTF (hits layers and stand blockers, loses to crouch blockers), ff+3 (Hits layers and crouch blockers, loses to stand blockers), qcf+2 (hits layers and crouch blockers, safe against stand blockers) or ff+1+2 (Hits layers and crouch blockers, loses to stand blockers. If fully charged its easier for opponent to block, but gives +5)

After qcf+1+2 -> 3,4,3,1+2 throw. If they back roll uf+2,1 will launch them.

Multi Throws and Breaks

  • qcf+1+2 (break 2)
  • 3,4,3, 1+2 (break 1+2)
  • 2,3,4,2,2 (break 2)
  • 1,3+4,1,2,1+2 (break 1)
  • 1,2,4,3,1+2+3 (break 2)
  • 1,3,2,1 (break 1)
  • 3,1,4,1+2,1+2 (break 1)
  • 2,1,3,4,1+2 (break 2)
  • qcf+3+4 (break 1)
  • 3+4,3,4,1+2 (break 1)
  • 3+4, 4,2,1+2 (break 2)
  • 3,1,4,2+4 (break 1)
  • 1,3,2+4,3+4,1+2 (break 2)
  • uf+3+4 (break 2) - goes into qcf+3+4, 3+4,4,2,1+2
  • qcb+1+4 (no break)
  • 2,1,1+2,1+2+3 (break 2) - goes into qcf+1+2, 2,3,4,2,2
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