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Tekken Tag Tournament 2: The Jaguars Guide

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Standing Attacks

In general, Armor King feels like a aggressive character because his main pokes have a huge variety that is good for brawlers. Despite not being string-heavy, he got nice mid pokes, and actually low pokes to boot. His damage output out of standing attacks, despite being lesser than others, isn't something to slouch at. Despite this, most of his moves share a common problem of being either linear and/or unsafe. To hide these weaknesses, his offense should be used in short burst to minimize the risks involved and make it hard for people for punish accordingly.

1,2 x A One-Two punch. One of AK's NC jab string and one of his 10 frame punishers. Use this as one of your main pokes and to start your offense at times. Unlike King, AK doesn't have any canned throws with his jab string, but people can live without it. You can always buffer throws anyways.
1,2>1 x A One-Two with a followup uppercut. This is good to throw out at times for people who love to duck your jabs and it's a good NCc string. Though watch out since it's SSable. Don't forget that you can delay the uppercut just like King's.
2,1 x Right Straight to uppercut, similar to the last two parts of 1,2,1. Another great NC 10 frame punisher for AK. Can also be used for poking purposes due to its safety. Again, the last hit can be SSable for people who know it.
4 x A roundhouse kick. AK's 13 frame standard 4. It's a nice poke to throw out once in a while. This move shines though in juggles when you want a nice damage for your pretty short pre-bound/TA filler where you can use your partner's wall carrying ability.
1+2 [~B] x A Elbow Uppercut. A decent i18 move for AK. It's a faster way to go to Backturned with AK, compared to his cartwheel. It's a -9~10 on block and i18 startup so it's harder to use this as a poke, and to use this on its full damage potential, you need to use the followups with it.
1+2,2 x Elbow Uppercut to a stiff right open palm uppercut. As a poke, it gives really solid damage and also gives you MASSIVE frame advantage, so you can still keep the pressure. It's also safe on block with not much frame disadvantage, though beware that you can duck or SS right the uppercut (it shouldn't really be a problem because the string got a really big hitconfirm window). In juggles, this is massively useful. One of the go-to fillers with AK, both on point and on tag assaults.
1+2,4 x Elbow Uppercut to a Roundhouse Mid Kick, similar to the more damaging SS 4. As a poke, it still gives you massive frame advantage and it's a mid (that tracks too, so just having this prevent opponents from SSing). Though it takes a hit from damage (38 compared to 1+2,2's 44) and being unsafe on block (-12 at least). Use this to compliment 1+2,1 if you plan to use this as a poke.
3+4 x A big-man cartwheel. A pretty nice low crush attack that got pretty nice range and larger active frames. As a poke, it's a bit risky since you can get jab floated for a juggle at startup and it recovers backturned with pretty significant frame disadvantage, so people can hit you hard. Even the followups can be jab-interrupted and floated for a juggle. What this move shines alone is on oki, as it's good against low kickers and rollers, plus it hits grounded too and leaves you BT for some more oki games. Use this accordingly.
3+4,1 x Cartwheel to a pretty sick cross body press. Again, pretty sick looking move. It's too bad this move isn't NC (not even on counter), but the cross dive does 38 damage alone (which is good). This is used more if you want a little bit of a delay with your usual 3+4,2. In juggles, it's a nice option as a Tag Assault filler to carry your opponent at the wall, and it's pretty good too as a oki option. And did I mention it looks sick?

Useless note: After f+2,1, if they get up kick, this will actually combo.

3+4,2 x Handspring Elbow, which you see often in Japan puro. As a poke, this move is nuts in damage. It's NC and it hurts (57 damage). This is the move why people keep using 3+4 as a poke despite its drawbacks. As a oki tool, it enhances 3+4 to make people regret doing a low wakeup kick, and it catches people backrolling too, but it pretty much sends you far when your opponents stays on the ground. As a tag assault filler, it's pretty good too. Use this move wisely.
1+4 x A Corkscrew Senton (it's not a moonsault mind you, but hey, the Tekken name got stuck). It's a unblockable attack that hits grounded, which is pretty awesome oki wise. Also it can hit people who's a bit sleeping on defense. Just be careful to not spam this as you can get jab-floated for a juggle, and people can sideroll/sidestep this move to put you in a bad wakeup position.
f+2>1 x Mid Elbow Body blow to a pretty stiff left punch. AK's awesome i15 poke and wallsplatting move. Does solid damage at 44, hit confirmable and got great range. It can be used as i15 punisher near the wall if you like. Just be careful that both hits are -11 on block and the last hit is duckable, so you shouldn't just do this move brainlessly. Use this move wisely. Gives a guaranteed 3+4 in the open field (which can be tag crashed, however). If they get up, they get floated by 3+4 and you can continue from there.
f+3,4,3 x Flash Kicks Combo that includes two mid roundhouse kicks and a finishing high reverse side kick. As a poke, it's meh. It's pretty slow to be used, and doesn't reward you much, the last hit is duckable too. It's pretty good option too for juggles and wall combos when you get a high wall splat and/or a bit off axis when doing TAs. It's pretty flashy too. f+3 is a good poke to use from the range where one would sit with Armor King (right outside of throw range) as a round ender, mixed with ali kick.
f+4 x A axe kick/stomp. One of the best oki tools for AK. Decent range, does good damage, and knocks down on counterhit, for another mean oki situation. It's good after a stomp where opponents can't do getup kicks instantly, and it also hits backrollers at times. Use this move wisely. One great thing about this when it hits grounded is that unlike most moves that hit grounded, this one will not push the opponent away. This can be useful when you are pressuring in an oki spot.
f+1+2 x A big overhead chopping right punch. It has a built-in punch parry (also called sabakis) that kills jabbers. It also does solid damage and gives you nice oki, but it's pretty punishable (at least -10). It's pretty decent move to use in the open field, but in combos, it's a pretty good damaging one-hit wall bound move, along with db+1+2.
f+1+4 x A shoulder block. Commonly called in Tekken terms as "train". Armor King's more reliable i14 punisher. It has pretty easy execution, got great range, and wallsplats. You can use this once in a while as a wallsplat to try and interrupt people but it would be risky since it's launch punishable. It's also used as a staple in wall combos because it's pretty quick and damaging. So, use this guys, and I bet most of us ain't gangsters who can do DU at -14 frames.
df+1 x A left mid body blow. AK's primary 13 frame mid poke. Gives almost insignificant frame disadvantage on block, tracks on the left (but in general its tracking is a little bit spotty), gives massive frame advantage on block, has decent range for a poke, and it's so fast, you can use it in juggles. Pretty spammable mid poke if you ask me. Use this move, 'nuff said.
df+2 x A right body hook. AK's starting move for his tenstrings. It's a solid poke that does nice damage. Alone by itself, it's -12 on block, but since you can do the tenstring followup (it's a jab) it makes it pretty safe, and it's not risky doing df+2,1 as it's NC. On juggles, it's one of the fastest bound moves AK has, and more damaging than d+2. You can use it at times in the open but more recommended at the wall because of its less than stellar range for a bound move. All in all, not a shabby move. It also is a decently quick option to track people, provided you help it out by dashing into it. It tracks decently, just not perfectly.
df+3 x A left knee. Pretty safe poke for AK and one of his go-to CH launchers. It's safe, does nice damage and gives pretty nice frame advantage on hit, and as well as a juggle on counterhit. Also used in juggles since it floats opponents up nicely. Just beware if you are gonna use this as a poke, as it's a pretty linear move, and the range of this move, while decent, is pretty short for a CH hunting move, which means you need to be pretty close to use it (and it can be dangerous since this move isn't much fast at i17). Use accordingly. You can use this sparingly to CH get up kicks for a combo if you don't want to guess them out.
df+4 x A front kick. Not flashy in any means, but a pretty essential poke for AK (grrr at Namco not putting this in the movelist). It's a long range and safe 12 FRAME MID poke. Its range and speed is so good that AK players need to use this as one of their pokes. It can even reach dash range at times, which can catch people trying to backdash and tag out. The only bad thing with this move is it's pretty linear, like AK closes his eyes when he's doing the move. Use sparingly.
df+1+2 x A spinning mid roaring elbow. One of AK's primary homing moves, along with ff+3. This move pretty much shows how bad AK is when dealing with sidesteppers. It has a pretty short range and a bit slow startup to be used to threaten sidesteppers, but we gotta use what we have. I'm not saying it's a bad move (because it still does nice damage, it's safe and knocks down, and it's also an unreversable elbow), but it doesn't cut it as a homing move in a game where you can't whiff and movement kill everything. So yeah... use it wisely.
df+3+4 [~5] x Frankensteiner/Hurricanrana. It hits as a special mid and gives big chunk of damage. What's the good thing about this is when pretty close, it doesn't matter when the attack is blocked, the opponent will still gonna be thrown (the only counter to this is for opponents to crouch guard or time their SW or jab you out of it). It's also a taggable move and gives your partner a free stomp or a ground throw (for King, he got a free People's Elbow or a ground throw). Remember though that you can get floated out of it for another juggle so be careful.
d+1,n+4 x Crouch Jab to a right knee. A NCc highcrush poke that's pretty nice to use. This poke is awesome against aggressive people who jab you to death because of its highcrush properties and its speed. The knee also gives you good frame advantage that's pretty nifty for a offensive playstyle (though it's jab punishable on block). You can also use the crouchjab alone if you want to setup AK's crouchthrow or GS. Use wisely.
d+2 x A chopping right forearm club. As a poke, it's a nice thing to throw it out at times since it gives good frame advantage on hit, safe on block and its speed is decent too. The problem though is it's pretty linear on both sides just like many of AK's moves, so you cannot be too reckless using it. In juggles, this move is his go-to bound move on the open since it has good range and decent speed. You are going to use this move a lot in juggles.
d+3 x A front kick aimed low to the shin. A pretty decent low poke for AK. It has a not so obvious animation that is hard to read when getting pressured, and it does serve that purpose well. Though even with that, it's a bit slow than the typical low pokes people use and it doesn't have any crushing properties, so using this opens you up to a lot of panic attacks such as magic 4's, hopkicks and the likes. It's also SSable too so you can't really spam this much. Remember, use this move along with other pokes to lessen the chance of disaster.
d+4 x Armor King's reanimated low kick. It has longer range than the typical d+4. You see JDCR running back and forth with this move a LOT, and that is only because of its range. It's still a pretty good low poke to use, especially with the little bit of a high crush due to it being a crouch attack. Use this wisely.
d+1+2 x People's elbow, similar to King's d+2+3 but with lesser damage. Just like in pro-wrestling, it's good as a oki tool to hit opponents lying on the ground. It would still catch people trying to stand up and force them on crouch on hit. Another ground hitting move with AK that does not push the opponent away.
d+3+4,3 x A low kick that kinda looks similar to King's Ali Kicks, followed by a left boot. As a poke, it's very much usable as a long range low that is pretty hard to see (though it's easily trainable at this point in the game), and too risky to random duck for. It's not as fast as King's Ali kicks and both hits are also launch punishable on block, so as much as it is annoying, it's not the most stellar low poke there. What this move excels at is at oki, as it got a pretty good range and it hits grounded, and if in case you floated your opponent, the 3 followup is free. It's NCc too so the 3 followup is guaranteed when you somehow caught your opponent trying to do a getup kick. Use accordingly.
d+1+4_2+3 x Shadow Step, where Armor King does some sort of dashing ducking stance. I really wish this move is a full fledged stance just like King's Jaguar Step. It's still pretty useful though as it's a highcrush and it also has a built in low parry, making it a good way to get in to a opponent. What's nice too is it recovers crouching, so you can do WS 4, AK Driver or even WS 1 setups with it. Pretty nice move when you want to break the monotonous mold. This also low parries when AK does his little hand shuffle thing, but it's not something you should be aiming to use for that purpose unless you're a stylish player.
Shadow Step 1+2 x Edge-style spear. A pretty decent built in move in Shadow Step to prevent people from attacking you after the stance. It does decent damage and comes out quickly, not to mention leaves you grounded so opponents can't punish you hard (At most they would only get a free ground hit). Pretty nifty tool, but don't use it just because you want to. Shadow Step to FC/WS move setups are pretty nice thing to do so don't forget about it.
db+2,3 x A right body blow to a left boot. A NCc string. As a standing poke, it's meh. db+2 is long ranged for its animation but at least jab punishable and the last hit is launch punishable and it's not delayable or hit confirmable in any way, so there are many better alternatives out there. The real use of this move is for oki and juggles. As an oki tool, it reaches backrollers and it beats both mid and low getup kicks and gives you large amount of damage plus wallsplat to boot (boot... db+2,3 boot... *sigh* them jokes). You can also use this string as a wall combo ender too. Use wisely.
db+3 x A left low sweep. This is a very awkward low. The move deals chunk of damage, reliably high crushes and launches on counter, however it is visually seeable on block, because it is so slow and has a very unique animation. Also it's very much death on block; AK staggers. This move is best as an all-in high crush, because it is highly risky as an offensive poke. Please don't have the habit of using this as your go-to low, as you got other lows to scare your opponent at.
db+4 x Low Dropkick. It's one of the go-to lows with Armor King along with d+4, d+3, d+3+4 and db+3. Does decent damage and leaves you grounded on block so most opponents can't punish (though Changs and Leo can float it for a launch). It's also a nice oki option as it does solid damage. The main reason this move is usable is because it is a lot slower than his other moves you would be using, and thus even though this move is completely very much seeable, you can sneak it in against players who try to figure out your pattern by reading your tempo and trying to sneak in sidesteps, backdashes and panic moves accordingly. Due to the speed of the move, it will hit the opponent, especially when they least expect it, or just being straight-up overwhelmed. Just to note too that Armor King's Low dropkick also does less damage than King for design purposes.
db+1+2 [~D] x A heavy-hitting headbutt. It's a slow but + frame on block attack that does meaty damage on its own. In general, this move does the same effect as King's db+2 but AK doesn't have a move like King's df+4,3 to consider this move as a launcher, but it's still good to have nonetheless. If you want to be a bit fancy with it, you can hold D and the headbutt cancels into AK's Shadow Step which crushes highs and auto low parries to discourage people who loves to counterhit (it's a pretty good Shadow Step setup TBQH). Aside from that, this move is AK's most damaging single hit bound move, but just because it is so slow, it is hard to set up, more so in the open field than at the wall.
b+1 x A left straight. AK's 12 frame CH hunting move. It's not as great as King's but it's still good for what it does. It has nice range but against big characters you have to bound immediately. Despite that, it's still pretty usable.
b+1,2 x A left straight to right gut punch. AK's 12 frame punisher. Remember to use this move only as a punisher, as it's punishable, and you can't really delay or hitconfirm the string. Compared to King's b+1,2 punishing wise, it does lesser damage but it gives better frame advantage to keep the pressure going. Pretty nifty punisher if you ask me.
b+2,1>2 x KENTA-inspired gut punches to a backhand chop combo. Another CH launcher string for AK. This move is kinda similar to King's df+2>1 string that the last hit is a delayable high but gives a combo on hit, but unlike King, a d+2 is guaranteed for a bound combo. Despite that, the last hit is still pretty risky cause unlike King's df+2, the two hits beforehand shouts to your opponent that you might use the last hit, however you can sort of hit confirm it by seeing if you interrupted anything with this. Use this with caution.
b+3 x A stiff high kick (not exactly a super kick). Armor King's i16 punisher. It got insane range that it would punish stuff that has pushback. As an attack to use in the neutral game, it's -10 on block but has pushback so 10 frame punishers (jabstrings) won't reach, and it wallsplats too. But it's still a high and it's awful on whiff so be careful. Up close to mid range, you can dash in and f+1+4 for guaranteed damage, but it's too hard at max range that it's not even worth it trying that.
b+4:1+2 x A mid kick to Stunner. You heard it right... STUNNER. STONE COLD STUNNER. As if that wasn't a enough motivation to use this move (or use AK in general), it got a pretty good range and despite being supposedly jab-punishable on block, it gives a nice pushback that most jabs won't hit. It's also a pretty easy justframe move. STUNNER!
b+1+2 x A shove. It's a much slower version of King's ff~n 1+2. It doesn't give damage on its own, but on CH, it's a guaranteed f+1+4 for a wallsplat. The problem with this move is again... it's a bit slow, so you can't really use (or abuse) this move. Use wisely.
b+1+4 x A pretty stiff right straight. It's pretty slow to use as a aggressive move and jab punishable too, but it got a built-in sidestep and a bit of a backsway too. This move is used more as a defensive tool than a poke to keep off pesky opponents when you don't know what to do. But despite with that, don't use this as a crutch, because it's not exactly that. You might be better off doing random hopekicks lol.
b+2+3 [~D] x Armor King charges up and does a pretty sick uppercut that blows people up. This is Armor King's standard unblockable. Cancellable and if the pretty rare case when this actually hits, it can give you a nice high wallsplat if you are near the wall.
ub+1 x A Ric Flair Backhand Chop. Move is safe on block (-5), tracks, gives great plus frames on hit and got a built-in SS to it. The problem with it is it's a high, so it's not a real abusable poke, though it serves its purpose as a tracking move and anti pressure tool at times. Note that compared to King's ub+1, Armor King does lesser damage but depending on position, it can give a juggle on counterhit, but in general, both covers the same purpose.
ub_u_uf+2 x The Jaguars' manly Randy Savage Elbow Drop. Jumps 10 feet without the need to climb a top rope, delivering a massive flying elbow drop to the opponent. You can jump either forward, backward or even straight up. The move is pretty good as a bait as its pretty quick jump can dodge a lot of attacks. This move can avoid running slides as well as unblockable tackles if timed right. It is also usable as a tag cancel if the opponent is going to use a low to punish your raw tag.
uf+3 x Armor King's hopping knee. It's a decent poke and CH-hunting tool and it pretty much covers the same purposes df+3 has in the standing game. In juggles though it's completely different, as df+3 and uf+3 gives different floating animations and different hitboxes meaning both would hit on different cases. While df+3 is used more at a pre-bound filler/pickup move, uf+3 is used more as a post-TA! move that brings opponents way up, which is pretty good as a wall-carry tool and a filler to set up the iSW/airGS filler. It's pretty nice addition to AK if you ask me.
uf+4 x The world famous Hopkick. Armor King's i15 standing punisher and primary lowcrush move. Unlike King's, it's a hopKICK, so it's reversable by those Jun and Asuka scrubs who spams their reversal. One of the moves that should scare people who duck. Just remember that it's -13 on block, and you can get jab floated to a juggle to a opponent who uses jabs to pressure. You also need to learn how to gauge its range. This move is good, but at the same time, don't use this as a crutch or a panic move too much. Use it wisely.
uf+1+2 x A jumping Polish Hammer. Commonly named as Capital Punishment. It's a mid, got pretty great range and lowcrushes due to AK jumping forward, does good raw damage, safe on block, and it's a LAUNCHER. The downsides of this move is it's so linear and easy to sidestep which can leave you open for punishment, and opponents can easily jab interrupt you for a juggle because of the jump. It's a good move to punish raw tags due to its range and you can use this as one of the moves to get in close to your opponent. Just be careful that you don't abuse this too much. The low crush on this is VERY small - I have been down jabbed out of it on quite a few occasions. Don't use it just for the low crush; use it for its range and ability to punish raw tag from miles away. It can also be used as a wall 'combo' if you are too far to get anything, just because of its range.
uf+1+2~D x A High-Jump, unblockable polish hammer. Commonly named as Burning Knuckle Bomb. It's a nice unblockable that does decent damage, but its linear, and you can see this move a mile away. Unlike King's, this move doesn't have that annoying crouch animation that gives the whole thing away. This move got the same speed as Elbow Drop but can only move forward. But despite of that, this move is actually a good unblockable to surprise your opponents from time to time. Use this wisely. If AK is over the opponent (and I mean directly overhead) when the move is at its highest, AK will turn around and hit the opponent in the back.
uf+3+4 [:1_d+1] x Booker T Scissors Kick. A pretty decent finishing poke to use, as it has good range and generally safe since you recover grounded (but if in case, this move got a just frame tech that makes you recover standing up, but leaves you in massive frame disadvantage on block, but let's you capitalize for oki purposes if you hit). This is also a good one hitter for oki as it does solid damage and hits grounded. And with its starting animation, it looks like a hopkick and people who tries to "punish" it like it's a whiffed hopkick will get themselves hit. Pretty nice move overall.
Behind a wall bb~UB x A highflyer style cross body dive where Armor King runs over the top rope runs up the wall, then does a cross body press. A pretty sick move for pretty sick setup-happy people. It does a chunk of damage already (25) but when hits clean, it will give you a sicker animation (technically a throwshift) and give you extra 20 damage. Not to mention it crushes pretty well. Of course you can't use the move when there's no wall behind you so it's pretty situational, but it's pretty nice to do and the reward is there too.

Jumping and Backturned Attacks

Armor King's oki is not as scary compared to King, especially on the open, but it is still really good on its own right. Armor King still has his now-classic stomps to make really quick damage off the ground, and he still has his nice mids and lows that hit grounded to continue the pressure. Also, his jumping and cross up options aren't shabby either, with some BT launchers and some of his standing moves being accessible after a hop. What AK's oki gets really creative and fun though is when near walls, as his new pickup ground throw, wallsplatters and charge attacks shine.

uf~n x The bunny hop. Not many people use this now, but long time ago, people are actually forced to use this in DR, as AK got no access to regular standing moonsault (those were the times were people put AK on the bottom tier, those were the days...). Though the movelist doesn't say they exist no more, the canned moves of the bunny hop is still there. And I found out for experimenting is bunny hop is still a good practical oki tool, especially when using wavedash, with risks being the same as King's Jaguar Step (when used right). Most of the time, that little bunny hop baits people on doing getup kicks, and get surprised when they get hit by the followups. Use this move like you would use King's Jaguar Step on oki.
uf~n+4 x Delayed hopkick. This move is noteworthy as it has meatier damage and also reaches farther than AK's regular hopkick. You can use this to punish some lows where you can't reach with WS 1, but it's also a really nice mid option when using bunny hop as oki, especially when people are trying to use getup kicks at you. It gets pretty effective too when using wavedash as an oki/pressure tool when you can easily transition to bunny hop while wavedashing, makes it really good when people throws out a low to stop your wavedash. Beware though that it's really punishable on block depending on how early you input the kick.
uf+n+1+2 x Bunny hop to Capital Punishment. One of your options after the bunny hop, but an option nonetheless. To use this capital punishment effectively requires pretty situational stuff like anticipating the opponent to backroll or low getup kick you when grounded, but it's not gonna hurt to attempt it on oki because not only it's safe on block, the worst thing you can get is a mid getup kick which won't hurt since you are technically jumping. What makes this nasty though is you can still do the Burning Hammer unblockable with it, making it a pretty legit oki setup tool.
uf+n+3+4 x Bunny hop to AK Ali Kick. The real first option when doing the bunny hop, as it covers alot of situations. It hits grounded (anti staying ground), It's a low (anti-techroll), and has iffy tracking. You can also do the canned followup too if you know you are gonna get a CH or know that they might try to block punish. This move makes the bunny hop capital punishment and corkscrew senton work. So establish this threat first before going for other bunny hop moves.
uf~n+1+4 x Bunny hop to Corkscrew Senton. Just like Bunny hop Capital Punishment, the move is pretty situational (oki against stand-uppers, low getup kickers and stay on the ground), but it gets handy later on if you establish the ali kick/delayed hopkick first. Frustrating part though is the hitbox of corkscrew senton isn't the best compared to King, so for the person that sidesteps can get away from you before you even land.
BT 3 x Blind Kick. A punishable mid from backturned. Unlike King, AK's Blind Kick juggles on natural hit, which should be because AK doesn't have any meaty damaging low on backturned. This move is a really good move when setting up crossups for oki since it also does hit grounded so you will get something at least even when the opponent doesn't bite. Just be aware to be careful too because this move is launch punishable on block.
BT 4 x Backturned Sobat. Armor King's wallsplatting option when backturned. People tend to go to BT 3 because it gives people juggles, but this move isn't that bad. It's a safer move to throw out at -10 (compared to launch punishable blind kick) and excel at the wall. It works well when set up by 3+4 at the wall.
BT 1+4 x Backturned Corkscrew Senton. Compared to the regular standing corkcrew senton, It does better damage and goes by faster because Armor King doesn't have to turn around. It's gonna be one of your main options when backturned because it's really good. One pretty known setup is to use this after 3+4 as people tend to stop and wait for the canned followups. It's easy to find ways to setup this move so have fun!
BT 1+3_2+4 x Backturned Throws. This move should be used alot too just because they come out faster and both have a 1+2 break animation, making the breaks a total guess. Works well again with 3+4 because of that. Just be careful though that you don't abuse these, because unlike King, these throws doesn't have an airthrow counterpart, so people will hopkick you for free!
BT d+2 x Generic Crouch jab from backturned.
BT uf+4 x Generic Backturned Hopkick, this move is more damaging and really nice range going on, but despite that, it has a iffy hitbox. Despite being mid, there will be times where the hitbox won't even collide duckers, making it whiff. Despite that, it's still a pretty good move because, well, it's still a launcher.
1+2+3+4 (Charge) x Armor King's Ki-Charge with Armor King doing his best impersonation of The Great Muta, blowing asian mist in the air. Overall, going to Ki-charge isn't something you want to do if you don't have a goal in mind, but it still got a lot of things going for it that you want to tap and explore. First, it does chip damage on block, so it's pretty good if you want to get that small damage out of a opponent. Also, it's good to do it on situations where you can block at all (i.e. wavedash) if you want to go balls on the walls. You can also abuse the moves that AK gets left grounded as it minimizes the risks that Ki-Charge does. Overall, it's something that you do want to explore.
Charge qcf+1 x AK does a Burning Mist after his Charge Taunt. A nice unblockable that does respectable damage compared to its crouchdash counterpart. One of the "mixup" options if you use Ki-Charge as a tech trap at the wall after your combo. Use it along with Uppercut and also some Ki-Charge setups you have.
Charge cd+2 x AK does a TTT1 style mid Dark Upper after his Ki-Charge. Frames wise, it's 0 when opponent blocks it, but people can retaliate for free because you can't block anyway because of Ki-Charge. But it's still a pretty good move when used as a tech trap at the wall. Use them wisely, and set them up wisely.

Dashing and Running Attacks

Despite looking very good on paper, AK's poking tools when standing up in general lacked range and often pretty risky due to being punishable or sidesteppable (especially considering that AK's tracking is pretty bad), and even his renowned lows can be punished really hard while his mids stops being threats at certain range. For AK's offense to really shine, he needs to get a chance to get in face-to-face with his opponents, and that's where his wavedash comes along. Unlike King, Armor King got a regular wavedash similar to the Mishimas, and he even got a bootleg WGF. His wavedash has decent to great options which can be used as threats but they still have flaws overall. Remember to just don't abuse them too much and to always note to put on the brakes when you are in you comfortable zone!

ff+2 x A gut punch similar to Devil Jin's ff+2. Both moves also share the same purpose, as a nice mid out of wavedash. Wallsplats too. It's something you want to use from time to time because it's one of the safer mids in AK's wavedash arsenal
ff+3 x Superkick. AK's only real tracking move out of wavedash. This move hurt. It gives you a free stomp or GT attempt (range dependent) and if you use the pickup GT, it will leave the opponent backturned, giving you a chance to hit opponents while BT (though nothing is free). The thing is, the reward is well-deserved because most of the moves that inflict big damage on AK is a high, and that includes this. Use this, but be careful.
ff+4 x Yakuza Kick. A pretty long range mid move in AK's wavedash arsenal. A really nice move that does meaty damage and wallsplats. Just be aware that it's punishable on block (though pushback makes it safe for some chars) and it's horribly linear on both sides. When using this, be sure you are always aware of the things your opponent wants to do so you can minimize the risk you do.
ff+1+2 x Flying forearm/elbow. A pretty good damaging mid move that has a pretty big active frame window, long range, and hits grounded. IMO this is the best mid that AK has in his wavedash. First of all, it does meaty damage at 40, and despite being linear, it leaves AK grounded so you won't get punished for a launch. It's also a nice move when opponents are grounded in a distance, especially after air iSW. Use this move more people.
ff+3+4 x A pretty stiff dropkick. It's a pretty damaging move and it gives the same advantages as AK ff+1+2 in terms of leaving you grounded (so despite being a high, you won't get punished much). Also, this dropkick comes out pretty fast. Compared to King though, it's not gonna give you anything free on wallsplat.
ff~n+2 x The classic low blow. One of the better lows in AK's arsenal. It gives you a nice frame advantage on hit, gives you a launch on CH, and high crushesh too. The problem with it is first, it's still a low, you can only access this after a dash and it's launch punishable on block. It being a low and it being done on a dash doubles its susceptibility of being beat by the likes of panic hopkicks, orbital heels and many more low-crush panic launchers. In general, it's a balls to the wall move, and you have to be gutsy when using this.
cd+1 x A pretty stiff and fast lariat/clothesline. One of AK's best moves on wavedash. It's a frame trap (though pushes opponents back hard so you won't be able to capitalize much), it has a really long range, nice speed, and hurts on hit, not to mention the awesome oki you can get after it. The only problem with this move is, like others, this move is a high, and there almost no move to complement this especially in the range it excels at. So be cautious when using this as an offensive tool. Just a reminder too that it's a pretty good whiff punisher especially from afar.
cd+2 [~5] x Dark Uppercut. This move is pretty much a bootleg Mishima WGF. Jab punishable on block, but a taggable launcher. Unlike EWGF, this move isn't blessed with special properties like range or plus frames, so it's not something you want to use on offense everytime. It excels though as a punisher. It hurts as a whiff punisher, and if you can, you can launch -14 moves with it (though currently it's not something I would recommend). Overall, one of the core moves of Armor King, so be sure to use this right.
cd+3 x A pretty nasty spinning hook kick. Armor King's unblockable from wavedash. It's a pretty nice damage unblockable that shines in walls due to it wallsplatting opponents. It can also catch techrollers too when wavedashing, It also has a reasonable speed for an unblockable so you can get people sleeping. The problem with this move is, just like the others, it's a high. Opponents can duck whiff punish you for missing so please be careful.
cd+4 x A Flying knee that looks pretty similar to Sagat's Tiger Knee. It's a safe knee that gives you a guaranteed train on hit (45 damage total) and wallsplats. Low crushes too. A pretty nasty mid if you ask me. Oh did I forget that it's a knee so you can knee those foolish Kazamas who tries to reverse you? Yeah it's pretty good. The only drawback of this move is it's linear and it has short range, so most of the time if you aren't careful, you might end up whiffing in front of your opponent. Use this on the time when you are really close to your opponent when wavedashing to minimize the range problem.
cd+1+2 x Asian Mist. It's pretty much the "low" AK has on his wavedash. It does measly damage on its own but it gives you a free throw attempt (regular throws or a Shining Black). Also if you hit the mist pretty late on its animation, it guarantees you a free train. Yeah pretty situational, but it's there. Still though, it's still an unblockable, and though duckable on reaction, it still is handy to have because it's not something people will look out for.
fff+3_WR 3 x Flying Yakuza Kick. Armor King's Standard running kick. Wallsplats, gives frame advantage, and it hurts. Pretty much what you would expect on a running 3. Oh I forgot, it's linear too like the typical running 3, so there's that lol. So yeah, it got pros and cons so just be aware of that, and it's now something you can mask just by doing it as fast as you can.
fff+3+4_WR 3+4 x Spinning Dropkick. Armor King's alternative running attack. It got insane damage for a running attack, and it got waaaaay better range than regular running 3. After this, you are lying on the ground so you can't really consider this as a frame trap of sorts (you can mix up get up kicks), but hey, it's good at what it does... DAMAGE!!! This move activates really late in the animation, so if you do it at point blank and your opponent is crouching, you will more often than not completely jump over them.
Running after three steps 4 x Baseball Slide Dropkick. Unlike King, Armor King got a unique running slide, which technically is a low dropkick. And yes, compared to other running slides, this one HURTS. It's not something people can juggle too because it leaves AK fully grounded and has a quicker recovery animation than others so most characters can't pick up for a juggle. This move is really good especially when doing raw tag running attacks because of this.

Crouching and Sidestep Attacks

Armor King's Crouch and Sidestep options aren't as prestigious like Julia or Anna, but what he has isn't shabby after all. He pretty much got all the essential moves like a pretty strong WS 4 as a 11f punish, a WS launcher, meaty SS mids, and slow but safe mid launcher. As a character, you won't see Armor King ducking too much, but it's still not bad to take note of all of his options, especially when trying to use Shadow Step as one of setup moves.

d+1+4_2+3 x Shadow Step, where Armor King does some sort of dashing ducking stance, kinda like Marduk's VTS. It's notable here because it recovers crouching, so you can do alot of stuff at it, like baiting this move and hiding a WS 1 on it. What's nice too is you can buffer AK driver and Giant Swing on it. It's something you want to incorporate doing regularly on movement just for people to stop being overly aggressing on you.
Shadow Step 1+2 x Edge-style spear. A pretty decent built in move in Shadow Step to prevent people from attacking you after the stance. It does decent damage and comes out quickly, not to mention leaves you grounded so opponents can't punish you hard (At most they would only get a free ground hit). Pretty nifty tool, but don't use it just because you want to. Shadow Step to FC/WS move setups are pretty nice thing to do so don't forget about it.
WS 1 [~5] x Elbow Uppercut, this move is pretty similar to King's WS 1+2 in their purposes, as they act as a -16 launcher from crouch. You will use this as a punisher at crouch, and its worth it just because of the taggable aspect of it. You can also use this move along with AK's other mids in Shadow Step stuff.
WS 2 x Body Blow. AK's Counterhit launcher on crouch. I honestly have a hard time incorporating this move on my game because it has shorter range than a WS 4, does measly damage on its own, and punishable on block (-12 IIRC). It supposed to be a CH tool when crouching, but the surrounding tools AK has doesn't allow those situations neccesary to happen. But at the same time, if your opponent doesn't know, use it! :P
WS 3 x A pretty sick looking front kick to the face. It's a reanimated version of King's WS 3, and it still save the same purpose (16 frame high damage wallspatting move), but AK's version is TOTALLY SAFE on block, but it's a high. Good thing it's less than likely that people will duck this, but it doesn't mean you can spam it. Use with caution.
WS 4 x This move is VERY GOOD in general. Only i11 from crouching, and is one of the best WS 4's in the game in terms of range and damage. Gives a very good spacing game on hit and block. You can use this move as cd~n 4, giving you a really quick and great ranged mid poke out of a wavedash. This is a very fast and safe wavedash option to test what the opponent will do.
FC 1,n+4 x Yep, the NCc crouch jab to knee. It was already mentioned before, but it's worth mentioning again. WE HAVE A JAB OUT OF CROUCHING. The crouch jab alone is a 10 frame poke (1 frame faster compared to doing it from standing), which is a bit faster than WS 4 and also leaves you crouching still to keep your FC game continuing. It's also gives pretty nice frame advantage which allows you to press on.
FC df+2 x A slow forearm strike to the belly. This move is technically King's FC df+1, but a mid. It's safe launcher, has a iffy highcrush, and did I mention it's a safe launcher? But the thing is it's pretty slow. At least with King FC df+1, the opponent can't just stand still. This move is a mid so the probability of this move hitting people is really slim.
FC df+4 x AK Ali Kick from crouching. As if this move wasn't annoying enough, it gets harder to see when done on crouching. Gets useful too on oki purposes. Again, a pretty good low for AK.
SS 2,1 x AK does a throat thrust and then does a forearm club. It's pretty much AK's launcher from sidestep because of the bound followup. The bound followup is at least WS 4 punishable at best and at worst, can be sidestepped launched. Because of that, people still prefer to do SS 1 standalone, as it's still a pretty good knockdown tool that gives you a free ground hit when successful.
SS 4 x AK does a mid roundhouse kick, pretty much a more damaging, standalone version of the kick in 1+2,4. A pretty meaty long range mid that I would love spamming if it weren't -12 on block. Just be careful when using this especially when people punish you for that.
SS 3+4 x A quick animated Enzuigiri. A low crush high attack that does decent damage, similar to King's uf+3+4. It also comes out fast and got a bit of evasive property. It's also technically safe because you are left grounded (but leaves you lying with your side on the opponent, so characters with good oki options would give you problems). Either way, it's a nice move to throw it once in a while.

Generic Throws

1+3_f+1+3 x x
2+4_f+2+4 x x
Left Side Throw x x
Right Side Throw x x
Opponent Backturned 1+3_2+4 x x
FC 1+2 x x

Command Throws

2+4, ddd+1+2 x x
df+2+3 x x
d+1+3 x x
d+2+4 x x
b+1+3_2+4 x x
qcb+1+2 x x
cd+1+3_2+4 x x

Bufferable Command Throws

fff+2+4_WR 2+4 x x
f~hcf+1 x x
db~f+2+4_qcb~f+2+4 x x
db,db+1+2 x x
FC db,d,db+1+2 x x
At airborne opponent f~hcf+1 x x
At airborne opponent fff+2+4 x x

Ground Throws

At FUFT opponent db+1+3 x x
At FUFA opponent db+1+3 x x
At FDFT opponent db+1+3 x x
At FDFA opponent db+1+3 x x
At grounded opponent db+2+4 x x
At FU at any side of opponent db+1+3_2+4 x x
At FD at any side of opponent db+1+3_2+4 x x
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