Nina Williams

Origin Ireland
Fighting Style Assassination Techniques based on Bone Martial Arts and Akido
Age 24
Nina Williams
 Character Story
Her past still shrouded in mystery. Nina continued her life as a contract assassin.

Although Nina discovered that Steve Fox was her biological son after receiving information from the Syndicate, she remained emotionally unchanged.

Soon after, the Syndicate was taken down by Hong Kong detective Lei Wulong and Nina no longer had a motive for assassinating Steve. She instead decided to concentrate her efforts on uncovering her past. Nina believed that payiing her sister Anna a visit might help in recovering her memory.

Upon meeting up with Anna the two engaged in a fierce gun battle. The battle lasted for days but neither side was able to finish the standoff so it was decided that they would meet again at the recently announced King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.
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