Origin Monaco
Fighting Style Street Fighting Style
Age 16
 Character Story
[Unofficial translation by kurichan]

She?s a true daddy?s girl.

Lili is the only daughter of an oil tycoon residing in Monaco. Four years ago, while being attacked by a criminal group making profits from kidnappings, Lili suddenly became violent, and unexpectedly floored one of her attackers. It was at that moment that she first realized she took pleasure in defeating her opponents. However, deep down inside, Lili is a gentle person, she only wants to please her father, but she knows that he despises fighting.

Troubled by her situation, she tells herself "I don?t want father to hate me?but I want to continue fighting". Her desire to fight couldn?t be contained, and for this reason, she uses a private jet to travel abroad to take part in street fights, which she enjoyed immensely.

One day, after defeating an opponent in San Francisco, she acquired an invitation to martial arts tournament. Lili noticed that the sponsor of the tournament, the Mishima Financial Group, caused her father much trouble. With the assumption of the Mishima Financial Group becoming a useful asset to her father, she was determined to take part in the tournament.
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