Mechanized Space Ninja
Origin None
Fighting Style Manji Ninja Arts
Age Unknown
Height 178 cm
Weight 63 kg
Blood Type O
Occupation Leader of the Manji Clan
Hobby Watching Sumo Wrestling and Net Surfing
Likes Video Game Arcades (Especially those in Shinjuku, Japan)
Dislikes Villains and Poor Losers (Videogames)

Landing A Helping Hand

Boskonovitch created the Cold Sleep machine during experiments in his search for eternal life. The technology, still unproven, was used to preserve his young daughter who suddenly passed away.

Yoshimitsu raises research funds and as the leader of the "Manji" party he helps the poor and disadvantaged. Yoshimitsu visited Boskonovitch when he learned of the many martial artist disappearances. The "Yo-man" was surprised to find Boskonovitch suffering from a mysterious pathological organism. It's believed to have been contracted during lab experiments while making the Cold Sleep machine. Like some weird sci-fi story, Boskonovich claims he needs blood from the God of Fighting to complete his research and bring his daughter back to life. Indebted to Boskonovitch for saving his life, Yoshimitsu enters the tournament to help an old friend.
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