Raging Bear
Origin Heihachi's Pet
Fighting Style Advanced Bear Fighting
Age 8
Height 280 cm
Weight 210 kg
Blood Type Unknown
Occupation Bodyguard to Heihachi
Hobby Training and Cooking Salmon
Likes TV, Heihachi and Panda
Dislikes Small Black and White TV (Because it's hard to see)

Bear Smash Paul!

The first Kuma died of old age during its travels with Heihachi. Its child, also named Kuma, became Heihachi's second pet.

This Kuma is smarter than its father, and a good bodyguard for Heihachi. One day, when it was absorbed in watching TV, it suddenly went wild at the sight of a martial artist with a scarlet go-gi. It was Paul Phoenix!

Kuma has trained since that day to defeat Paul in battle. It doesn't think anything of the God of Fighting, only of defeating Paul.

By the way, Kuma is secretly in love with Xiaoyu's Panda.
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