Anger Of Beast
Origin Mexico
Fighting Style Wrestling
Age 28
Height 200 cm
Weight 90 kg
Blood Type A
Occupation Professional Wrestler, Manager of an Orphanage
Hobby Helping Orphaned Children
Likes Drinking Beer in Victory with Armor King
Dislikes Tears of Children

Heir To The Throne

He's really King the second. Raised in King's orphanage, he was 24 years old when the original King was killed. He put on the mask and assumed the role of King's successor, in order to honor his mentor and save the orphanage.

The new King had only watched his mentor and really was incapable of fulfilling the legend. Armor King, knowing who killed King, felt an obligation to prepare King the Second for a rightful revenge.

Four years have passed and King the Second is now a skillful wrestler. Feeling the time is right, Armor King tells his student that the God of Fighting was responsible for King's death. Armor King breaks down in tears as he tells the gruesome story. King the Second now knows his purpose in life.
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