Blood Talon
Origin Korea
Fighting Style Tae Kwon Do
Age 19
Height 181 cm
Weight 68 kg
Blood Type O
Occupation Street Punk
Hobby Yachting
Likes Rock n' Roll and Street Fighting
Dislikes Mishima Style Fighting Karate and Jin Kazama

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

A student of Tae Kwan Do who works out at Baek Doo San's dojo, Hwoarang makes a lot of money through dishonest gambling wagers. As part of what's called a fraud team, he and other members pick fights for money. They manipulate the odds by concealing their true strength. He escalates the odds against him and makes what appears to be a foolish wager. His opponents soon realize they're the real fools when Hwoarang soundly beats each and every one of them.

One day, members of the Mishima Group came to town, including among them Jin Kazama. Hwoarang talks them into his game and is matched against Jin. Hwoarang embarrassingly can only manage a draw. He hangs his head in disbelief at the first blemish in his perfect career. Sickened at the thought of having to tell his teacher Baek the bad news, Hwoarang vows to practice every day to guarantee that it would never happen again. Then, terrible news. The God of Fighting claims Baek as yet another victim.

Hwoarang now has a purpose in life. He will participate in the tournament, beat Jin Kazama and seek revenge against the God of Fighting.
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