Gun Jack

 Disordered Killing Monster
Origin Unknown
Fighting Style Power Fight
Age 7
Height 220 cm
Weight 170 kg
Blood Type Plutonium
Occupation Purpuse Unknown
Hobby Being an Ultimate Weapon
Likes Analyzing Itself
Dislikes Scrap Factory

Jack-2 Is Reborn

When Jane, now a physicist, was eight years old, she was rescued from a bacteriological war by the Russian military robot Jack-2. However, Jack-2 was later destroyed by a satellite weapon as Jane, still a young girl, watched in horror.

Jane, now 27, could not forget the nightmare of Jack-2's having collapsed beside her. She spent ten years restoring Jack-2 to 90% functionality, but it seemed to have lost the humane characteristics that set it apart from Jack-1.

Jane worked hard analyzing the program in order to return to Jack2 the gentle soul which had saved her life. Through detailed analysis, she found that most of Jack-2's programming was created by Mishima Heavy Industry, one of the subsidiaries of the Mishima Financial Empire. Moreover, she discovered a hidden program... 'Project Gun Jack'. It laid the groundwork for a new weapon, a pivot gun.

In order to restore Jack-2 completely, Jane had to approach Mishima Financial Empire and solve the mystery of the project. She quickly installed the hidden program and brought to Mishima Financial Empire the newly dubbed Gun Jack.
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