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In order for Tekken Zaibatsu to stay online we need your help. We won't get into a long detailed explanation but that fact is that ad revenue does not cover the operating costs involved with running such a large site. Bandwidth has to be paid for, servers have to be maintained and software has to be upgraded to ensure a pleasant browsing experience.

In return for your show of support we will list your name on our Premium Members list and you will receive various forum perks such as custom avatars, user name markup and custom titles. You will also enjoy an advertisement free browsing experience and given access to our archive of retired Tekken movies.

All perks and premium features will be available to you for 1 year per $20 donated, that's not even $2 per month!. But when it comes down to it, we hope you donate because you have enjoyed all the excellent content and hard work we have put into this site for over a decade.

PayPal Donations

Donations can be made in US Dollars using PayPal, it will just take a few minutes of your time to complete the transaction. PayPal does also work from various countries outside of the United States but you will need to sign up outside of the donation process first if you do not have a PayPal account already, US residents can sign up during the donation process.
Please forward your PayPal receipt to along with the name of the forum account you would like to use to take advantage of the supporter perks.
Supporter Levels
Zaibatsu Platinum Supporter Level ($100 or more)
(Preset $100 US Donation)
Zaibatsu Gold Supporter Level ($50 - $99.99)
(Preset $50 US Donation)
Zaibatsu Silver Supporter Level ($30 - $49.99)
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Zaibatsu Bronze Supporter Level ($20 - $29.99)
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