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Mods feel free to update this post from time to time. Other users feel free to post links here to threads you may find useful for other people so we can have a quick directory.

  • Hori Real Arcade Pro FAQ - A breakdown of the various differences between all the models of Hori Real Arcade Pro Arcade Sticks. Thanks to the original thread started by Kyoji on Forums.

  • Gamers' Buying Guide - A great place to look if you're looking to buy arcade parts or commission a custom stick builder. There's info on various vendors and builders here. Enjoy!

  • Sanwa/Seimitsu, Korean, and US sticks FAQs - List compiled by Paik4Life regarding the differences between various types of joystick levers and pushbuttons. Various information with stick modification as well. Also a breakdown of commonly used terminology that you will see in fighting game related tech forums such as this one.

  • GAMING SETUP THREAD! (Post pics!) - A place to show off your arcade sticks, your TVs, your PCs, and of course your gaming setup! Post pics!

  • Joystick Modding Guides and Tutorial - A thread dedicated to modifying custom/commercial arcade sticks and how to go about doing it.

  • ARCADE Resource Library - A useful thread regarding arcade parts for arcade sticks, arcade cabinets, and arcade boards. Thanks to dashfury for compiling the information!

  • Joystick Q&A Thread - A general Q&A thread regarding anything having to do with arcade sticks! Ask a question, get an answer. Simple as that.

  • Playstation Joystick Knowledge Base - A great archive of retail Playstation joysticks compiled by insomnotek. If you want some information on a certain retail stick, perform a search in this thread and you'll probably find some great information.

Again if anyone has any questions, please PM either Paik4Life or insomnotek regarding this forum.

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Made some long-needed updates to this thread.

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how long did it take you to type that out backwards?
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Nice work!!

It might also be worth making an entry for HD TV/monitors recommended for Tekken, since input lag in most HD monitor/TV models is still a very big issue.

Maybe one of the following threads:

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