Tekken DR: The Best IC Card Names

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Okay, lets hear what you've come up with as far as IC card names. What have you got? You think they're witty, but maybe they're just shitty. Post up and discuss.

Feel free to post up your stats and ranks as well.

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when i name i want to preserve the original name of the character then i add my own flavah...

see my sig. those are the IC names of my characters.
i think you get the point.
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Well, my King card is El Rey de Tacos. Might just change it for El Rey de Borrachos, and put the dizzy item.
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Si es espa?ol, ?No deber?a ser "El Rey de los Tacos" o "El Rey de los Borrachos"?
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Three Ring Revival (due to me losing my first card).

She got that BOOM! (Its been this for a year, I'm thinking of changing it).

Backdoor Romeo.

Crazy Cracker.
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Kuma - Papa Baer

Roger Jr - Kanga Banga JrrrRR

Dragunov - Mad Stalin ---> now changed to "der Kommissar"
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Originally posted by Laughing Man
Si es espa?ol, ?No deber?a ser "El Rey de los Tacos" o "El Rey de los Borrachos"?

From what I heard, it's alright to put no "los" in the word. It's sorta like saying "The King of Tacos". Not really grammatically correct, but can still pass.
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I'm thinking of changing my Drag nick to "Boris the Blade"

Guy Ritchie fans would probably recognize this.
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mine are pretty simple:

Ling - CroNO's Girl

Lili - CroNO's Other Girl..
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My Card names:
- BlitzCraig
- Family Jules
- My Humps (I think I'll change to Fattitude)
- B.A Bumpyknuckles

Other good names (not mine):
- Original wangsta
- Not in the nuts!
And my future card - Rock the KAZ bar!
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Taste The Wang
The KingPin
The Steel Chef
Rough Bark

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Mine are:
- Asuka: TomL (my main)
- Kazuya: Asian Mafia
- Dragunov: Nitemare (this nick i used it for ages in SC2, now i put in for Drag, i might change it)
- Raven: used to played him but gave up, the name was Madafada
- Baek: free promotion, Fadamada
- Feng: WF Whored
- Kuma: Feed Me
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#18 “Quote” Edit Post
what is IC Card ?
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Lei Wulong Card - ''Rei Rurong''
Devil Jin Card - ''Heartless Angel''
Feng Wei Card - ''666 (WFK)''
Bruce Irvin Card - ''Bruce Irvin''
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#20 “Quote” Edit Post
Mean Yuna

Jet-Li Li

I need help on my Lili name lol any ideas?
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