Team "NoRespect" T5DR match

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" NoRespect " is one of the best tekken teams in Japan.
You may know some of the members. Yuu and Hato joined to EVO2005.
Recently they started blog of the team and they promised to offer match movies. It's first recording.


Shou (DJ)
Yuu (Feng)
Hato (Heihachi, Bryan)
Jiro (Steve)
Nekko (Whoarang)
Kousuke (DJ, Heihachi)
Takeda (Xiaouyu)
Apollo (???)
Ryukei (Bruce, Nina)
Hamaha (Lee)
Mist (Lee)

*SBO2006 3on3 team - Shou, Yuu, Jiro

Jiro(Steve) vs Asano(Xiaouyu);/fileinfo.html

Asano(Lei) vs Mishimastar(Kazuya);/fileinfo.html

Nekko(Whoarang) vs Oosu(Eddy);/fileinfo.html

Jiro(Steve) vs Mishimastar(Kazuya);/fileinfo.html

Shou(DJ) vs Mishimastar(Kazuya);/fileinfo.html

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