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Billy Crandal
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#21 “Quote” Edit Post
Ah, okay thanks. So it's a bit like hwoarang's b+3? Like vertical? Baek's old d+3,3,n+3 used to go pretty high as it was! Must be super high now.
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#22 “Quote” Edit Post
I saw in the vid where d/b+4 hits steve grounded. I hope d/b+4 could hit for all the characters on the ground, because if that's so, baek's oki has gotten a little more interesting in addition to his other new moves.
Iron Fist God
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#23 “Quote” Edit Post
i also saw that vid, there is no telling if the steve player didn't move at the last minute though but if he didn't, i'm likin baeks oki now
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#24 “Quote” Edit Post
here is a vid of Baek vs Marduk


You can see some more new animations and also you can get a clear view of the new d/b+2 as well.
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#25 “Quote” Edit Post
I wonder how f+2,1,2 will be in combos. Might add a bit of variation.
Ryo Yamazaki
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#26 “Quote” Edit Post
Thanks very much for translating that info Marduck.

I'm glad that Baek is better in DR. Mind you, the only way that complete piece of shit 5.1 Baek could go was up.

I'm especially happy about d/b+1 (or is it d+2??). Seems almost like Namco brought back TTT d/b+4 in punch form ^_^.

I'm also happy that beak rush doesn't owned stupidly like before.
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Miyamoto Musashi
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#27 “Quote” Edit Post
i like the d/b+1 cos it hits grounded. we can now do d/b+4, d+4,3,3,3~f d/b+1. yey!
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#28 “Quote” Edit Post
Wow, beak's new animations look really sharp. i wonder if his framedata is still the same, somehow it looks like he moves much more forward then he normal does.
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Awww, crap...
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#29 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by wonder_boi
i like the d/b+1 cos it hits grounded. we can now do d/b+4, d+4,3,3,3~f d/b+1. yey!

You mean, baek has a combo that doesnt involve doing the same thing 4 times?

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#30 “Quote” Edit Post
ok... thanx for the info
i saw in the match vs steve a new move ...a low RK after d/f+3 ...i don't know if it's the same d/b+4...but look nice

so what we can do after b+1+2 now???? maybe 1+2,4 will be guaranteed
i like the new animations ...but the worst thing is d/f+2
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#31 “Quote” Edit Post
Our best punisher for punch parry might just be 2,2 now
But I was wondering if Baek can use his new punch combo after f+3,3,2 would be good if he can.
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#32 “Quote” Edit Post
why? what happened to baek's d/f+2?
i like the new animations ...but the worst thing is d/f+2
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#33 “Quote” Edit Post
I'm not the best baek player in the world but....

his new move d+2 is pretty good.

d/f+2 is still awesome.

His new animations are harder to read (but maybe just for now).

That's all I really got. I don't know enough about him to tell you about changes in DR, a lot of stuff seems the same to me.
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#34 “Quote” Edit Post
Thanks for keeping us informed syxx, next time you play Baek could you check if Baek can do his new f+2,1,2 combo after f+3,3 and have a look at WS+3+4 if it has a new animation or new properties.
5th Dan
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#35 “Quote” Edit Post
(edit: couple of corrections..)

i've been out of the loop lately, but DR came out in korea yesterday.. here's some info on baek , translating from tekkencentral baek forum as usual

the overall impression is that baek is much improved. one of the most-improved characters in DR along with marduk

f,f+3 is like kazuya's f+4 on block. same with fla,b+3

df+4 is similar to hwarang's df+4. can't delay df+4,4

1+2 forces crouch on hit. the second hit is guaranteed after first and knocks down.

db+3,3 (low, high) can be done from fla. second hit guaranteed after first, good damage. leaves you at maybe -1 to -3 on hit. good move regardless

d+3,3,3 first hit doesn't hit grounded. second hit guaranteed after first. doesn't float on backturned. much faster so its not as easy to see the last hit (l/m)

fla, d+3 - the old move is removed, replaced by d+3,3,3. no more holding LK !!

d+2 / db+2 , mid, hits ground. 30 damage.. ground damage is 100% in DR i think? so yeah, nice damage. db+4, baekrush to d+2 can be blocked. works very nice near walls. short reach though, and slightly slow.this along with db+3,3 makes baek a lot better considering it gives him ground options which he was lacking, and db+3,3 gives him some nice mixup options from fla (this OWNZ first hit of baekrush....................)

can combo with df+2, df+1, 3+4, 1,2,fla, d+2

b,b+2, that back-knuckle move.. on block it turns the enemy sideways a bit so its safe..

f+2,1,2 (mid,high,high). second hit is guaranteed after first, and gives you adv , hits can be delayed, third hit gives unescapable stun on counter (for baekrush to d+2, etc) you get the idea. this move has some potential

wing blade - instant (standing) wingblade doesnt work any more

3+4 juggles are much easier. erm..not sure, writing this from memory, but i think someone said you could do five in a row after wingblade. fuckin nuts

as for his new items....

-angry (rage/devil) face - baek's skin turns red, his face is contorted in anger, and he has horns on his head, and a moustache (1P only sadly...)

-a chick on his head, spins around on his head (1p and 2p)
-necktie around his head, like a drunkard (2P)
-soup bowl on his head (2P)
-eye guard (1p, 2p)
-silk hat (2p)
- some kind of an astronaut/space helmet/hat/whatever (1P)

-monocle (2p)
-whirly?? sideburns ?? long hair?? wtf not sure (2P)

-fancy necktie(2p)
-different backprint to a korean flag (1P)
-windbreaker (1P)
-"angry style" (2P) no jacket, just vest

-blue shoes (1p)
red shoes (1,2)
"windbreaker" pants (1)
cat, hangs onto your leg (2)

body aura (1, 2)

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#36 “Quote” Edit Post
Thanks for translating and keeping us updated Marduck, good to hear that Baek has gotten better. it all sounds good to me except when I saw some of those new items.
A chick on his head, spins around on his head WTF and a cat that hangs onto your leg... the way Baek is kicking all the time the poor thing would be killed. Or maybe that?s the point... maybe Namco hates cats.
Anyway im more concerned with how Baek plays in DR but it would be nice if some of his items were any good.
nothing to lose
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#37 “Quote” Edit Post
well if d/b+3,3 is from FLA now, what's the input for it cuz d/b+4 while holding 3 is the unblockable... - now that I think about it it sounds like Baek FLA cancels got beefed up a little since you couldn't do d/b+3 out of FLA in T5(and .1) if nonetheless Marduck comes through w/ the good shit as always...

DbLoCk StRiNg

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5th Dan
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#38 “Quote” Edit Post
couple more things..

db+3,3 is not as good as initially thought. sometimes the second hit whiffs after the first hit, and sometimes the opponent ducks the second hit after the first hit. needs more testing

f,f,n,3 spins only once then kicks so its that much faster

juggle, wall, 4,4,d+2 guaranteed , same with alba, d+2. nice damage

baek's wakeup is evil now . mixup with d+2 and baekrush, and you can get off several baekrushes in a row because d+2 is so scary

and freebaek n bapsang discovered a 100% back combo , 75% on +2 settings. needs mor etestgin

couple of screenshots of his new items







Last edited by Marduck on Dec 13th, 2005 at 18:52

Joined: Aug 2004
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#39 “Quote” Edit Post
Nice work on the translations Marduck, I appreciate it
5th Dan
Joined: Feb 2002
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#40 “Quote” Edit Post
about the back combo i mentioned.. i didn't reveal it because i wasn't sure if it is guaranteed or not, but .. IT IS

here it is...

to the back, f+2,1,2 , b+4 , 1,2,fla(x3) , wall, alba , (d+2)

about 75% damage on +2 settings. instant death on normal settings or damn close to it

yeah, i know, the combo is mid, high, high. but the guys on tekkencentral , some of the best players in kor, tested it for days with the same outcome. even the guys on the official jpn tekken bbs have confirmed it and are saying that baek is a bugged character.. and bapsang , who discovered this combo, says he found another trick, but hes not revealing it for fear of mass bandwagoners......

it's very similar to steve's infinite in 5.0. you can get off two f+2,1,2 to the back , you'd get off an infinite if the second didn't push them away. you can even do f+2,1,2 , f+2,1 , b+4 for a juggle...

ok, a few more tidbits..

df+1, df+2 still dont high crush

f+2,1,2 if the first hit connects second is guaranteed. if first hit blocked/whiff, second one connects, third hit is guaranteed

--be prepared for the baek bandwagon jumpers.

Oh yeah, and if you're gonna ctrl-c , ctrl-v my posts (word for word) then i'd appreciate a lil credit. thx

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