Character Customization Themes

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Originally posted by Jinpazuya
On Lee's Tux+Mask+Rapier combo...

Actually, someone hit the nail almost squarely on the head with that one when they mentioned Tuxedo Mask. In many anime and games, the mysterious masked western "bandit" swordsman is a recurrent theme.

In Bushido Blade 2, there was one char called Highwayman who had a black tux, white mask, greenish blonde Lee hair and a rapier. Had a cape, too, but that would be overkill for Lee.

Point is, Tuxedo Mask is actually an anime archetype, which is probably what Lee's Tux custom items were based off of.

Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon
Lee Violet hair ,Mask and Magic wand
or Hat ,Mask ,and Magic wand
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my jack-5 is straight up gangster with the white wifebeater, bald head, black pants, knife, and shades.
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one of christie's has an "arabian" theme to it, she can even have a magic lamp!
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#24 “Quote” Edit Post
My Steve is a Purple People Eater!

1P outfit, Purple gloves, shorts and boots...Hawaiian Lei and Short Hair
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I've seen a Ling that looked almost exactly like Chun-Li. P/K costume confirmation anybody?
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#26 “Quote” Edit Post

"King King"
-All of any one color
-Missionary Collar
-Split Tail or Championship Belt

"Thug King"
-Any color
-Chain around the neck
-Spiked bat

"Thundercat King"
-Lions Mane
-All Orange, maybe white gloves
-Kendo Stick
-Wrestler boots

other than those, its all mix and match and look CRAZY.
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#27 “Quote” Edit Post
I will have to make some corrections to this thread soon.

Just wanted to point out that wouldn't it be cool if the characters actually did something with their customizations in their windposes? For example, as the screen fades away, you could hear Steve starting up his chainsaw? Lee does some cool pose with his guns and flies off with his Jetpack? Hwoarang starts rocking out with his guitar?
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Cool... the X-Gamer accessories for Xiao are on the P2 outfit, not the P1.
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Originally posted by Castel
You can also make a Kato out of 2p law, all black, black mask & chauffeur hat

OMG, I so freakin' WISH I played law right now!!!!!!!
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i love your advatar
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Not sure if this has been mentioned before so I'll say it.

Asuka's punch outfit can be made to resemble a Japanese shrine maiden. The main things you'd need to do is get the bow and change her 2nd color to red. The 1st color should remain default white while everything else is up to the person to change.
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If the muttonchops were available for the kick costume, you could make a John Belushi sumo with Ganryu:

- Default color will do
- leave the hair unchanged, or go with the ponytail
- Jake Blues shades
- Samurai Delicatessen katana
- leave lower body unchanged, or maybe go with the geta sandals on the belt

Makes me wish they offered a porkpie hat as one of his head items...
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#33 “Quote” Edit Post
You can make Steve look like Eric Estrada from CHIPS.

2P outfit

black gloves
beige jacket
beige pants
parted hairstyle!

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#34 “Quote” Edit Post
thats fucking awesome haha
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#36 “Quote” Edit Post
I have my Ninja Raven with White color 1 and 3, and a straw hat... named him Raiden.
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#37 “Quote” Edit Post
Hey, Raiden is cool...

here's something a bit classic:

Baek 2P
= Dick Tracy
(you don't need to do anything)

Kazuya 2P
= Lupin III
Red suit, white pants if only you could have the 50's hairstyle and handgun from 1P

Feng Wei 2P
= Detective Zenigata
Brown jacket, brown or default pants
Gangster hat
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#38 “Quote” Edit Post
'cept the clear fact that Dick Tracy wears a yellow suit.
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Originally posted by Mutated Jin
Am I the only person disappointed by this 'theme' take on character customisation? Surely it should be up to us as individuals what theme we want to go for, but the items so far seem to push us toward a particular theme for each character.

There are rather pre-set themes, but the mix and match allows for quite a bit of custom customization =P

My Ninja Raven for example... instead of going for Power Ranger, I went all white with Straw hat and named him Raiden (which is funny cause my friend plays a Mardok named Zangief)
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Suprised no one pitched this idea out for 1p Hwoarang customizatoin theme.....a cobra kai Hwoarang, from Karate kid. Easiest one too, just switch color one to yellow, color two and three to black. Walla...put him in a body bag! >.<
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