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#21 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by saiyuk
okay, here are some that IVE landed....

ewgf, ewgf, 1, 1, 1, 1, ewgf

yep, 4 jabs. and i thought i was hardcore, til 10 minutes later i landed

ewgf, ewgf, 1,2, 1,2, ewgf

yes, i landed it, no walls, on christie. and it wasnt a toe-clip either, so i think theres no reason it shouldnt work on everybody (ie those with shorter legs)

like ppl were saying, ewgf, ewgf, 1, (1,) cd+4,1 is both popular and damaging. plus not TOO easy so u still look hardcore.

tomorrow im gonna try

ewgf, ewgf, 1,2, b+2,4,1

i got my fingers crossed


Very Nice, dude. Doing 4 dashing 1's seems to be nothing in this game. The floating in this game is great. Sorta. Keep us posted.
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#22 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by saiyuk
tomorrow im gonna try

ewgf, ewgf, 1,2, b+2,4,1

i got my fingers crossed


Seriously try:
ewgf, dewgf, b+2,4,1
or add a jab in there after the dewgf.

man, ewgf, ewgf, 1,2, 1,2, ewgf is...too good.

Make sure to try ewgf, ewgf, ewgf, ewgf. Iron Mike says its all gauranteed in a beta version. I need someone to do it in the final version now.

I hope those smelly euros come in here and tell us whats what.
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#23 “Quote” Edit Post
Dori Dori said he used EWGF,EWGF, 1, b+2,4,1
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#24 “Quote” Edit Post
ch b2,4,1, cd4,1 looked guarenteed today. not sure though.

for wall... ewgf, random stuff, f+2 into wall, tgf. RAPE!

ewgf, U/F+4, cd4,1 kept getting teched out of but I bet it works

ff+2, tgf
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#25 “Quote” Edit Post
Somebody try these for me....

CD+4, d/b+3, CD+4,1???
EWGF, u+3, 1, 1, CD+4,1
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#26 “Quote” Edit Post
i almost had this shit the other day.. .

ewgf, ewgf, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, ewgf

heres a new one.. .credit to honkey#1 for this.. .

ch d/f+2, ss ewgf, cd+4,1

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#27 “Quote” Edit Post
Any info about the juggle damage formula???

and if ewgf, dewgf, 1,1,1,1, dewgf is possible i just wonder about this:

EWGF, 1 add numberX, Dewgf

how many jabs can be done normaly and we can still end the juggle with EWGF???

T4 got 4 jabs no wall and slopes, maybe 5 for some extremes...

Mishima all the way dude!!!!!!!!!!

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#28 “Quote” Edit Post
Usually, I try to force wakeups after juggles, so the following juggles are my staples:

EWGF EWGF d/f+1 b+2. Alot of people will lie there after being hit by Hellsweep or Tsunami Kicks mixes, which means stomp for decent damage.

EWGF EWGF CD+4 CD+4 SS for wakeup. Also known as the asshole juggle. I suspect you *could* uf+3 tech catch with this, maybe only after 1 CD+4.

EWGF EWGF b+1 is the same deal as the first combo, but I suspect the ground *stun*(?) on it is wierd. Someone please test.

EWGF x 3 is hell easy. Scrubs like me can do it like 80% of the time.

Another random combo of note:

f+2 (or d/f+1 f+2) WALL HIT SS d/f+4 1 DEWGF. I know more can be done with this, but baby steps for me.

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#29 “Quote” Edit Post
I've done

ewgf, 1, 1, 1 ,1, 1, dewgf
ewgf, ewgf, 1, 1, 1, 1, dewgf
ewgf, ewgf, 1,2, 1, 1, dewgf
ewgf, ewgf, cd,n+4, cd+4,1
ewgf, ewgf, b+2,4>1

Ch d/f+2, cd,n+4, b+2,4,1
cd,n+4, d/f+1,b+2 into Oki.

f,f+2, tgf,4
f,f+2,ewgf(goes under opponent), Bt 3 - when i did this my opponent was against the wall and my ewgf made me go under them, did hemma damage.

I believe all of these were already known though :-( I'll find some new shit, this being my first time looking at kazuya shit.

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#30 “Quote” Edit Post
I've seen JinKid do EWGF, EWGF, 12, 12, dEWGF in game, midscreen, more than once... on a pad.

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#31 “Quote” Edit Post
I know what EWGF is but what the hell is DEWGF? How do you do it?
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#32 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by tragic
I've seen JinKid do EWGF, EWGF, 12, 12, dEWGF in game, midscreen, more than once... on a pad.


dude, what?? u think i did it in practice mode? phrases like 'hey guys just wait a couple of minutes while i try out some combos vs the cpu' dont go down so well in japan...and ive landed it off-centre (the 'wrong' side) on xiaoyu now - its been a week or so since i first realised it was possible.

in some ways i think that ewgf, ewgf, 1, b+2,4,1 is more difficult - the timing and spacing are more finnicky than the other one, where all thats at test is my dexterity with a dewgf.

yeah its a good combo, and if i saw him do it in-game myself then id be impressed and eager to get my chance at him, but i wont be worshipping til well after he forces me to eat the 4 ewgfs hes gonna need to beat me anyway (force = fuck me up with good strats, not turtle until i make 4 mistakes).

but hey, 'bowdown' all u want. just dont tell me to.

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#33 “Quote” Edit Post
this is the one that I use the most :

ws+2 , ewgf , f+1+2 , f+2
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#34 “Quote” Edit Post
try this one...I got it many times.


I haven't faced many small characters yet though. But it worked in julia
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#35 “Quote” Edit Post
I haven?t played the game yet, since i live in Finland and we don?t have any arcades here, but i figured out a combo that could be pretty damaging.

d/f+2 CH 3,1 b+2,4,1

or maybe

ws+1,2 ewgf, cd+4,1
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#36 “Quote” Edit Post
-f+1+2, b+2,4<1 I'm sure u can add punches in there but I believe this would do better damage anyway.

Anybody got good combos off of f,f+2 besides TGF,4?
All I got was:

-f,f+2, f,f+2, d/f+4,4.. maybe a DEWGF?
-f,f+2, b+2,4,1 possible?
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#37 “Quote” Edit Post
Hmm... I mucked around abit with Kaz yesterday...

I landed a few combos as well

ewgf, ewgf, b+2,4>1 is a piss annoying juggle... the b+2,4,1 is very finicking as someone said before.
ewgf, ewgf, 1,2, cd+4,1 --> I think it's techable if not done right
ewgf, ewgf, 1, 1, cd+4,1 --> pretty easy and damaging
ff+2, tgf,3 --> I dunno what other juggles you can get off ff+2... seems hard to juggle off
d/f+1,4, b+2,4>1 --> easy and damaging off d/f+1,4 hahah...

Didn't get a chance to try any other stuff... sticks were a bit annoying for me
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agreed yiggs is a cool, interesting xiaoyu person with a good knowledge of her BTW

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#38 “Quote” Edit Post
From the TZ kaz combo vids. Some not gauranteed, but some seemed worth looking into:

CH b+2,4,1, cd,n,4, b+2,4>1
cd+4:4, cd+4,1
CH d/f+1,4, 1, 1, 1, cd+4,1(or stuff like that)
ewgf, u/f,n,4, b+2,4,1(or b+2,4>1?)
f,f+2, ewgf, cd+4,1(on ling)
ewgf, ewgf, 1, dash, b+2,4>1

My question, he did ws+2, 1,2, f+2(W!), and then b+4,1,3,1(W! on each hit) Is that all gauranteed? If it is...wow.

Next question, he did CH d/f+2, 1, 1, 1(W!), tgf. Does the 1 always stun? If so..wow.
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#39 “Quote” Edit Post
Aside from the few escapable WS+2 stuns all these combo are guaranteed (unless there is some yet to be discovered JF wall tech or something). I did a solid amount of testing to make sure combos in all movies are legit.

No delay was needed on any of the b+2,4,1 enders. Also CH b+2,4,1 seems to be a true combo.

Since there is no wall tech (or there doesn't appear to be one) you can do a variety of hits near the wall. Lead opponents to the wall via jabs and you get tgf as you see in the movie or d/f+4,4 or d/f+2 or even a dash b+3,1,4,1. On the other hand I have a hard time getting b+2,4,1 to hit in these situations, the 4 whiffs most of the time.

Yeah the wall is NASTY... most characters have one string or more that works really well and they don't always have to be fast as you can see in the Raven short clip.
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#40 “Quote” Edit Post
Fuck this is fuckin too much,how the hell can they leave kaz like this?!
ewgf,dewgf, 1x5 into dewgf and guarenteed it's like unbeliveale...ok,just like what our friend asked,what will be the number of jabs after a one ewgf?? what 8 jabs? are we in a circus?

anyone know the properties of the ewgf now? less frames i think,right? something like that is impossible to connect(the juggle ya just mentioned) in a normal case,even if the gravity become higher.....any idea please?
also,same damage or less?

castel,ya wanna tell me that something like that is aint wall tech at all??
from what i understood mainly jabs and quick lunchers are the only possible way to keep opponent up juggled and into wall(hit by wall) right? example: after the Combo MCP said,can you hellsweep to 1 opponent?
also other stuff,did anyone try to ss into cd~4 after the wall hit? maybe ya can get him away from the wall and so you can connect another small combo series(just like in T4)

also did anyone try Ch 3 into ss ewgf?? in T4,if ya ws2(CH), into ss ws3, into ss ewgf(and did it right) you will juggle up opponent from behind
simple Combo:
-ws2,ss 3, ss dewgf, 1, 1, 1, dewgf

any idea please?

also did anyone tried to like connect the first two hit from the b+2,4,1 string and contiuing it with another combo string ?

thanks everyone..
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