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For those of you who want to join us here at Fan Art Central, here are the guidelines we like to follow! Please take a minute to read it all before you consider posting here.

Fan Art Central (FAC) has always been a pretty laid back and friendly forum. Everyone here posts his or her art for the fun of it! We are not trying to compete with each other or try to make anyone look bad. The artists here are rather supportive of each other, and hopefully it will always stay that way. Anyone is more than welcome to join, please don't feel that this forum is just a 'clique' that you need to be invited to join. If you have Tekken fanart, someone here would love to see it! ^_^


* No pointless flaming or insults. If you don't like someone's art, keep your thoughts to yourself. If an artist requests a critique, you may offer some constructive criticism, but try to be friendly about it. (I have listed some bad examples of bad constructive criticism below this list, please read them if you have a minute. ^_~) As the old saying goes, 'if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all'.

* If you want a critique, let it be known somewhere in your post with your picture.
If you just wish to share your art with everyone and do not want a critique, write "No Critiques, please."

* Please try to avoid harsh vulgarities or excessive cursing. People under the age of 18 do come here! We really don't mind swear words as long as they are used in a positive way, such as 'Holy shit! Your picture kicks ass!'

* This is a Tekken fanart forum, so try to post art related to Tekken! Pictures of anything is else is welcome, but try not to post more than 1 or 2 non-Tekken related images per week.

* Any posts that try to rank the artists here will be closed. This forum is not a contest to see who is best. It's just a nice place to meet other on-line artists and share some fresh new art. ^_^

* Please do not post any art with sexually explicit references or full frontal nudity. We are not easily offended here at FAC, but try to post art that is within good taste. Artists under 18 do come here, so please keep that in mind. Here are some guidelines for what would be considered appropriate:

- Romantic situations are fine, ex: Hugging, kissing, etc. However, any art that suggests sexual intercourse is happening or is about to happen would not be appropriate.

- Try to avoid nudity if possible. However, if it is done tastefully, you can display your work here.

If you are uncertain if your piece is appropriate for FAC, you may send a private message to Lea, Psychoblue, or myself to ask. We don't bite! ^_~

* Try to only post your own art and not art done by other artists. Posting the art of anyone else besides yourself can result in confusion, in otherwords, we may believe that you are trying to steal credit for the art in question! If you really wish to share the work of another artist, PLEASE CREDIT THE PROPER ARTIST AND DO NOT HOT LINK! (That means do not put up links that directly go to the images displayed on a website) You may put up the link to the artists main page of their website, then tell us where we can find the art you wanted us to see. Hot linking is very rude to anyone who has to pay for his or her own bandwidth.

* If you see art here that you would like to display on your website or any other personal usage, please ask that artist's permission! Despite the fact that only Namco owns the Tekken characters, any fanart belongs to the artist who drew it.

* Please do not spam this forum. If you want to talk to a forum member about something non-art related, please e-mail that person or send them a private message.

* If your topic/fanart does not get many replies, don't take it personally! Some people feel that they are not good artists if they do not get alot of comments. That's not true. This could just be due to bad timing, a slow forum day, your topic title may have not been interesting (for example, 'my new pic' doesn't sound as appealing as 'My Nina in a new outfit!' or 'Hwoarang goes for a haircut!'.) or perhaps you have chosen an unpopular subject that current TZ'ers are not too interested in. Don't take it to heart, just try again and keep on drawing! ^_^


These are some suggestions on what NOT to say here!

" Your style is really weird. But it's ok I guess."

Telling someone his or her art is 'weird' is not a compliment. Try to use better words like 'Your art is really unique, that's cool!' or 'Wow, you have a style all your own, I admire that.'

" I Hate Xiaoyu!!! She is the worst Tekken character ever! Oh, but I really like your drawing of her"

Despite that someone drew your least favorite character, don't tell the artist that. It's not necessary. It sounds like you are scolding that artist for drawing that character.

"Your art is good. But I know this other artist that is WAY better than you! Have you ever seen their art?"

Most artists do not appreciate being told that they are inferior to someone else. The artist most likely already knows that they are not perfect and they do not need a reminder. Art is subjective anyhow. If you are trying to find a certain on-line artist that does not post here, make a whole new topic about it. You'll get better results that way.

"Ew....I can't believe you drew Marshall and Anna as a couple!!!! That is so gross!!! What a stupid idea!!!! >_< I like how you colored it, though."

Believe it or not, there are billions of people in the world who have different tastes and ideas than you do. ^_^ Be considerate of that. Covering up an insult with a compliment really doesn't make the insult much better.

"Why does everybody draw *insert popular character name here*??? They are so overrated...."

*sigh* You just have to face the fact that certain characters are more popular subjects in fanart. (Jin, Hwoarang, Kazuya, Lee, Nina, Xiaoyu are usually the most popular characters in Tekken fanart.) There's no reason to scold someone for drawing the popular characters. There's nothing wrong with giving the crowd what they want. It would be cool to see more Jack, Wang, and Eddy fanart, but it just doesn't happen often....not much we can do about it. (You could always offer to pay someone to draw some of the other character for you! ^_~) Fanart shouldn't be forced, let the artists draw whatever they feel inspired to draw!

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