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Though I haven't posted any art for awhile either, here I go...

Name: Carissa Lynn Creveling but PLEASE call me Reesa ^_^;;

Agin' info: born 9/20/85, so I'm 16

Live in: Williamsport, PA (ie, where they have the Little League Championship every year; boring as hell -_-)

Favorite Tekken characters to draw: Lee, Nina, Jun, Roger, Julia

Favorite game chars: Lee, Roger, Iori Yagami (KoF), Dante (Devil May Cry), Tidus and Mog and Lulu (Final Fantasy), Klonoa, and who can forget Sonic. ^_^

Favorite games besides Tekken: Klonoa 2, Dance Dance Revolution (I can finally do Dead End on trick!!! Wow, I suck!! XD), Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy X, and I can't wait for Kingdom Hearts (comes out 3 days before my bday :thumbsup: )

Hobbies: Gaming, computer crap (I *heart* HTML), writing, drawing, being a dip, travelling

Obsessions: too damn many of them... Honda S2000s, the Net (is that bad...?), I can recite almost the entire thing of The Emperor's New Groove, used to be obsessed with the sphere grid and levelling my chars up in FFX until I accidentally saved over my 130 hour file... ;.; Oh, and pie.

Random: I like to watch cartoons because they're fun and anime is neat (I find hentai to be the funniest thing ever); I listen to assorted music, such as trance, techno, and game music (Tetris remixes rock!!). I collect random things like foreign Coke cans (I have ones in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, German, Polish, and a buncha others...) and Tekken things, though not so much anymore. I am currently heartbroken because I lost my Leechain and Roger keychain in Seattle when I was coming home from GameWorks. I plan on trying to be Iori for Halloween this year, and hopefully I'll do my first anime con next year because my mum saw something about one and wants to go now, hehe. My desktop is currently a Sonic the Hedgehog theme someone else made, but I replaced the icons and wallpaper.

Uhhh... *rambles*

I'm finally gonna graduate. Yay. I'm hopefully gonna go to DigiPen institute of Technology in Redmond, WA for college.
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*reads* I forgot music!

Music: WIDE MOUTH MASON ALL THE WAY!!!!! ...Other than that, my music taste is eclectic. Mostly Canadian rock. (Big Sugar's All Hell for a Basement is on my favourites list right now), though I'm a sucker for everything from Disney soundtracks to Korn to classical (sucker for Beethoven and Bach especially) to...anything not Britney or boy-band or Eminem (sorry, Eminem fans). ^_~ ...And by the way, Disc 1 of the Tekken 4 soundtrack is, IMO, INCREDIBLE!

(TJ...I worked with Nelly Furtado's older sister this summer! My brush with greatness...)
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Name: Kevin Saddler
NickNames: Sky Boy *on the net* KJ *by friends and family*

Location: Austin, Texas

Birthday: February 6th, 1987 *You have six months to draw me something j/k*

Favourite Tekken Characters to Draw: Jun of course. I am the resident Jun Kazama drawer, and no one will ever take that title from me *that's right, I'm coming back! bwuhahahahahaha!*

Favourite Games Besides Tekken: X-Men vs. Street Fighter: Marvel vs. Capcom 2: Sonic Adventure: Mortal Kombat 2 and 3: Street Fighter 2 and 3: Dead or Alive 2: X-Men, Mutant Academy

Favourite TV Shows and Movies: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, baby!!! The Simpsons, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Martin, Living Single *most cartoons.* Movies are Scooby Doo, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and A Low Down Dirty Shame

Other Random Stuff: I am a Jun, Sailor Moon, Rogue fanatic. I always draw or talk about them. The only person I like more *fan-wise* is Sarah Michelle Gellar! People say I'm obessed with her and I have to agree. I'm a purple belt in Tae Kwon Do: picturing Paul's face on the punching bag helps my stress. I'm really shy, but talk and laugh too much when you get to know me.

Music I Like: I loved Janet Jackson since I was little *can't remember what age though* I am a huge, huge, huge fan of Aaliyah. She wasone of my faves since the 3rd grade, or sometime around that: So when she died, I was very devastated. I basically like rap and hip-hop *Like Ashanti and Ludicris*

Main TZ friends: Saiyan Rage, Kuni_Bob, Ryan, BT18. When I draw a picture, these 4 always support me, which makes me happy. I will post another pic soon: maybe tomorrow along with episode 1 of my fic "Tekken's Pocket Fighter: Wulong's Angels." Go read the prologue in the fanfic area *Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please!*

Picture day was today at my school, so a pic will come soon...
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I hath returned, dunno if anyone remembers me. :-D I loved looking at these profiles, though. My turn to add. Hurrah.
Real Name:Victoria (Tori) M.
Birthday: November 24, 1986 (15)
Location: USA, Pennsylvania
Favorite Video Game Characters: Tekken-King, T3/TTT Xiayou, Nina, Hwoarang, Kunimitsu Other-Morrigan Aensland, Ukyo, Donovan, Link, Lulu, Sephiroth
Favorite TV Shows/Movies: TV-The Simpsons, WWE (aka WWF), Spongebob Square Pants, SNL, American Idol Movies-The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Austin Powers Movies, LOTR (books are damn better), Harry Potter, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Yellow Submarine
Music: Mostly old rock/pop-Billy Joel, Queen, Guns 'n' Roses, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Kiss, Elton John, Metallica, Nirvana Other-Ayumi Hamasaki, Malice Mizer
Literature: LOTR, Silmirrillion (anything by Tolkien), Edgar Allen Poe Literature
Other: I'm very friendly, but I'm also very shy IRL. When I go somewhere new and I don't know anybody it's usually someone approaching me rather then vice versa. Because of this sometimes I come off conceited and distant (I'm not, I'm just shy and reserved), but when you get to know me I'm very friendly and loyal. I usually am blunt and tend to avoid quarrels and bad situations (some say I can be manipulative) unless I have instigated something. People often ask me for advice or tell me their problems and worries. I'm a good listener, and try to be as understanding as possible. I'm not always that outspoken, and I'm very laid back. I listen to others opinions and depending on the situation I may add in my two cents.I'm not very trusting of others at all, but I'm great at keeping secrets. I don't like talking about religion (I'm not athiest, I guess I'm diest, though I'm catholic), but I have a strong set of morals. I'm very pro-life. I love animals, and I'm not ashamed to be American though I don't agree with everything. I like being an individualist, though my friends try to classify me as punk or goth (similar to Crizl's situation), because I change my hair funky colors often and tend to be different. I own a pet conure (parrot) named Ling-Ling who I convinced my class last year to call God and a Pimp...not the smartest thing to do in a Catholic school though. I like to be alone, and avoid many social situations (I'm slightly schizoid). I love the supernatural and spirits! I love visiting haunted houses but I don't like interfering by using rituals or oujie (sp?) boards, and I dislike wiccan/satanism. I love drawing, of course and writing. I think that's it. [sarcasm] Aren't I lovely?[/sarcasm]
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Name: Oskar Gruner....k or c it doesn't matter and yes that's it....sadly

Nicks I go by (in RL): Tiger,Logan,Dashu

Birthday: March 25th 1986 (same day as Iori Yagami )

Location: Berlin,Germany

Favourite Tekken Characters to draw: Kazuya and Kazama Jin so far....didn't try too much since I suck at any kind of drawing

Favourite Games besides Tekken: Bloddy Roar,Resident Evil,King of Fighters (94-99),Devil May Cry,Metal Gear Solid,SSX,Zelda,all ...Craft-games and a bunch of other stuff

Favourite TV-Shows/Movies: M*A*S*H,Simpsons,Andromeda (and a few more I don't remember)...movies are everything Mel Brooks made,the Rocky Horror Picture Show,all Monty Phytons,Schindlers List,the Beatles movies,Big Trouble in Little China,most Tarantino stuff ("These guys were no freaks they were fucking vampires!"),LotR,Star Wars 4-6 (1-3 for me) and again a lot more.And don't even get me started on animes...

Music I like: I like almost everything as long as it's good music but I'm mainly into gothic,metal,old school rock and alternative but I also love the Beatles or most of the 70's and 80's
favourite bands right now are Bush,Puddle of Mudd,Stratovarius,Blind Guardian (changing from time to time)

Random stuff about me: Well what am I?I'm german,french,greek and spanish to equal parts and people say I've got the best out of each(whatever that may be).I think you could say I'm a goth and I wouldn't say no but I'm a bit of everything else as well.Some people say I'm scary others say I'm weird and I guess I'm both at times.Most of the time I'm writing song-lyrics or try to get some new languages in my head.I also read alot...from J.R.R.Tolkien to John Updike I'm up for everything I can find interesting.I'm currently about to finnish high school (or the equivalent over here) and then I'll start my way into the print and visual media business (I hope).I'm trying to learn CGing right now since my line art sucks ass.I'm also very interested in the different asian cultures and ways of life.I'm a very sarcastic and black humored guy and always up for some convo about the important things in life (but don't expect me to change my point of view too fast)
Well I guess that's about everything you need to know about me,if not just pick me up on AIM or ICQ.
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Name: Nidhida Gohel

WTF??: thats pronounced Nee-dhee-daa

AKA: KFK, cherry storm, nidya, KeFKa...etc

Location: England, East midlands

Age: 17

DOB: 11th december 1985....*hint hint*

Favorite Tekken Characters to Draw: Ling, Jin, Jun, Angel, Hwoarang, Kaz..... i don't do any of them justice tho....

Other Favorite Games Besides Tekken: Final fantasy 7,8,10. Bloody roar, soul blade/calibur.

Favorite TV shows, Movies, etc: Friends, will & grace, ally mcbeal, ER, (manga) zoids, cardcaptors, yu-gi-oh, legend of the four kings, arislan... (normal cartoons) captain planet....

fave books and comics: anything by David Eddings, Blade of the immortal, card captors, oh my goddess, anything LJ smith... and so on.

music i like: alternative!!!!!!! incubus, linkin park, SOAD, POD, POM, AAF offsprings etc oh and i love 112

all bout lil ol me : i am of indian/asian origin though i was born and bred in England. i am totally and utterly insane.... i like to draw though i suck at it. I also like to write in my spare time. i write fanfiction a lot and i am currently working with a friend on an original story. That all i have to say....

i can't talk about myself much....there's nothing to say really apartfrom that i have a passion for art and written art.... (don't be fooled i'm not a poet....)

well thats me... nice ta meet y'all

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Name: Fitz Gerald

Age: 23 (08/24/79)

Location: Philippines

Favorite Tekken characters: Yoshimitsu, Heihachi, King, Craig, and Jin

Other favorite games : Breath of Fire 1-4, Diablo 1 & 2, Starcraft, Warcraft, Civilization III, Vagrant Story, Soldier of Fortune, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 1 & 2, All the Black Isle RPGs (Fallout, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment), Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, Guilty Gear, Street Fighter Alpha 2 & 3, Soul Calibur, Battle Realms, Samurai Shodown, KOF, Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves, Last Blade 2....

Fave movies: The Usual Suspects, Suicide Kings, Fight Club, Se7en, Men In Black, Howling, Blade, The Crow, Signs, The Quest, The Matrix, Frank Herbert's Dune, Grave of the Fireflies, Forrest Gump, Philadelphia

Fave TV Shows of all time: Millenium, The X-Files, CSI, The Practice, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Magic Knight Rayearth, MacGyver, Sliders, Twilight Zone, Ghostbusters, Transformers, Highlander, The Simpsons, Samurai X, Quantum Leap, Mission Impossible, Dexter's Laboratory, Power Puff Girls (heh), Mask

Music: Linkin Park, Incubus, Godsmack, Michelle Branch, Ja Rule, Gin Blossom, Tom Petty, Natalie Imbruglia, Sum 41, Live, the dude/s that made the Xenogears:Creid soundtrack (I always forget Japanese names), Creed, K's Choice, Puddle of Mudd, Eminem, Edwin McCane, Gorillaz, Eraserheads, River Maya, South Border, Freestyle, Fionna Apple, The Corrs and Enya.

Fave writer: Neil Gaiman

Fave artists: Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio, Bengus, Joe Madureira, Togashi Yoshihiro, Bill Sienkiewicz (sp?), Richard Kane Fergusson, Milo Manara, Akira Toriyama, Tony Di Terlizzi, Gerald Brom, Masamune Shirow, Roy Allan Martinez, Yoshitaka Amano, Akihiko Yoshida, Marc Silvestri

What keeps me busy aside from playing: Work, work, more work, ...I casually play Magic the Gathering and Mage Knight (yeah, I know, I'm a geek), I draw a lot (though I think i'm not getting any good at it,grrr....), Keeping in touch with my friends who I've been with since elementary (it's hard right now as we have different jobs)

About me: Once I thought somebody referred to me as goth but he actually said goat (*stupid joke* >_< ). My life's pretty normal (i.e. boring). I've always got this serious look that most people translates to as being snobbish and/or critical. The truth is I've got this habit of letting my mind drift away even if someone's speaking to me ("Huh, what's that again?" followed by "Oh that one..." followed by an unsettling silence as I'm figuring out what the hell is this guy saying in the first place).

I've been drawing since before I even went to school, my brothers, my grandfather and most of my uncles are very good when it comes to art, so basically that's where I got my knack for drawing. I was obsessed with Transformers when I was a kid and I would draw my ass out using my notebooks in school (much to my mom's chagrin). My love for drawing grows as my love cartoons grows with it, Saturday was heaven sent for me. Anyway, even though I have been drawing for that long, I still suck which really frustrates me a lot, guess I'm a slow learner Even now I suck at everything I draw which is really sad. I like to try my hand at writing though.

Tekkenwise, I pretty much suck and your little sister would probably beat me without breaking a sweat. I started playing Tekken when the third installment came out , I am really a 2D fighting nuts and abhors the 3D fighting back then but I was really blown out with Tekken 3 and all the fighting style it presented. I never knew that a fighting game could have that so much depth that took me months just to be adequately proficient with a single character. I played it with obsession often reserved for serial killers. And you think with all the countless hours of gameplay I invested in Tekken I'd be a Tekken-god right now, but no I've got my ass handed to me a million times. Grrr... Anyway playing Tekken was one of my memorable gaming moments something I'd look back and cherish 20 years from now.
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NAME:Fehime Mim ,house name not importent

LOCATION:Stadtlohn,Germany.Very nice small city.

AGE AND BIRHTDAY:34 ,01.01.1968 ...weeeeeeee Im very old ,but
very happy (thanks God)

Julia Chang (I never draw her till now,time for it) Kunimitzu,
Yoshimitzu,Lee Chaolan,Beak To San and Ogre.

OTHER FAVORITE GAMES:Blood Omen (Yeah that rocks) Dynasty
warrios 3, Devil May Cry ( play that more than 10 times through)
GTA 3 , Shadow Of Memories,Gran Turismo ,Rige Racer,Onimusha,
Tomb Raider all and of course my love game Tekken!!!!

TV:I dont like to watch TV

Movies:Matrix,Dragon And Dounges, Tomb Raider and Stevan King

Occupation: I want to be a fashion Designer ,but my Dad say
"Oh Mim my dougther ,you must marrie" And that was my
Occupation hahahahahaha.The beginning was very hard ,but now its okay.

OBSESSION: JIN KAZAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MUSIC:Linkin Park, Techno ,House,Rap- Soul (Ashanti,Brandy,R Kelly, Fat Joe, NELLY (hey sing it ,its getting hot in here ,so take
off all your cloth ,Im getting so hot ,I take my cloth off...hey Mim come to you!!!...upps)

HOBBYSlay Playstation (Tekken,hehehehe) Play with my kids,
Draw ,dance with my sis (when she comes at the weekend we make dance party,wuuuw yeah thats going up ,I love to dance like techno Shiva and we love to make belly dance) and be with family and friends.

I love My GOD and The ANGELS ,I read and learn much about it.
And I love the peace and the human allover the world!!!!!!!!
My child hood was hard ,I learn much from this life! Mom and Dad was all day working ,we was much times alone.I must take care of my brothers and sis.I must make the housework and must be good at the school ...that was very hard for me...Than I want to be a fashion designer ,but No Mim You must marrie.More hard days for me. The wings was broken again.Ask husband if I can make it.No No Mim you Must take care of your kids. But My kids was my love,I love them more than anything in this world.
My youngerst Kid is handycapt,But she is the happyness in my house,^_~!!!!

Im very happy to find this forum !So much good human are here!
We understant eachother very good and it is always good atmospher here.Im happy to get know SaiyanRage ^_^,Tekken TJ, Crizl,Kuni_hworang ,Blood Talon, Kazzy and all other!!
Im happy to share my everything here!Thanks to all of you!!

Peace for all And love ya all!!Im mean it Seriously!!
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~You are a Human and I am a Human ,so where is the problem?! Dont worry be ^_^!~
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Grrr I hate my name to hell!!!!!!!!! If any1s bothered.

Name Katie Edgar (known as Lunar sky, Hellangel and was Kouika too)

Location Warrington, Cheshire, England

Hobbies Surfin the net games, drawing, original stuff(Crimson Star etc.) Makin mad weird comics (My first orig comic Demons comin soon.) Cg'ing (new) Buying figures to add to my lovely lil collection(Still searchin for gawdamn Jin! Gonna get Legolas soon.Wishes capcom would release a DMC series. Oh is the FF10 Bandai series out yet?)

Birthday Whats the point evry1 incl my family forget. 30th July 1986!!!! I hate being a young artist. Just turned 16

Fav tekken characters to draw err Jin, Hwoarang, Devil Jin, Ling, Steve, Kazuya thats it I think.

Fav games beside tekken DMC-Devil May Cry Dante ownz me!!! Final Fantasy series (currently huge Wakka fan and Tidus is pretty funny too and Auron of course. Hey BT I did a pic of him ages ago on request.) Metal gear solid series(Raiden is cool dammit!) SSX series(Psymon is hilarious!) ZOE-Zone of the enders(Pure awesome and original) Shadow of memories(Weird and totally original cool characters too.) Virtua fighter 4, the bouncer(Hey I loved Kou and Mugetsu) Sonic(First game I ever played)

Fav TV programmes Buffy the Vampire slayer(Hell yeah), Friends, Frasier or Fraser I forgot, Angel, The simpsons, Trigger happy TV(Funny stuff) Jackass(Stupid guys that make me laugh), the cramp twins, Jonny Bravo, Powerpuff girls, Dexters lab(I love that!) Jackie Chan adventures, sailor moon, Gundam Wing, Cardcaptors (I love Yue. until we got rid of cable I watched these)
Anime I wanna see Damn bloody UK get Rurouni Kenshin will ya!!!! If ya cant tell I like cartoons.
Old TV-Teenage mutant ninja turtles, ghostbusters, Pokemon, digimon(I used to love that)

Fav movies Loves Jim Carrey films ESP Liar Liar and Ace ventura 1+2, Lord of the rings the fellowship.....(No never guess that eh?) Austin Powers 1+2 (haven't seen 3 yet! ) Spiderman, Mulan,Rush Hour 1 (I didn't like 2), Gladiator, enemy of the state, Shrek, Monsters inc., Blade 1 and 2 and theres more I just forgot. ninja the wonder boy(Without this I wouldn't have the style I have no my first ever anime cartoon and my fav ever movie when I was 4 ish. since then I loved anime style art.)

Music Daft Punk, Nickelback, Gorillaz, R+B such as Ja rule etc, stereophonics, Err enya or somethin that LOTR soundtrack song its so relaxing. Certain Trance.
some game music can listen all day to the DMC rock music and Hwoarangs TTT theme and the FF10 soundtrack

Online Friends I dunno who I should count cos some of you might not see me as a friend.
Allison L, Kuja(was an online friend),Rinoa angelwings(was) Quincy(Was owned a bouncer shrine shut it down),Hwoarangs girl(was I never get e-mail anymore!), Bulleta, Kazzy, Blood talon 18, LL, Robi Dark, JDR,TLAG... aww hell your all great!!! also TNP squad, Samantsmith and Lazarii and the awesome OM forums 'perfectionists'

Inspiring artists No wait your all great but c'mon evry1 has their faves right?!
Bomu/Ben Krefta-Choking jaw dropping art and hes only 20!!!!!!!
Crizl-The first online artist I saw and liked ever since.
Allison L- a really soft unique style. Specialises in Auron and shes great to talk to.
Ryoko-Has a great style and totally awesome CG also great to talk to.
Brom-An official battlecard artist whose dark art is just wow some of it is WEIRD/pervy though. Dark artists need to check out his stuff it'll give ya loads of inspiration.
and lots more artists too.

Random junk I love drinking Tea!!! I'm addicted cant go a day without it! Games I love games and usually I get told off a lot for playing them for 9 hours at a go etc. I love originals and original artists. I still have my first ever comic the horror of it!! No way am I gonna show it! and Dammit I hope more ppl pay attention to Crimson Star in the future.

I'm very unconfident my style sucks i'm kinda cold too. I used to roar at my lil sis when she was left in the dark and tell her things like the zombies of resident evil would attack her in the night if she didn't do somethin I told her.

Sometimes I act dumb I just do that so I dont have to do any work such as making my own tea.
"you know where the kettle is!" No I dont I replied.

I've been drawing for as long as I remember I was the class artist now I look at my old stuff I have to think if I was the best then CRAP what was evry1 else like?!
also I was always good at original storywriting well thats what I was told. Oh yeah and my fav ghoul has always been a vampire! Hence the lovely Tyler.

I'm small I haven't grown for ages I say I've left school and no1 believes me. I hate my gawdamn hair. Its curly and brown which explains why my sis used to call me Frodo!!!
I always wear tracksuits or jeans and my denim love denim! I cant stand a dress. I see myself as very ugly and have never had a relationship cos the guys round here are cocky uglyass dickheads who think they're good.

Errrr Oh yes I think my new title is the blab master my posts are way too long so are my e-mails. I hope to get a job in the art business preferably video games. The college I was gonna go did a course on makin games but it was too far so I had to setlle with this crap college I start next week. I'm doin all art exept maths which I'm forced to take!!!

Soon I hope to make a decent sprite!!!

My fav genre of book is defo fantasy and horror esp fantasy which explains why i'm doin Crimson Star.

I h8 school to hell!!!!!! GRRRR caused me grief by the evil of humanity which further explains I turned slightly dark. I based my tragic characters etc. on my feelings and stuff such as Kaizou who wishes he was dead. I love angels and demons and envy a lot of ppl!

oh yeah

Obsession Long haired guys!!!! Ooh lovley damn awesome long haired guys I have an obsession and lots of my origs have long hair. Obsessive characters are.
Kenshin, angemon, James(Team rocket), Prince Diamond, Yue, Squall,Laguna, Seymour(Hey I like him) and guys in fantasy fics I've read.
my own origs Tyler, Hiyako, Black ghost etc.

Whoa enough BLAB you prolly all give up readin this now!
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Oh man oh man..I forget so much things to write...
I was at the inrnetcafe and must make it fast..so I write now that what I forget...sorry

Im a very spiritual human ,love to make meditations.I love the energy Reiki. Reiki comes from Japan and I love Japan more than my homeland.The traditional site of Japan intresstet me very much. The tempels and so on. I believe that I was a japanse woman in another life ,but much human and the religion say that human comes only one time to the world ,well I dont know.
I believe in dreams!! Its my Orakel for everthing i want to know.
And I swear that it helps me much times .

I love fantasy .I like the pics of Luis Royo.

I like the new video clip from Linkin park.Thats great.Future fantasy pure. I think in this clip are much informatins for the future! Make no War , you only destroy your self with making war.Isn`t it? Because we all live in the same world.The mother earth hate wars!! She will save her self always.Oh man I must say always sorry for my english..I hope it comes over how I mean it.Well, try to understand me ,I mean it always good ^_^.

I love manga and anime very much too.I draw much of them too.
I try to make my homepage and I hope it will be okay.

Peace for all
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Originally posted by Hellangel
Fav games beside tekken DMC-Devil May Cry Dante ownz me!!! Final Fantasy series (currently huge Wakka fan and Tidus is pretty funny too and Auron of course. Hey BT I did a pic of him ages ago on request.) Metal gear solid series(Raiden is cool dammit!) SSX series(Psymon is hilarious!) ZOE-Zone of the enders(Pure awesome and original) Shadow of memories(Weird and totally original cool characters too.) Virtua fighter 4, the bouncer(Hey I loved Kou and Mugetsu) Sonic(First game I ever played)

Wait, you did a pic of who on request? Sorry, but I'm running on maybe three hours sleep if I'm lucky, *lol*
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I havn't posted much here but I plan to.

Name Carl Young

Age 17. Birthdays 21st November

Location Manchester, England.

Occupation Student. Studying Graphic Design

Fave Tekken charecters to draw Depends, Kuni and Kaz at the moment.

Fave games Tekken, Resi Evil, Pikmin, Smash Bros Meele, Final Fantasy 7,8,9,10, Metal Gear Solid 1+2 Sonic and more that I've forgot.

hobbies Drawin, Readin, watchin TV, playin on my PS2/Gamecube.

Fave Books Harry Potter series, The Shining, Rainbow 6, Currently reading The Last Hero: A Discworld Fable.

Fave Films Who framed rodger rabbet, Harry Potter, Demolition Man, End of Days, The Shining, Life of Brian, Evil Dead, the Terminator 1+2 , Alien Trilogy, Predator, 007 Golden Eye, Sword in the Stone, Spiderman. loads more

Fave Anime Akira, Ninja Scroll, Street Fighter 2

Fave TV programs Buffy, Friends, The Simpsons, Only fools and Horses, South Park, Spiderman, Maried with Children.

Music Queen Rule All!!!!!!!!, The Beatles, Aerosmith, Linkin Park

I've got a short fuse but can take a joke, I'm small for may age, really small, I've seen 12 year olds who are bigger then me, and often get stoped by cops asking why am I not in school. I get on well with people but I can give as good as I take (so don't Fuck with me. )

I plan on moving to America in a few years. I have an obbsetion with Buffy. I'm always on my PS2/Gamecube.

I dunno what else to put
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Name- Erika M. R.

Where I live- San Antonio Tx USA (Sa Town

Age and Birthday- 16+2
Febuary 3, 1986

Favorite Tekken Characters to Draw- Lee, Kazuya, Jin, Devil jin, Hwoarang, Lei and Lee ( )

Other Favorite Games Besides Tekken- This is gona be long... Capcom Vs SNK 2, Bloody Roar, Gran Turismo2, FF series, Samurai Showdown Series, Devil May Cry, GGX (Guilty Gear X)...and i think thats it so far..oh wait King of Fighters and street fighter ^^

Favorite TV shows, Movies, etc- Beast Wars Transformers, Gundam Wing, G gundam, Samurai X, DBZ, Zoids (The newer one not clasic) and a whole bunch of other anime

Insperational artist(s):---> Well there are a ton of them but i think the ones that hit meh home the most are Sam Lui, Julie Dillion, Jeff Axer, and the two most recent ones would be Linda B. and Julia L.

Other Stuff About Me- Well lets see here... i'm umm extreamly wierd and goofy and stuuff like that. Umm i play video games and whatch anime day in and day out, i do the same thing with drawin, and i love cars!!!!!! Alot!! I also like Sci Fi type stuff to (Things with monsters or aliens or strange people) And i'll draw anything that i absolutly love or i think is interestin (well i attempt to) I like futuristic, things that deal with the Dark ages (The kings and knights and stuff) and japanese history as well as culture (Duh!)

Ok...i'm a really easy person to get along with. I'm pretty friendly for the most part to..not unless you truley make meh mad, then i become evil. I'm pretty sure you guys can tell that i'm silly as all out dooors and i really act this way in real life. My memory isn't really all that great either -.-; . I'm seem to hurt my self quite abit too. I'm a big klutz. I don't really do anything fanncy like put on make up or wear fancy jewlery I'm pretty plain for the most part. I don't really like wearin dresses too. Yes i'm a tom-boy but i have no problem with it . Infact i like wearin guy clothes and stuff^^

Umm.......i think thats all

Musack i like: I'll listen to just about anythin But my faves to listen to are Rap, Rock and Jazz.

Erika M. R.

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Name: Claire Louise McLaughlin

AKA: Kuni/Kuni989 (wish I never picked this nearly ever1 has it)

D.O.B: 14th August 1986

Location: Ireland NW

Fav charicters 2 draw: Mostly Rangs and Jin but I'll draw any1

Fav movies and TV-Shows Hhhmmmm.... Truman Show, High Fidelity, Rush Hour 1 + 2, Ace Ventura 1 + 2, Blade and other stuff I can't rembr. TV... Will and Grace, Simpsons, Friends, Jackass, Trigger Happy TV anything funny really. Then Cardcaptors, DBZ, Jackie Chan and I've started to watch BeyBlade.

Fav other games: Final Fantasy 8 & 10. Devil May Cry, GGX, Time Crisis 2, used to love Sonic and Streets of Rage. Most WWF/E Games

Music: Most rock and metal except for grunge and most goth. I detest a hella' lot of pop music. Fav Bands... Linkin Park, Inme, Lost Prophets, Nickleback, New Found Glory, P.O.D and other guys too.

A few BORING facts about me: I'm now 16. 5 days after my birthday my sister had a baby girl. I'm studying Art, History, Irish, Technology and alot of boring other stuff.
Spend my time Drawing, playing PS2 or planted comfortably in front of Sky Digital. Friends live a bit far away so I can't get out much.
Oh and I will probably die next week (if anybody cares, which I'm sure u don't) when I came into contact with my Art and History teachers.

Ummmm.... Can't think of anything else, (my mind is preocuppied with organising my funeral)

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Ack......I know I'm nobody in here, but what-the-hey?

NAME: Amee Rose - (classified)
NATIONALITY: American Korean
BIRTH PLACE: Seoul, South Korea
DOB: 02/06
HEIGHT: 4'10 *shut up! I know I'm short!*
WEIGHT: 101lbs
OCCUPATION: Columbia College student, musician, artist

BIO: I live a simple life. I'm just like any human girls on this planet: I go to school, I work, and just chill out when I'm not composing music, building websites, going to school, or visiting my bf.

I'm hoping to become a professional web-designer someday because I love building websites! Along the side, I hope to publish my music (which is quite similar to Engima, trance, and some of my songs, techno) as well.

Yes, I'm a music composer. I also have another small meek talent; (which is very known to people that knows me), art. Many of you seen my recent art pics. How's my drawings? Sux right now...but I'm still learning. That's why I'm a Columbia College student.

To learn more about me, you can check out my personal homepage.
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hehe, might as well contribute. Don't post much anymore, but a lot of the FAC old-timers know me ^_^

Name: Ron Chan (also, "CHAiNwhore" at shoryuken.com)

DoB/Age: Feb 9th, 1983 (19)

Height/Weight: About 5'10"/170lbs

Location: Born, raised, and lived most my life in Portland, OR, but now I spend more time away in Savannah, GA to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Favorite Tekken characters to draw: Gotta be Jin

Favorite music: Hip-Hop(mostly west coast underground stuff), anime/video game soundtracks, Jazz.

Favorite anime series: Cowboy Bebop, Lain, Trigun, Love Hina

Favorite movies: Amelie, Princess Mononoke, Grave of the Fireflies, Memento, Perfect Blue, Fight Club, Jin-Roh, Chinese Chow Yun-Fat movies.

Favorite games: Street Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Castlevania: SotN

Lessie, what else can I say? I spend a lot of time either in school or sitting around doing absolutely nothing. I'm a big fan of just lounging around. Video games are good, I can't get enough of the three games listed above. I'd like to think I'm a pretty friendly and polite guy. I'm told that I'm rather casual and easy-going, nonchalant, perhaps. One of my favorite phrases which I say very often is "Eh, I'm sure it'll all work itself out." And it usually does ^_^
I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, and I think now, after a year at college, I'm finally really starting to feel good about how my art is progressing, and the idea of holding an art career in the future. I still have a lot to learn though, the more I learn, the more I realize how much more there is to be learned. Seems to be a pretty positive cycle
Um, yeah, there's probably more I could say, but that's pretty much me, in a nutshell.
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Originally posted by Blood Talon 18

Wait, you did a pic of who on request? Sorry, but I'm running on maybe three hours sleep if I'm lucky, *lol*

Kuja my ex online buddy asked for a pic of Kuja who I had no idea was. He told me shown a few pics and then said oh and give him some pants.
Sigh he was a good online pal. I cant find him now cos the forums we used to post on shut down or moved.

Oh yeah add to movies

Bowfinger I love that movie and most Jackie Chan such as rumble in the bronx mr nice guy etc sure as hell i'll be watchin Tuxedo when its out!

and TV
Roswell high, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Big wolf on campus.
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Name: Curtis Edlin

Aliases: Kusanagi Murakumo (or just Murakumo), Zhou Long, Duhazlym, and occasionally Crissaegrim (online games).

Born: Ausust 12th, 1985 which makes me 17 now.

Height: 5'10" (sorry metric ppl... convert if you'd like) o_O

Weight: 160 lbs.

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Dark brown

Nationality: German mainly, with some English, Irish, and French.

Location: Marysville (that little ghetto town), WA

Favorite characters to draw: Yoshimitsu, Jin, Kazuya, True Ogre.

Favorite game characters: Lee, T.Ogre, Geese, Dhalsim, Law, Fei Fong Wong, Citan Uzuki, Alucard, Sephiroth, Cloud, Zell, Sagat, and Beowulf.

Favorite music: It's easy enough just to say, "I'm a Trance-o-holic!!!" I love trance... whether it be dream trance, progressive trance, epic trance, dark trance, melodic trance... all that is GOOD! Also any chill music in general.

Favorite (or at least good) songs: ...
bt- Fibanocci Sequence
Dirty Vegas- Days Go By (a bit played out though)
Aura, the Source of Trance- Song of the Siren
Robert Miles- Children
Robert Miles- Landscape
Robert Miles- Fable
Robert miles- Princess of Light
303 Infinity- Fists of Fury (303 infinity breaks miami)
303 Infinity- Ethereal Mist
Ayla- When Winter Calls
DJ Sakin and Ayla- Ayla Meets DJ Sakin
DJ Sakin- Breavheart Theme [techno remix]
DJ Sakin- No Man's Land
Cosmic Gate- Firewire
Brainbug- Nightmare
bt- Sunblind
bt- Godspeed
Watergate- Heart of Asia (rising sun, and astro heavenly remixes)
A.R. Rahman- Mumbai Theme Tune
CJ Stone- Infinity [video mix]
DJ Irene- Tetris Revenge
DJ Tandu- Back
DJ Taucher- Bells of Avalon [liquid child remix]
DJ Taucher- Wave Trance Remix
DJ Tiesto- Airwave [rank 1 remix]
Enigma- Erotic Dreams
Enigma- T.N.T. for the Brain
Faithless- Insomnia
Little Star- Petite Etoile
Massive Attack- Teardrop
Paul van Dyk- Forbidden Fruit
Paul Oakenfold- Essential Mix in China (102 minutes of sheer bliss)
Prodigy- Breathe
Rob D.- Clubbed to Death
Square Pusher- Wap 155 A1 Untitled (best experimental ever!)
Trance Control- Atomic Dance Explosion
Xenogears- Anima Relic
Xenogears- Id's Theme

On a side note in at least bit of contrast to this other stuff, I also like a lot of stuff by...
System of a Down
Linkin park
Alice DJ
Tokyo Ghetto Pussy

Favorite funny rave/music site: http://www.ishkur.com

Favorite anime: 3x3 Eyes, Mononoke Hime, Graveyard of the Fireflies, Evangelion, Blue Seed (hence Murakumo), Cowboy Beebop, Inuyasha, .hack//SIGN, Spirited Away, Trigun, and Dragon Half!

Favorite movies: Bruce Lee movies, Jet Li movies, all UFCs and MMA competition tapes (sorry if it sounds boring), Kung POW, most good comedy movies... not excluding the Emporer's New Groove.

Favorite games: Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Tales of Destiny (1 and 2), Zelda 2- the Adventures of Link (go NES!), Xenogears, Phantasy Star 4, Shining Force 2, T3, T4 and TTT, CvS2, MvC2, SFA3, SF3 3S, and GGXX.

Occupation: Student

Current group of artistic affiliation: none (formerly Hybrid Studios)

Favorite person of the past: Bruce Lee of course!

Favorite fighters: Bruce Lee, Frank Shamrock, Charlie Pearson, Tito Ortiz, Frank Mir, Rumina Sato, Kazushi Sakuraba, Genki Sudo, and Hayato Sakurai.

Favorite philosopher: Bruce Lee (see a pattern yet?)

Hmm... other stuff about me. People know I like art (which is why I'm in here). I am also deeply into both philosophy and martial arts, which often go hand in hand. I used to be more into the pretty looking arts such as contemporary wushu, as where now I worry more about what is practical and useful. I train fairly often and, once I'm 18, will start to compete in Pancrase and other mixed martial arts tournaments. I spend a lot of time on the net. I love the music that I'm into... it's such a good audible expression of my being (IMO at least). Umm... I'm a bitty into performance driving. Though I'm very into fighting, I'm actually a pretty peaceful guy. All in all, whatever comes my way, I pretty much just try and stay happy in life and try to do as well as I can in just about anything I attempt to take on. While I have no idea what awaits me after death (making me agnostic), I do know this life that I'm here living right now. I try to make my life as enjoyable as possible and am generally pretty happy. As far as art an philosophy go in junction, my quote goes something like, "A picture can contain a whole world, and while I work, I am God of that world".
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