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I thought it would be nice to have an artist profile thread here at FAC. This way, everyone can get to know each other better and anyone who wants to join us can see who's all here!

You'd include your real name, interests, age, birthday, or anything else you want to say.
( Yeah, I know this things are listed under everyone's TZ profiles, but not everyone looks at TZ profiles. Plus, you can say more this way.)

Anyone can say as little or as much as they'd like. No one has to put up a profile if they don't want to.

I'll start! Hopefully more will join!
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Name- Crystal-Aura Wilson (But I usually just go by Crizl!)

Where I live- Deerfield, IL. (it's right outside Chicago)

Age and Birthday- that's top secret

Favorite Tekken Characters to Draw- Jin, Devil Jin, Hwoarang, Heihachi, Kazuya, Yoshimitsu

Other Favorite Games Besides Tekken- Guilty Gear (hence my Anji Mito page!- www.anji-mito.com ) Bloody Roar, Bust a Groove (Move) , Darkstalkers (Vampire Savior)

Favorite TV shows, Movies, etc- Transformers, Beavis and Butthead, The Simpsons, South Park

Other Stuff About Me- In person, most people label me as being 'punk' or 'goth'....but I don't really think I follow either style exactly, I more do my own thing! I love weird clothes and I like to alter clothes to make my own styles. I like to make costumes for Anime conventions. I never got to dress up for Halloween, so I guess I'm catching up with all the fun I missed out on!

In general, I'm pretty open-minded and friendly. (But I can be a real bitch if someone ticks me off.) I have a tendency to be very blunt and honest. I have a very crude sense of humor. I usually get along with guys much better than with girls. Most girls really annoy me. I especially get annoyed by girls who think they are tough and clearly are not.

I like all sorts of art and I can pretty much appreciate any sort of talent. I went to The Illinois Institute of Art for 4 years to get a B.A. in Media Arts and Animation. I'm very modest about my drawings and I always feel that I have room to improve.

I love various forms of electronic music, especially industrial. I also appreciate some old skool heavy metal and rap. My favorite guitarist is Joe Satriani. He rocks! Steve Vai is my 2nd fav. I also love Billy Idol, his new cd is freakin' sweet!

I can recite the entire Transformer movie word for word.... I've looked up to Optimus Prime since I was 9.

My apartment looks like a clubhouse. I have toys and posters everywhere. I have a huge Tekken merchandise collection, I have pretty much every piece I've ever wanted. If it has Jin on it, I have it. (except that ugly U.K. mannequin >_< )

I like my food spicey. I put either garlic, pepper, and/or hot sauce on everything.

I am now a professional freelance artist! I have worked as a concept artist for High Voltage Software and currently I am working on various toys and videogames for a new company called Zizzle. I really enjoy my work, I like making things that people are going to have fun with!

I've worked part-time at Starbucks Coffee for 7 years. I've also had several other jobs in the service industry. I can tell you tons horror stories of my experiences with problem customers and stupid people in general. I've seen and dealt with just about everything.

I love the unexplained. I'll watch anything that is on aliens, ghosts, or any kind of paranormal activities. I'm very hard to scare.

I'm hooked on Naruto! I love ninjas! 0_0

When I was 3, I told my mom I wanted to grow up to be the Incredible Hulk. I haven't quite got there yet.....

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Name: Stephanie Kristine Miller--and I have over 50 nicknames,

Location: Buffalo Grove, IL

Birthday: December 1, 1983...which will make me 19 this year, meep!

Favourite Tekken Characters to Draw: Ummm....*thinks* The Williams sisters, Kazama Jin, Lee Chaolan, starting to sketch out Kazuya and Hwoarang more, and I think that's about it.

Favourite Games Besides Tekken: Final Fantasy IX (Kuja fan right here ), Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid 2, Dance Dance Revolution (even though I admittedly suck, *lol*)

Favourite TV Shows and Movies: Boston Public, Simpsons, Seinfeld, Frasier, M*A*S*H, Thundercats, Transformers, Space Ghost, South Park, Outlaw Star (shows) Vampire Hunter D (and Bloodlust), Akira, Blood: The Last Vampire, The Crow, Shanghai Noon, Rush Hour, Labyrinth (movies)

Other Random Stuff: I'm the first to admit that I am one of the more bizarre people I know. Geez, I'm not quite sure on what I should say here! *lol* I write a lot--I've been writing and sketching as long as I can remember, actually--and am currently working on THREE different fics at once @_@ I cosplay a lot, and got my friends into it as well (I'm such a bad influence!) and I have yet to follow the crowd on clothing...I basically wear what I want, when I want. I'm also really big into hair colour--right now, it's half black, half red, and I'm thinking of going pure silver around my birthday.

I tend to unintentionally offend people with my beliefs and way of speaking, because I don't lie, I tell it like it is. I'm also probably one of the most anti-American citizens of the USA you'll meet, but I have a strange/crude/silly sense of humour, and willing to take nearly any dare/risk given to me.

I'm currently going to Harper College (freshman!), and taking Japanese, psychology, and speech/acting/composition, though I think I would really like to go into psych or international relations. Oh, and in case people couldn't tell, I'm REALLY shy about showing my artwork or writing, *lol* Music wise, I like just about everything...I think the only thing I can say I hate is the manufactured pop on MTV and the country twangy music.

Stange things I do? Take dares, been known to switch languages mid-conversation, I can recite Vampire Hunter D, Interview with the Vampire, and the Tekken anime word for word (AND nail Kazuya, Lee, and Nina's voices! *lol*), I hold within my little brain a lot--and I mean a LOT--of useless trivia, and I like just about anything to do with the unexplained or monsters.

....okay, now I hide,
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Name: JDR (alias)

Real Name: Michael (Do you find it strange that I have this really big obsession with angels, and my name is the same as St. Michael the archangel, the leader of them all? Or that St. Michael's "feast day" is like November 24th...maybe its just because I'm Catholic.)

Age: 15 on Sept 24, 1987

Location: Atl. GA...bleh

Hobbies: Drawing, working on my long assed novel, Frozen Darkness, RPG project and God knows how many short stories...and well, yeah, VIDEO GAMES and character design. Any freinds? Pssh! No

Bands: Staind, of course, Linkin Park, Deftones (Minerva, Knife Party and Digital Bath = BLISS) and then a little bit of every other rock band.

Fav games: Zelda, Ocarina O Time, Silent Hill 1 and 2 (3 is comin out soon!!!!), DMC, Onimusha, MvC2, CvS2, Tekken (havnt played in forever!) Shenmue, Soul Calibur, FFX,8, Castlevania, MGS2,1...many more

Fav Movies: The Matrix, Requiem for a Dream, Se7en, Fight Club, The Crow, One Hour Photo, Big Labowski

Fav TV Shows: HAH!!! You think I watch TV with all that 'reality' bullshit on there? Your damn wrong. I never watch TV unless its a once in a while Comedy Central viewing. Movies and games do it great for me...not terribly acted ABC "dramas".

Fav Characters: Hmm...I have alot. Theres Devil Jin, of course, Lee, Jin, Kazuya, Heihachi, Nightmare, Ivy, Evil KH Cloud, Devil Kazuya, Vash, Orochi Iori, Rugal, Evil Ryu, Kazuya, Jin, Geese Howard, Pyramid Head (SH2), Seifer and Squall, Testament (GGX), Ky Kiske, Freeman, Rock Howard, Akuma, K', Dante, Auron, Vanessa, Angel, Guy, Cody, Shinobi, Krizalid, Zero, Igniz, K9999, Tetsuo, Alucard, Juste Belmont, Soma Cruz, Revolver Ocelot, Steve Fox (2nd Player design = pimp), Riku (KH), Strider, Gambit, Psylocke, Wolverine, Cable, Psycho Mantis, Magneto, Ninja (MGS), Vulcan Raven, Vamp, Fortune, Deadpool, Ghost Rider, Punisher, Steve from RE:CODE V (He has a great design dammit! Just fix his GAY voice and his hair a bit and he'd be cool as hell!...and his name) Carnage, Venom, Kyo, Bryan Fury, Alexia Ashford, Diabous, Odin, Anima (most ownage aeon, summon, whatever EVER), Seymour Guado, RIKKU...the list goes on and on. I always love the dark characters...or the super hot ones.

TZ Freinds: Dogglife (Throwlikeagirl), Raven, SayainRage, BlueH20, Whitetiger, Robi Dark 101, Hellangel aww hell, I love alla y'all!

Hottest Girl: Christina Aguilera (in Maxim! )

Personality: Hmm...to tell you the truth I'm very weird. I have a split personality of sorts...see, I am half the time, quiet, dark, "reserved" and sleep while not talking to or interacting with a soul (people think I'm gonna be a serial killer when I grow up...even my mom ) and then the other half, I'm funny, crazy and ...yeah, crazy. Alot of people think of me as an idiot and dumbass, when really, I think ALOT. I wear normalish clothes...frankly, Abercrombie and American Eagle can EAT MY ASS. I prefer Old Navy and gray, black, navy colors...boring colors. Reflects my personality.

Really needs: a g/f

Yep, OK...I'm pretty fucking sad, aren't I?

Oh, wait, one more...

Favorite Artists: FALCOON (#1), Lea, Ron Chan, Erika, Dogg's sprites, and whoever the hell comes up with the characters for the FFs.
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Name: David James Heath

Residence: Small village in the Wild West (Midlands) of Britain

Age: 16 (17 this upcoming January 16th)

Hobbies: Drawing, writing fanfics (currently started a comedy walkthrough of Metal Gear Solid), playing video games, weight training

Favourite Tekken Characters to Draw: Kazuya Mishima, Hwoarang, Anna Williams, Lee Chaolan, Paul Phoenix.

Favourite Games:: Tekken (obviously), Street Fighter Alpha 3, Capcom Vs SNK2, Virtua Fighter 4, Metal Gear Solid (1 at the mo, but getting 2 soon), Guilty Gear X

Favourite TV shows/movies: <TV> Various comedy quiz shows on BBC, Red Dwarf, Blackadder, Monty Python, Beavis & Butthead, South Park, Simpsons, assorted documentaries (just an interest), <movies+anime> Akira, Ghost In The Shell, Wind Of Amnesia, Perfect Blue, 'The Man With The Golden Gun' (Bond movie), 'Licence to Kill' (Bond again), 'The Living Daylights' (another Bond movie, funnily enough), Austin Powers Trilogy, Metal Gear Solid FMV's, The Crow,

Random stuff: Very weird, though I can be serious. Short temper, but a long patience. Usually wear black, but also sometimes red or blue. I tend to pride myself on my scruffy appearance (don't really care on what I wear-so long as it isn't too posh) and long hair- as I'm more or less the only guy at my school, and maybe in the whole town, to have long hair! Strange sense of humour (see Monty Python, Red Dwarf & Blackadder for reference), but then that's nothing new. I'm also influenced and inspired at the oddest moments.

I've recently finished mandatory education now, and now in 6th Form (a halfway house between regular school and college/university)- taking Intermediate art and Conversational Japanese (100% in my last 3 tests! Yoyushi!). From there, I'd like to be either a TV/movie scriptwriter, artist, or lazy

Music-wise, I prefer grungey stuff like Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails (they were kinda gothy then grungey, but *shrug*) or Pearl Jam, but also some older classics like Queen, or tunes by Guns N'Roses, and some punk music- old and new, and nu-metal when the commercialism wasn't so obvious (e.g. Old Weezer, Old Deftones, etc), and some modern UK rock tunes as well (Blur <not Oasis, they're a bunch of grumpy farts>, Radiohead, etc).

Strange Habits: Writing weird fanfics (Tekken Play for example), think a lot though not speak a lot (not very talkative at times), skeptical of things (mainly on the single-deity devotion religions) but yet I have an interest in the deeply paranormal things- the things that are so amazing that there aren't any explanations for, and spooky things too. Not usually scared, but can be freaked out (e.g. Jack Nicholson's smiles creep me out)- I bite my fingernails as well (sorry folks >_< ) and....drawing strange comedic pics (all suggestions considered) and the human form (landscapes too).

I consider myself to be a modern philosopher at times- thinking on subjects such as gender issues, the ethics of what makes a good religion, and a theory on the evolution of the human races that might be controversial (nothing racist in it- just a theory of how humans evolved into different varieties rather then just one race), just one of those simple things that come across your mind I guess.
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Real Name: Roseanna Michelle Terry....whoo hoooo

Age: 18 (4/12/84)

Location: Sanford, NC...

Hobbies: Drawing, anime/manga, video games...etc....

Favorite Tekken Characters to Draw: Paul, Jin, Lee, Steve etc....

Other Favorite characters (v/g): Rock Howard(Fatal fury Mark of the wolves), Edge(Rival Schools)
Seymour, Auron(FFX), Squall(FFVIII), Cloud, Vincent,(FFVII) Beyond the Grave (Gungrave)...etc...

Other Favorite characters (anime/manga): Aya/Ran(Weiss Kreuz), Vash the Stampede(Trigun), Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin)...etc...

Favorite TV shows, Movies, etc: I love mostly 80's movies and romances...just about anything...TV shows consists of The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live.

Other Stuff About Me: I have to come back to this...I r lazy...^^;;;
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Name: Sarah Lois

Age 19

Location: Northern Ireland (United Kingdom).

Hobbies: Drawing, cycling, listening to music, walking, drinking coffee, tennis, soccer

addictions: Coffee

Fave Characters to draw: Hwoarang, Nina

About me: Hi, I come from NI (UK) and I love art and since I have always loved playing videogames such as tekken I love drawing anything related to tekken. I use pencils mostly.

Music i like: I don't like to be tied to any one particular genre of music, like my favourite band in the world ever, MUSE. I also love Linkin Park, Daniel Bedingfield, Will Young, Black Eyed Peas, and loads of other stuff. Diversity RULES!!!

Favourite tekken character: Hwoarang, and I've always liked fighting games.

Pirates of The Caribbean, Blade, Blade 2 and X-Men are some of my favourite films.

I go to Queens University Belfast where I study Archaeology (but i'm not Julia)

I'm a bit odd. I have a habbit of jerking my thumb in a manner which everyone I know thinks looks really freaky, abnormal and causes them to be repulsed. I once drempt I had my head cut off by a crazy woman in a castle somewhere in the north of england. I busted my toe because I kicked a lightswitch...on purpose. Injections are fun, I like them. And that's about all.

PS: Oh Horror!! I nearly forgot to mention. I LOVE PURPLE!!

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Name: Chris Gould AKA Ling's Lover and LL

Location: Sutton In Surrey (Just Outside London, England)

Age: 18 As of July 10th (I was born '84)

Hobbies: Drawing, CGing, Creating Dark Messiah my online comic book, watching TV + Movies and frittering hard earned moola at the pub with me mates

Addictions: Chocolate....*Insert Homer Simpson style drool here*

Favorite Tekken Characters: Xiaoyu, Jin, Nina, Steve, Christie, Julia...I'm not fussy me

Favorite shows/films: Simpsons, friends, Fraiser, Will & Grace, an occasional Star trek, Transformers, Thundercats, Moulin Rouge, Spiderman, Austin Powers

Some other info: Cocky, sarcastic, egocentric and just plain bonkers, that's me LL. Sometimes I won't post anything for weeks, other times I'll post a whole bundle and receive about 3 replyies. Such is life. Sometimes I come across as to confident and arragant but thats just the way I am when I write.

Appearance? I fall into what I like to call "mainstream Grunge" Ie I like grunge style I just end up buying most of my stuff from TopMan. Until recently I had fair hair but 1 trip to the barbers laer and I have blonde highlighted Spiky hair...which is odd considering I only went out for a paper....

In about 3 weeks I start my Foundation art Course at The Surrey Institute of art and design. I'll be focusing on Graphic design and illustration but after that? Who knows

And as for music? ANything suits me as long as it isn't garage!
And I use Smilies far too much

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Name: Heather. "Dasha" is my Russian name, and "Kuni" is what most of my friends call me...but me gots lotsa nicks, too. ^_^

Location: Victoria, BC. On a map of North America, look at the long, skinny island in southwest Canada. I'm at the very southern tip. ...Originally from further east. Spent 2 years living in Singapore (w00t, UWC!), and I still consider myself a bit Singaporean (lah)...

Birthday: one day and three years before BT18...MWAHAHAHA! 22 this year...

Favourite Tekken Characters to Draw: Duh! Check here if you can't figure it out.

Favourite Tekken Characters to Play: Julia, hands down! MA forever, baby!!! (Next: Steve, Kuni, Anna, and Jun...)

Favourite TV Shows: Evangelion, Red Dwarf, Blackadder, Futurama. I know most Simpsons episodes by heart, but I wouldn't list it as a FAVOURITE favourite. ...Honestly, though, I don't watch much TV.

Favourite Movies: American History X. PERIOD. So many levels to that movie. I could write a thesis on it.

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, music, sports (though not lately... -_-) and talking about myself. I'm such a little praise-monger; I hate it.

Occupation: Psychology student here at UVic (one semestre left)...and LOTS of language courses.

1) LANGUAGES! Fluent in English, semi-fluent in French, learning German, Russian, and a bit of Indonesian; can say "thank you" in 23 languages and "I love you" in 10....still adding more. I want to be one of those crazy people who's fluent in 8 or 9 languages. ...If I communicate with someone in another language, I've been known to bounce around and tell EVERYONE about it for the next few hours.

2) TEKKEN! I've only been playing since February, but I'm determined to compete in a tournament one day -- and DO WELL. I have a lot to learn, but I'm always improving, thanks to outside help.

Other Random Stuff: Hyper-recycler, super-animal-friendly, people-loving....well, just all-around Goody Two Shoes. Give peace a chance, man!

I have a long fuse, except about sexism, racism, or any kind of prejudice. Then, I'm hyper-sensitive.

Major Pet-peeves: Make-up (don't own any...unless it's sparkles. I'm a sucker for sparkles, and even then, I hardly wear them). Bars/clubs and large gatherings. Closed-minded people, ignorant people, or people who put others down to feel good. Girly-girls. People who criticize my life's ambitions.

* * *

Very interesting....nice to meet everyone.

And now, I'm off to play around with...MY NEW TABLET! *huggles it to death*

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Even though I don't post much art I'm gonna do this too. I have lots of new pics..i just gotta get them scanned ^_^"

Real Name: Stacey Lynn Johnson (ugh..) nicknames :Stax, Stack/Stacky, Jun Jun

Location: Warwick, RI

Age: 21 (July 25, 1982)

Fave Music: Stabbing Westward, Tori Amos, Garbage, Snake River Conspiracy, Splashdown, Elastica, Kylie Minogue,Muse, Ayumi Hamasaki, The Yeah yeah yeahs, Darude, Rancid, Blondie, video game/anime soundtracks, any kind of techno or dance music, etc..I like lots of stuff.

Fave Movies: Amelie, Mulholland Dr., Eraserhead, Snatch, Fight Club, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Kung Pow: Enter The Fist, Shaolin Soccer, Versus, Tank Girl, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Aliens, Run Lola Run, PeeWee's Big Adventure, Party 7, etc..

Fave tekken characters to draw: Kazuya, Jin, Hwoarang

more about me: Well there's really not much to tell at all. I have two jobs. I work at an arcade and a flower shop.
I like anime, video games, anime conventions, and cosplay.
I really like martial arts. I took Oki Ryu Kenpo Karate for about 5 years and a bit of hapkido.

Thats about it..i'm boring.

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Ok my turn...if anyone cares......

Name - Joanne, but everyone calls me Jo or JoJo! and I hate Kazzy! its so lame!

lives - Newcastle, England!

age - 22. Birthday 21st November 1979! Scorpio!

fave Tekken characters to draw - You guys may have noticed that I love drawing devil! He's just so purple and cool! I also draw Kaz and Jin??and devil Jin!

Favorite games Final Fantasy 6,7,8,9 and 10! yay! Devil May Cry, all of the Zeldas, Conkers Bad Fur Day.....erm Tekken.....

fave tv programmes The Simpsons, South Park, Friends, Buffy and Angel, Red Dwarf, Scrubs

fave movies - Moulin Rouge(I know every word to every song! Hell I know every word to every scene not just the songs! ^_~) Blade, Theres something about mary, All of the Austin Powers, Toy Story, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Vampire Hunter D, Shrek and I love vampire movies!

other stuff Apart from Tekken I also have unhealthy obsessions with ? Dr Evil (I annoy everyone I know by quoting him all of the time!) AfroKen, David Boreanaz, Anime, and leather trousers (on guys!!!)
I spent 1 year at college (doing art foundation ? its really good LL you will really enjoy it!) then 3 years at uni studying Graphic Design. Now my course has finished and no one will give me a job (bastards) So I?m stuck working in a stupid movie theatre, which I hate and because of this I get depressed, and when I get depressed my stupid illness (Labrynthitus ? don?t ask!) comes back every so often! So to take my mind off things I draw, or come on here and chat with you guys or mess about in Photoshop! My favorite bands are ? Lit, Linkin Park, Metallica, Four Star Mary, Radiohead, Travis, Stereophonics? My dog is my baby and my hamster bites me a lot!?.and my friends call me Meow Mix!
Ok that?s enough of my shite??..byeeeeeeeeeee
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Here we go! All about Saiyan Rage(Shadow Ivy), version 6 (9/3/03)!

Name: Rei.

Age: 20 (Birthday August 20--ah, y'all knew that)

Location: Der Crypt, where my art things and insanity frolicks.

Favourite Tekken characters to draw: Kazuya, Nina, Unknown.

Favourite Character in General: Seto Kaiba, duhr. Best cackle ever. ^.^

Games you'll catch me play: Final Fantasy VII (Reno the Turk 4 life!!!), Guilty Gear X(and XX), King of Fighters, Harvest Moon games, Virtua Fighter (I CONFESS!!) Sonic the Hedgehog games...and Dance Dance Revolution!

Favourite Anime: Yuugiou Duel Monsters (I hate the dub. Tsuda Kenjirou as Kaiba = panty soup.), Samurai Troopers, Vampire Hunter D, Hellsing, Rurouni Kenshin, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun.

Some random shit about me: I'm a total loner by nature. Always fading into the background at times...but that also means people won't notice me observing their disgusting behaviours. Yes, I'm mysanthropic. But can you blame me? I also have a strong hatred for close-minded people, people who judge others based on their outward apperances, sexist people, and homophobic people (gee, that must mean I hate the majority of this forum!). Also, I hate people telling me I should be all proper and look pretty cuz I'm a girl! If I wanna wear ripped jeans, dress in black and sport bad-ass tattoos, well, you'll have to deal with it. NEENER, NEENER!!

I like to listen to a lot of rock music, punk, , J-pop/rock and K-pop/rock. I absolutely HATE Rap and R&B music, though I admit that I like Korean Rap. But that's the only rap I'll listen to.

Sometimes I think I put other people's needs before me, though. All of my confidence is placed in my artwork--especially since I'm much happier with it now than ever before. I can't tolerate people who disrespect my friends, and I absolutely hate sexist and racist people. Ignorance and stupidity are also turnoffs for me. I tend to be VERY enthusiastic about my interests, and when I am, I can be a bit hardcore. One of my goals is to have a large collection of Anime and Manga goods.

Speakin' of which...traditional mediums are what I'm best known for, and I hate to CG, but I do it anyway to add to my reportoire.

I like sexy guys, tot eh point where it's perversion (CHESTICLES, MWAAA) but a guy is sexy, in mye yes, if he's tall, lanky, and has a goth or punk sense of fashion (I don't really care for guys with too much muscle, though a body type like Jounouchi's is fine...). Ah, and I am a proud perverted female. I also love yaoi, especially anything involving Jounouchi x Kaiba/Kaiba x Jounouchi pairings (Uke Kaiba preferred.).

Yup, that's what there is to me. Chesticles.

Signature http://vicious-violet.com + http://shadowivy.deviantart.com : Where my artthings frolic and play and stuff.
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Name: Red Tiger

Real Name: Charlotte (Charlie) Givermey Pamala Joy Stokes. Bloody hell. That's long.

Age: 12.

Currently in: the UAE. Never lived in one place long than 3 years, so I'm blessed at the moment. I'm more British than I am Kiwi, and I'm more multi cutural than I am anything...

Favorite charaters: Jin, Bob, Kuni, Steve. Leoglas. Heh...wrong place.
However, I don't draw, I write. Comdey.

Game: I'm slowly losing interest in games...but I play Tekken occassionly, FF9, Ape Escape...

Fave Shows: I don't watch TV that much. However, I like many British sit coms, apart from the Royal Family, which is half way between it's anus and smaller intestine.
Random Stuff: I want to be a comdey script writer, and act in my own stuff. But by the way people are going on here, the only way I'm going to get in is through contacts...of which I have a lot in the BBC.

Hate people who say like every other word. Hate people who make fun of my accent. Hate air heads. Hate rasistism. HATE DRESSES. Hate narrow-minded people; I know some people who have their skull walls so close togther, that an atom can't pass through without smacking into the walls.

Like using long words. Like being a smart ass. Love doing evil, dark writing (one story got compared to what the GSCE sudents were writing). Love Monty Python.
Love Deep Purple. Love most rock before 1995 to be honest. Don't mind some of the stuff on the radio, but it's a lot of crap in most cases. I love to Learn, which most people say to "Oh, what a nnneeeerdd". To that, I say "Up yours", and give them a horrfic wedgie.

Might be doing IT and English GCSE this year. I'm not a genius, but I'm close to the mark; I've taught myself science, the PC, timing, wit, sarcasim...school is up it's arse, litrally.

I am a tomboy, should you not work it out by now. Although many of my friends are guys, I have had boyfriends, 4, if I count them up...and most of them lasted for 4-12 months, which isn't bad going.

On a last note, I hate Kylie. And the Auzzies are poor losers at the Tri Nations *rubs brusies*.

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Stupidity has become the new "cool" thing to do. I can see why Bush/Tony won the Elections.
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Name: SnowFallSlasher

Location: Las Pi?as City, Philippines (Mabuhay -.-)

Favorite Characters:*Just want to add in Ukyo Tachibana *, Jin, Bob, Jun, Kazuya, Unknown

Other Games: Samurai Shodown, Chrono Cross, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Blood Omen, Dungeons and Dragons (VIDEO GAME, not the cards. I like the female elf!)

Fav TV shows: Slam Dunk, Ino-yosha, TV Patrol (Yes, I watch the news >.o) and MTV...Oh, and "Who's line is it anyway?"

To be continued
Blue Spirit: Ukyo Tachibana - Ver. 2

BloodStained Lineage: Testament
MiCah's Midnight Realm Ver. 2 - [Birth/Rule/Lust/Sequent] ~ Malice.+.Mizer {KlahaxMana}
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[b]Name: LeaAndrea Marie Johnson. Yes, I have two first names, not two middles names. DEAL WITH IT!

Location: Columbus, OH/Lawrence, KS. It's all according to whether I manage to scrap together money to fly back to Kansas these days. But yeah, I was born there. First person to make Wizard of OZ jokes, I swear..... *sniffles*

Age and Birthday: 21 years old, born May 9, 1981

Favorite Tekken Characters to Draw: Kazuya, Jin, Anna, and Jun. I like drawing Lee and Lei too, but I tend to butcher them

Favorite Tekken Characters to Play: T3/TTT: Jin, Julia, Heihachi, Kazuya, Anna, and Lee. T4: Julia, Lee, Kazuya, Heihachi, and Steve (and slowly relearning Jin *sigh*)

Other Favorite Games Besides Tekken: Vagrant Story (hands downs, my all time favorite game of all time), Devil May Cry, most of the Resident Evil games, King of Fighters, Grand Theft Auto 3, all Street Fighter games, (excluding EX plus Alpha), Capcom vs SNK series, Final Fantasy VIII and X, MTV's Music Maker, and Xenogears.

Yeah, I like violence.

Favorite TV Shows: Uh.... Six Feet Under, Law and Order, Furturama (how I'll miss thee *sniff*), and Kids in the Hall and Monty Python reruns. All of which, I rarely get to watch anymore! Hurray for not having cable and working too many jobs!

Favorite Movies: Pi, American Psycho, Perfect Blue, and Vanilla Sky. I think Vanilla Sky alone changed the way I view the world, honestly.

Hobbies: Drawing, music, writing, and pretty much anything fine artsy. I'm not the most athletic person, but I love walking for miles whenever I can, but not really for exercise. Just to look at the world. And I love to read. As you can tell by my hobbies, I'm completely out of it 90% of the time.

Occupation: Fine arts student and printmaker. Hurray for Kinko's, or something. I used to do retail, but that made me hate people. Then again...so does making prints and copies X_x

Obsession: Probably collecting art books and comic compliations. Yeah, I know, REAL exciting hobby. But I enjoy it, and yes, I'm obsessive about it. I just spent $160+ on Hyung Tae Kim artbooks alone in the past week and own FOUR different Final Fantasy X books, so if that doesn't tell you anything, I don't know what will.

VAGRANT STORY! Phew, I love that game sooooooooo much! It's the only thing I love more than Tekken, game-wise. Eh, admittedly, it's a pretty esoteric game, but I think that's what got me hooked into it. And the artwork. The costumes are just great, and if you're into both period dress and fetish wear, this is the game to look up.

Other Stuff About Me: You mean, aside from the fact that I'm weird?

Well, I love animals and babies, but who doesn't? I'm known to be totally random and spazmatic in real life and outgoing. I know, kinda hard too tell from my hobbies and interests, but it's true. I'm very tomboyish, own only one dress that've worn exactly twice in the past three years, and I believe pants are the greatest invention ever made (you have to understand, I never got to wear pants in elementary school...as soon as I got to junior high, WOO YEAH!!). And to top it all off, I think make-up is the Devil. So, there's a great image for y'all!

As far as music, I listen to everything but polka and country . I'm a Beck fanatic, however. And I think Trent Reznor and Prince are musical geniuses. Lately, however, I've been into electronica and Euro-jazz (and yes, I actually LOVED the Tekken 3 soundtracks, so BITE ME!).

My dog's name is Xena.

I love political and philosophical debates (not arguements, but DEBATES). There's nothing I love more than hearing what other people have to say. I think being able to communicate as well as we can is the greatest gift humans have ever received. And I hold being able to listen on the same high level

I play drums and piano. I miss my drumset, though. I couldn't afford to ship it to Ohio. And I miss my parent's baby grand piano. However, I have a full sized electronic keyboard to rectify not having a real piano.

I like using big words.

Signature Quote originally from Exazz
If with "gay" you mean "Spanish metrosexual manliness" then yes, Miguel is gay.
"Your love is FORBIDDEN! Into the volcano, you silly lovesick boy, you!"
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Name- Alias Seiichi Tagami (I also go by seich, chi, or my old Breker name ACBS short for Asian-caucasian-breakin-sensation)

Where I live- Springfield, MO USA (home of the simpsons)

Age and Birthday- 19yrs old; April 18th 1983

Gender- Male

Favorite Tekken Characters to Draw- Kazuya, Anna, Christie, Ling, Heihachi, Hwoarang

Other Favorite Games Besides Tekken- Armor core series, Devil may Cry, Guilty gear, MGS, Rival schools/Justice schools, GTA.

Favorite TV shows, Movies, etc- All Jackie chan films (in particular: "Gorgeous", "Who am I", "Original Drunken master", "The young master"), DBZ, DBGT, Battle bots, The "Back to the future" movies, "A life less Oridinary"

Music- Bombfunk MCs, Method Man, RHCP, Robert Miles, Bjork, Radiohead, portishead, GORillaz, Blur, Mos Def, Def Squad, Busta rymes(cir. 1996), ATB, Coldplay, Weezer, De La Sol, Rage against the machine, Bobby Darin, Elvis,... Should I stop?... one more,... um... OKAY! Tenacious D

Religion - To be polically corect I'm a Deist(sp?), I believe in a higher power but none of the one presented to me. So I say words like "God," but whan I do I am not refering to the Christian "GOD,"

Hobbies - Breakdance, Drawing (c'mon right?), Martial arts, Tekken

Favorite Colors(to draw with)- Brown, Green, Pink, Red,

Quote to live by- "Do what you have to do to be free"

Signature OMG a Just-Frame-Electric-Wind-Demon-Shinning-Wizzard-Diamond-Laser-Double-Lariat- Knuckle-Fist!

Is that free!?!
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*jumps on bandwagon...also is procrastinating *

Name: Phuong-Mai Bui-Quang (Two first names AND two last names...Lea, when I read your comment about your name I thought "YES!! I'm not alone!!!" ^_-)

But how do you pronounce that?!: "foo-my buoy-kwong"

Location: Bay Area, Cali

Age/Birthday: 25, October 7, 1976

Current Job: self-employed comic artist/graphic artist, volunteer high school assistant cross-country coach

Likes: Bears, pandas,Tekken Tag, sketching, writing, watercolors, reading/drawing comics, running, coaching, basketball, lounging around in pajamas, my Mac G4

Dislikes: ignorance, close-mindedness, stalkers @_@

Tekken Tag Teams: Jin and Jun (both in their blue-green gi outfits), Jun (white top & black pants) and Panda (red bell bracelet), Jun (white top & black pants) and Kazuya (purple suit)

Looking forward to playing: Kingdom Hearts, because that sh*t looks hilarious!!!

Music: Basically everything but country, but favorite genres are rap/hiphop, anime soundtracks, and classical (it makes for an interesting playlist, believe me ^_^;; ) Currently my favorite artist is Ludacris ^_- His lyrics crack me up.

Current Philosophy in Life: Whatever you do, have no regrets. Who cares if you make a mistake; learn from it and move on. NO REGRETS!!!

What I should be doing right now: Finishing my manga-retouching for my job application /____\

Well, that was fun ^_^ I gotta get back to work now!

Signature <--Mad props to AZU for making this! \^o^/
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Name: Syreeta (Sir-ree-tah) Greasley

Gender: Female

Age: 20

B-Day: 1/27/82

Job/Ocupation: I'm currently working as a Graphic Artist in a printing shop and attending college at the same time. Hopefully, in the near future I'll graduate college and become an animator.

Likes: Spaghetti and meatballs, Airheads, Twizzlers, Baggy Pants, Sketchers, Swimming, Drawing

Dislikes: Cranberry Juice and Narrow-minded People

Favorite Tekken Characters: Bryan, Lei, Heihachi, Yoshi

Other Favorite Games: Final Fantasy X, Metal Gear Solid 2, Grand Theft Auto 3, Frequency, SSX Tricky, Zelda, Tetris, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Capcom vs. SNK, Soul Calibur, Umm... I think thats it!

Favorite TV Shows: X-Men Evolution, Batman Beyond, Superman, Dextor Laboratory, Dragon Ball Z, Zoids, Rikki Lake, Boston Public, The Real World, Fear Factor, Saturday Night Live, Conan O' Brian, Seinfeld and the list goes on and on......

Favorite Anime: Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO), Rounin Kenshin (Samurai X), Perfect Blue, X: The Movie, Legend of Basura, Metropolis

Favorite Manga: Blade of the Immortal, Oh My Goddess, Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)

Favorite Comics: Anything dealing with X-Men

Music: Trance, Techno, Aternative, Rock, R&B, Hip Hop a little of everything, I'm an open minded person!

Favorite Music Bands: Paul Olkenfold, Dirty Vegas, Korn, Poppa Roach, P.O.D., Incubus, Daft Punk, Mary J. Bliege, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Venessa Carlton, etc.

Favorite Actor: Vin Desil *drool* He can't act but he sure looks good!

Current Favorite Movies: Signs, Spiderman, X-Men, Matrix, Death to Smoochy, Druken Master, Austin Powers: Goldmember, Triple X, Road to Perdition, Lord of the Rings, and as you know, the list goes on and on......

Weird/ Dorky stuff about me: I like watching those paranormal shows about UFO's and Ghosts, and I watch a lot of the Discovery Channel on the weekends learning a bunch of useless facts liks human combustion, ancient civilizations. Yeah, I'm a dork, and I'm pretty damn proud of it!
Signature ~Your Local Lurker~
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I just copied this from the Tekken Tag page. Tweaked it and shit

Name: Silver Vektra

AKA: Stacy

Country of Origin : Liverpool, England, UK

Fighting Style : I copy Jin (badly)

Age : 24

Sex: male

Height : 5'7

Weight : about 75kg I think

Hair colour: black

Eye colour: brown/green

Occupation : website designer

Hobby : making websites, surfing internet, playing Tekken and MGS2, breeding fish

Likes : Alkaline Trio, HTML, Tekken

Dislikes: Boybands, Tweenies and Teletubbies, forum codes (if they dont use HTML)

Fave bands: Alkaline Trio, A, Lost Prophets, New Found Glory, Saves The Day

Fave games: Tekken 4, Metal Gear Solid 2, Tekken Tag

Fave Tekken character: Jin Kazama

Tekken character he draws the most: Jin Kazama

What he uses for art: PSP 7

Standard Break
Tekken Circuit
My Tekken forum

Other shit:
I haven't been here that long, compared to most of you. And you probably dont even know me, most of you probably haven't even heard of me. Anyway I'm just some "stupid kid" yeah, have you noticed I'm totally obsessed with the Alkaline Trio?

Loads of people say I'm arrogant and tell me to shut up. All the members on Wonderturf, Triple Threay (deceased) hate me and think I'm totally up myself. And some of the members of Tekken Nation also don't like me. But I'm not that bad. And I don't mean any harm

When I was a kid I shoved a thermometer up the cats arse and it got stuck and it had to be surgically removed. Really, but I was 6 or something, I had been watching a vet program, how was I supposed to know it wasn't supposed to go right in. Oh and it was a plant thermometer anyway

I prefer forums that let you use HTML! I hate all other codes. Im a fukkin website designer... all I know is HTML

I originally thought that this forum was all Americans, probably because Dom (Corsa) lead me to believe that. But theres loads of other Brits on here. And loads of you have really cool names. And someone has the same as me. Well nearly. Anyway now I'm humiliated by Jindevilrules who can draw far better than me, and hes only 15? I do more web design than art. But I better try an improve I guess. Ah who cares

That's about all I can be arsed to write now. And I didn't write any Alkaline Trio lyrics
Signature I guess I should be one to talk there's nights that I can't even walk
There's days I couldn't give a fuck and in between is where I'm stuck
Standard Break // Tekken Circuit
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