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Under a suggestion from SilentZephyr, this thread is going to be a collaborative listing (from you FAC artists) of various art tutorials that can be found on the Internet. Although many Internet art tutorials out there concentrate on teaching CG, this thread can encompass different medium techniques (such as penciling, inking, watercoloring, etc.). Please try to limit the spam-filling on this thread, and stick with prodiving content centralized toward helping out aspiring artists! Thanx! =^,^= - Anime CG tutorials - Figure drawing basics plus CG tutorial

Baka Neko's Anime Tutorial - Various anime techniques, plus links to other tutorials

Catlord's CG Tutorial - Photoshop coloring basics

Captain Meth - Inking and CGing

Fine Art and Graphic Design - Links to a dungload of various art tutorials

S. Skinner - Watercoloring tutorial

Lian Tutorials - Various CG techniques
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Yay! I got a sticky! ^_^

Anyways, I'm just putting a link here for my CG preperation tutorial. (What to do after you scan, and prepare the image for CGing)

As of now, its just a txt file.. Sorry about the wordwrap thing.. I'll fix it later, and edit this post accordingly. No time right now.
CG preperation tutorial
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Wow, great idea. Mine as well contribute before I leave.

Here's a few sprite and gif related guides from my sprite index, not much though:

Basic sprite creation tutoial
A smaller guide relating to gif optimization and color palettes
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Massive Kudos to all of you!!!
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Thanks for all the good links and info I will use it
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Just adding my stuff in for what its worth

I just relaunched my website so there's bupkiss at the moment but still take a looksie:

Hope it helps

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I'm attempting some cel-shading thanx to Silent Zephyrs lovely tutorial he sent me a while ago, I thought I'd share Zephyrs unlimited knowlege it with everyone! lol!
Here it is -

Alrighty! Now I don't actually have photoshop on the computer I'm at right now (Since I'm home from college) but I'll try my best with my memory!

Doing celshading really only requires the paintbrush and the pentool!

Layer 1 -> your scanned pic. You will not be doing anything on this layer!

Layer 2 -> make this layer one solid color. Just use the fill tool and pick a color you like. This should be ON TOP of your scanned pic. Now set the opacity/trasnparency down so you can see through it. The purpose of this is so that when you put down your pen lines, it'll be easier to trace the scanned pic.

Layer 3 - ? -> Various linework and shading... You'll be using the pentool w/ fill commands and possibly the paintbrush if you need it here!.

Ok now you must learn how to use the pen tool! To use this effectively, experiment by holding down the CTRL and ALT buttons as you play with the pen. I believe holding the CTRL button when dragging a point will actually move that point. Or maybe its ALT. They both do something important, you'll figure it out! Learn to use the pen tool effectively, you'll soon be doing curved lines no problem! See this website!

Basically you will want to trace all of the outlines on your pic.. after you trace the section, open up the pentool menu in the lower right corner. (It will list all the stuff you have traced out with the pen tool) You will have to select the tab for Paths (it is next to the layers tab I think.) There will be a button That I believe says "Stroke a path" or something? What this does is changes your pen path to a perfectly made line! (Depending on how good your paths were of course ) You can change how thick these lines will be by -> pick what tool you want to stroke it with. (for cell shading, use paintbrush) Pick the thickness of thebrush. (Probably 2, maybe 3 pixels) I think you can just rightclick on the path and pick stroke path. If that doesn't work, you can click the button instead! This will trace out your path. Make sure you do this all on one layer.. Keep all your linework on one layer. When you fill these paths with color, use a different layer for different sections! (I will explain later)
Look at these pics:
Path menu 1
Path menu 2

You will also be using the fill or the select path buttons. (You can see them in the Path menu 1 pic) If you pathed an area that is enclosed, like an eye or something, just stroke the line to give you the outline, make a new layer named Eyes, and then go back and fill the path in this new layer. Now adjust the layers so that Eyes is under the paths and voila.

You do not have to stroke lines all the time too! Sometimes you will want to fill paths without stroking the lines. Use this for doing highlights (on the hair for example.)

You do not have to fill with all one color! You can pick the other button in the Path Menu 1 pic that says Select (path). This will select the area with a marquee and you can then fill it with a gradient like some people do to make neat shading effects.
Using gradients for some shading

Make sure you have every color or section on a different layer. Name all the layers and it will keep everything organized. Like, put all skintones in the skin layer, put all of the tshirt in the tshirt layer, etc etc.

Preserve trasparency box. This is the friend of EVERY CGer!! Use this to your advantage! Whenever you finish a layer completely, click this box! Now you can just use a paintbrush or whatever without having to worry about messing up your picture. (Like you can shade on the edges and it wont paint over the edge)

Ok thats a lot of writing... hehe cel-shading is pretty time consuming, and in all honestly.. its better implemented in illustrator than it is in photoshop. But almost noone has illustrator.. But if you are doing something small like a logo, it will work well! Hope this helps!

Any more questions? Comments? Please ask.

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Ack you put in that crappy tutorial from long ago??! hehe ^^;;

Honestly, this really does take a lot of time... if you don't mind having non-perfect lines, you could just make extra sure that your lineart in your sketch is really really good, and just scan and use them instead of bothering with the pen tool to do the line art. (However you'll still be using the pentool to do the shading parts) Keep in mind that there are multiple pentools.. experiment with all of them, as they are all useful for different things!
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Originally posted by SilentZephyr
Ack you put in that crappy tutorial from long ago??! hehe ^^;;

~slaps Silent Zephyr~
Its not crappy! Its very helpful! I'll have to show u the mess Ive made sometime! Thanx again hun!
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Here's my crrrrrazy papier mache mask tutorial:

I hope you guys can understand it ^_^;;;

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Don't know if these would help anyone, but I though that I might as well post them here:

Look! No words!!

Look! No words!! [No. 2]

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Is anyone on Polykarbon's BBs besides me? I've been there about 2 years.
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Originally posted by MaDPoWer
Is anyone on Polykarbon's BBs besides me? I've been there about 2 years.

There is now BTW, I did the Paintshop Pro tutorial on Normally I wouldnt use multiply/screen layers but the turorial is simply meant to translate his Photoshop tutorials in PSP. I think setting the blending modes to normal and choosing your own colors always produces the best results.

I have some (very)old and embarrassing tutorials from my old site. I might as well post them:

And heres a newer mini background tutorial meant as an "exercise" which I made for a forum activity:;threadid=742
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One of the best tutorial lists I've found ...Mostly for photoshop

Edit: Best price I've found for Photoshop is at Ebay
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Where do I get Photoshop from? none of the stores around me sell it, and what it a good price for a scanner?
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Thanks! Great links!
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this links help me very much
but......all are of photoshop
a draw whit china ink and others clasic materials [psycho]

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Those links are really helpful, but a clothing tutorial would be nice as well (I couldnt find one)
Especially when trying to get hard textures like leather or PVC
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hello, as these catdlord? he wanted to know if some link exists in Spanish to help or to teach to draw!!!

excuse if some orthographic error exists or if it sounds like he spoke tarzan but it is that I am using a translator !!! thank you ahead of time!
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