Zafina's place in tier list

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So, it's been a while since Zafina is around again, we even had some nice buffs for her with the latest patch. After playing hundreds of hours (both off- and online) with Zaf and watching some tournaments and top players choosing her, I started to think where would I put her on the tier lists.
I did not come across a tier list for S3 posted by any of Tekken gurus (neither I will opt for making one myself), but it bothers me how good she really is at a competitive level.

I already shared my thoughts about her up- and downsides in the First Impressions topic, but I think that we should consider her power in the tournament situations:

- Movement: one of the best backdashes in the game
- Evasion: many crushing moves; your opponent has to know the matchup to even connect some blows while she is in her stances
- Damage: high in comparison to most of the cast (70-80 out of almost every starter is really good), great wall combo
- Mind games: punishing her being a coin toss for opponent paired with her confusing strings can really make people hesitate or guess
- Range: she excels in hitting people from far away (d+2, ff+3+4, ff+4, b+1+2), being a great mid-to-far-range character

- Weak punishment: i16 launcher, no i12 wallsplat, WS punish is lame
- Weak throw game: no command/stance throws, OKI being mediocre at best
- No real CH options: the fastest CH launcher in neutral is i16, you have to be in stance to apply CH threat
- Struggling against some match-ups: not launching at 15 fr and WS+4 being her only punish from crouch until i15 can make it a hassle to fight against few characters in the game, who may abuse moves she can't really deal with lightly

In my opinion, this all makes for A Tier character, considring tier pattern - D,C,B,A,S, Akuma. The world is not neglecting her anymore like in previous Tekkens and really good players decide to go with her in big tournaments, which makes me believe she can really do well in competition.

What do you think?
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I honestly would put her at B, not A. She's definitely the strongest version of Zaf we've ever had, but I think because she's so unsafe and still really risky holds her back. A lot of people still don't know her match up so she still gets away with a lot of shit. Maybe she could be like an A- or B+ if you want to get really specific about it, but I see her definitely as mid tier.

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