As a Kazuya Main, what to play as a substitute?

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Been spamming Kazuya for most of my time with the game and have been looking to pick up another character to keep things fresh, looked at a few characters and thought Claudio, Asuka and Julia all look pretty good with Steve coming in pretty close after those.
What are the pros and cons of those characters? Are there any others a fellow Kazuya player would perhaps suggest? Already tried the other Mishimas but didn't like those too much.
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Try Heihachi better. No other one brings so much satisfaction, even if you lose periodically, or are offer on the loose

I can't wait for Bruce. It is not that he were the one I picked the most, but he was always there. Every day you needed your Bruce junkie of Muai Thai adiction. This hasn't been possible with that baby girl. The feeling isn't obviously the same.

I hope they take a step back in the next tekken that should be also the last one numbered in what It comes to character priorities without taking the tendencies into consideration. Just don't leave Bruce out of the aprty, ok MrMurray?, something like Josie can't replace him. Period.
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I feel Asuka and Julia going to need more commitment.

Steve if you're defensive, Claudio if you are less defensive :p

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