Combo Breaker 2019 Final Results & Archive

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With over twenty games competition open to enter, character auction tournaments, and top competitors from many countries in attendance; Combo Breaker is definitely a great event to look forward to this weekend. As the first Master Event of Tekken World Tour in the America region, CB2019 has attracted veterans, masters, newcomers from North America as well as those from overseas. Players such as Anakin, Runitblack, Speedkicks will have to compete for points with the likes of Rangchu, Knee, JDCR, and more.

As usual all the relevant links are available after the jump.
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Joined: Jun 2001
Posts: 1696
From: Indonesia
PSN: xtc_LZN
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Stream archive:
Pools part 1
part 2
character auction
Top 24
Top 8


Friday: Pools 10 AM - 10 PM

Saturday: Pools 10 AM to 4 PM; Top 96 4 PM to 8 PM; Character Auction 8 PM to 10 PM

Sunday: Top 24 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM; top 8 4:30 PM

local time in Chicago ->

Final Results:

Spoiler (highlight to reveal)

1st ROX Dragons| Knee
2nd RAD RB| Anakin
3rd Tasty| Rangchu
4th JDCR
5th ROX Dragons| Chanel
5th UYU| LowHigh
7th pling
7th Rickstah

9th PG| Speedkicks
9th Trungy
9th EQNX| Cuddle_core
9th UYU|JeonDDing

13th ESE CCG| Runitblack
13th EQNX| Dimeback
13th Oni Jin
13th Disrupt| Shadow 20z

17th LOK| Nivek
17th TCOL| SourPiggy
17th CORN| Dtownsking
17th PepperBeef2Spicy
17th Disrupt| Joonya_20z
17th KoDee
17th GS| Pokchop
17th UYU;GO| CherryBerryMango

25th Blood Hawk
25th jon_hammer
25th CORN| LtrainLocomotive
25th Brawlpro
25th Fab_Will
25th MYK
25th Ramin
25th Beast Infection

Players to Watch:
Pool A1: Anakin, IceColdEdge
Pool A2: CherryBerryMango, Aruuu
Pool A3: Rangchu
Pool A4: NG-Obscure, Rip
Pool B1: Psylence, BMNS
Pool B2: Lowhigh
Pool B3:
Pool B4: JDCR
Pool C1: Dimeback
Pool C2: MYK, Blackbeard
Pool C3: Runitblack
Pool C4: Mr. Taxi
Pool D1: gllty
Pool D2: Shadow 20z, KingReyJr
Pool D3: Pokchop
Pool D4: Cuddle_core, RenoFace
Pool E1: Blood Hawk
Pool E2: Rick_Tha_Rular
Pool E3: Knee, Filipinoman
Pool E4: Jeondding
Pool G1: Pling
Pool G2: Speedkicks
Pool G3: Jesse, LtrainLocomotive
Pool G4: Dogura, Brawlpro, Kodee
Pool H1: Jody Tha Great, PepperBeef2Spicy, lion_@rt
Pool H2: Oni Jin, MacSplicer, JWong
Pool H3: Joonya_20z
Pool H4: Rickstah, Shola, Harli
Pool I1: Tanukana, KawaiiFaceMiles
Pool I2: Chanel, Dandy J
Pool I3:
Pool I4: Trungy

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