When should I use Jin's d/f 4?

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And why?

I figured this move tracks pretty well, and leaves opponent in crouch.

When I go for a CH move, i don't want to choose the slowest one at 20 frames. At 20 frames it could be uninterruptable after df1, 4 or just 4 on hit, but these moves leave opponent too far for it to connect.

Additionaly it's -3 on block, so if my opponent doesn't do any move at all for these 20 frames I could as well ff3 or ff4 and gain some advantage.

I feel this move is better than what I can see right now.https://discord.software/ https://fetlife.vip/ https://downloader.vip/itunes/

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I usually use it on combos or erroneous input. good thing is its good on block. I use it on purpose at wall pressure though when I fish for CH u/f+2 to wall splat

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