Jun in Tekken 7

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We need her. Asuka has always been the stronger counterpart but I've always found Jun far more enjoyable to play. Here's a few ways I think she'd translate into Tekken 7 first with screw moves.


Jabs into an unsafe mid kick at -12. Many characters have this similar string and it screws so I imagine hers would.


I love the flow and style of this string. Why the last hit is a high at -12 though I'll never know. Easily looks like a screw move and would be awesome.


Same as Asuka.


Fast homing move with an extension. One of her key bound moves in Tag 2. The second hit would probably under go an animation change to look more screw like. Another possibility is to give her a 1 extension that screws and keep this one for spiking and floor breaking.


Low high string. Not really the greatest with the second 4 as it can be ducked. I would actually make that second 4 a mid at like -10 to -12. Either way the animation is already screw worthy.


Already looks like a screw move.

ff2,2 or 2,3

I could see either one of these moves being a screw move with a slight animation change.


Same as Asuka


14f ws punish. Easily a screw move with an animation to do so.

IZU 1,2

As this is an important bound move for Jun I could see this undergoing an animation change to become a screw. Another possibility again is to have a 1 extension.

IZU 4,1

A sick low sweep into mid strike. Could easily be a screw move though how applicable is to be determined. Also slow.


A slow high homing attack out of her gengetsu. With speed and hitbox changes could be a cool screw attack.

Changes I want to see to frames and properties:


For the love of God make these -1 and not -7. It's nice she has a better 10f punish than Asuka but still. That being said she has many extensions so maybe it is fair.


KND property on counter hit instead of a breakable stun. If not broken yes led to a free f2 but only for so long til higher ranks. -11 for a move like that is fair.


Full guaranteed on counter hit which knd's


KND on hit. Jun's biggest weakness is wall-splatting and knd'ing. Have a 13f wallsplat would be a godsend.


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