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1st Dan
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Hello all,

I'm a business school student in Japan and avid Tekken player. I'm trying to gauge this communities interest in Tekken in Japan (players, tournaments, thoughts on the game, waifus) and potentially creating a stronger connection between the English speaking and Japanese communities. I'm a fan of the game in all countries, no bias, I just happen to be in Japan and speak (shamefully low level) Japanese.

If I do anything it would be for a business school project in case this bothers anyone. My overall goal is to help people gain more access to the Japanese community and vice versa and to help the game grow as a whole.

Any thoughts, questions, or suggestions are welcome. Also if this is not the right area for this...my B.


- HB

tl:dr Are you interested in Tekken in Japan? What do you wish you could have more of from the Japanese community?

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