Let's Talk Tekken 8 (Hopes, Dreams, Expectations)

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#21 “Quote” Edit Post
Those games were never in the same realm of brokeness as T4. Plus what good would a patch have done with things like uneven floors which were clearly intentional. I assume the death combos were intentional as almost every stage had them.
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#22 “Quote” Edit Post
As far as what I want for T8 get rid of all safe get up options. Or at least make then unsafe. Your opponent should be entitled to extra damage if they guess your wake up correctly. Reduce combo damage. If you make the game more about neutral and less about who can land the first 2 combos skill becomes a bigger factor. Get rid of rage arts. Or nerf them in some way. In short increase the number of exchanges it takes to win a match and kill comeback mechanics. plus make people more vulnerable on wakeup.
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#23 “Quote” Edit Post
I think the series has nowhere to go at this point.

The movelists are so saturated, that to add more moves would only add to the complexity of the game for newcomers.

They've added walls, breakable walls/floors, supers, EX moves, power crush, bound/screw, and a million other dynamics.

The character roster is saturated to the point that you can't add anybody without enduring endless bitching about favorite characters being removed.

They've tried tag and team mechanics, which didn't work out as planned.

Overall, T7 was really just T6 with a few things added. The game plays almost exactly the same. Even the graphics can't be improved that much now.

I think the only thing Namco can do to avoid this "Madden effect", is to blow the game up and start from scratch with a new engine. But that would take a ton of development time and money, and put huge pressure on Namco to maintain their fanbase while presenting them with something that might not feel like a Tekken game. Fighting games don't have the return on investment they did when the arcade scene had power. People don't gravitate to them automatically like they do with FPS or RTS games, and fighting games also take a TON of conceptual and development muscle. It's a poor formula from a financial perspective, which is really the only incentive companies adhere to.

I get the feeling that the next installment is either TvSF, or that the series will hang up its boots and go into hibernation mode like SF did after 3S. Hopefully I'm wrong.
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#24 “Quote” Edit Post
Dunno what exactly i want Tekken 8 to be, of course i want it to be great as we all, and everyone also has his own definition of "great", so here few things i'd like the game's direction will take:

- Characters designs: Less testosterone character designs, more in the appeal of T4, make Law thin and buff, Lei and Hwoarang aren't about muscles, make Feng ultra buff and cie, give characters uniqueness in theirs bodies and not just where everyone is Bodybuilding master. This is mostly about male characters as i think females characters don't have this a issue in this game.

And i hope they will make default costumes since day, normally this isn't even something that i have to mention as it's just something normal and MUST for a new Tekken game. (or any other game in general)

- Stages destructible variations: Like Tekken 5 there were stages were there were flowers petals, floor break, and those white petals in Moonlight stage, after this game it's mostly about floors cracking, i'd like Tekken 8 will go back to that variety of stages like Tekken 5 and expand. (For whatever reason i'm hearing Harada's voice in my head saying things like "But... development cost"..."

- Gameplay: It's the aspect where i can trust them the most, a they've never really disappoint me in that area. So i just wait and see. One of the best aspect of Tekken gameplay is course it's a 3D martial fighting game (if we don't count the few clowns character they added recently), and adding things like floor break, balcony break and cie make the game even better gameplay.

- Customization: Well i think it's one of the main issue with Tekken 7, even tho thankfully the few unique costumes saved the day overall, the customize aspect is one of the main aspect where the franchise need to seriously step it up.

- More new characters based on real Martial Arts: Nothing else to say, it's clear as day.
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#25 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by grumpy64
@Dodecadozen T4 was broken as can be. full of glitches and death combos were a dime a dozen. Don't even get me started on uneven floors.
yeah bro let's keep playing updated versions of tekken3 for the rest of our lives. Another 20 years more at the very least from tekken8 on
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#26 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by Fernandito
yeah bro let's keep playing updated versions of tekken3 for the rest of our lives. Another 20 years more at the very least from tekken8 on

not against change just saying tekken doesn't need to go in the same direction as T4 Frankly though i'd rather tekken stay the same then get worse like a certain other games.

anyway i want mention T4 again unless someone directs a post about it towards me.
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#27 “Quote” Edit Post
Though I'm eternally thankful for the gift from the gods that the introduction of Lucky Chloe was, I don't see the need for Tekken to keep introducing so many new characters. Especially shitty ones like Claudio, and meh ones like Kazumi and Gigas. Can't they just develop the old characters better? I don't want any new characters for T8. Maybe 1 or 2 is ok, but a dozen new characters like what T7 has done is just mental. I'd rather have 1 or 2 high quality DESIGNS than 2 handfulls of homemade anime characters with badly matched or not-so-well-fitting movelists. I'd rather just have refurbished old characters like Master Raven than unappealing new ones like Catalina. This is not an endorsement for Josie though.

I wonder how many people would still use shaheen and claudio if they weren't easy, peasy, hopkick-happy characters. That is the real test of good character design. Will the character appeal to people and attract them to play the character despite not being easy to use or good?

I'm mostly happy with what T7 has done for character movelists as far as additions, deletions and meaningfulness goes. It's made some characters a lot more usable, versatile, fun and memorable.

Jin got some cool stance transitions. Dragunov got that awesome trooper roll. Hwoarang got Baek's d/f+3 FLA cancel, and a punch parry. Heihachi got the ground punch which nobody uses and raijin stance cancel finally. AK got cancels, a nice wallflip, and meaningful use for mistspit. Marduk got more options to go into VTS and mount. King, bryan, paul, miguel, and feng are in a good place. They screwed law by removing his DSS transitions from f,f+3 and U\B+4 though. But I can forgive them if they bring back Dr.B in Season3.

Few to no complaints about the others I occassionally use. The additions and omissions have mostly been thoughtful IMO, and from my perspective, I don't think they need to put in any significant work on the movelists for T8. They can safely just focus on bringing in some fresh and fun gameplay mechanics and improving the graphics to make it more immersive.

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#28 “Quote” Edit Post
I think Claudio is one of the best out of the newcomers but I do agree that the roster is saturated as it is now. Hence, I believe there are diminishing returns on Character DLC revenue because unless you are a hardcore player of the DLC character why would you buy him/her with 30+ great roster to chose from already.
Tekken 8, I think they should drop TXSF and instead use individual character liscenes in separate alterations. Like, they used up Akuma for T7. Use 5 characters from SF in T8 and flesh them out.
Since the success of MKX story mode, all fighting games are trying to emulate it(because MKX got so many new players into FGC). So they cannot drop story mode, however I am 100% sure that they should:
(1)Drop silly customization of costumes(sell kickass costumes as paid DLC)
(2) Create-a-Stage mode and Create-a-Rage Art mode instead. For reference the old WWF games of Smackdown.
(3)Tekken Force/Ball mode
I am extremely confident that people will spend more money on buying these 4 modes instead of DLC characters that dont interest them(without own stage or story).
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#29 “Quote” Edit Post
it's actually good you made this topic now. maybe developers low key check the forum out and take our wishes and ideas into consideration.

what i want for tekken 8 is to get rid of power crush and rage arts from the game while at the same time keeping power crush and rage arts in the game like how they got rid of bound while at the same time kept bound. also reduce juggle and wall combo damage. also make df+2s that don't launch crouching -10 at least.


all low crushes just knockdown. hop kicks knockdown like nina's uf+3. orbitals knockdown face down head towards or maybe force crouch on nh with plus frames and knockdown face down head towards with ch. somersaults knockdown away face down head towards and are made safer on block.


reduce damage percentage of hits on airborne opponents to 25% on each hit starting with the first as the launchers usually do heavy damage as is. reduce wall damage to 25% on each hit as the wall splats usually do heavy damage as is. it will be different for moves like hellsweeps and hunting hawks if not done in a juggle. moves like hunting hawks and hellsweeps will have hit damage percentage on airborne opponent at 75% on first hit, 50% on second hit and 25% on third hit.


bring back bound as a juggle extender instead of just a juggle starter while still keeping screw as a juggle starter and juggle extender as well with the juggle damage heavily decreased with the balance i mentioned above. however make it that bound can not be done after wall splat unless it's a breakable wall and after the wall is broken.

if the launch is normal and you do screw as an extender, you can not do bound as a second extender. if the launch is normal and you do bound as an extender, you can not do screw as a second extender. if the juggle STARTER is a screw launcher then you can do bound as an extender. if the juggle starter is a bound launcher then you can do screw as an extension.

this is so we can have more fun doing different style juggles instead of the same few juggles over and over


completely remove all pc from regular moves and give pc to the 60f unblockables. change all unblockable attacks to do 40 damage points (the damage of the common double arm grab) on nh and knockdown only. change power crush properties to no longer be slow down by hits and to also be broken by strong high and mid blows that cause SPARK on nh or ch. if that's too much options making it too easy then only also broken by moves that give spark nh but not ch.

so pc properties along with lows and throws would also be broken by heavy blows. lows, throws and heavy blows. as an anna and nina user i'm going to use anna and nina for examples. pc would be broken by (anna moves)f+4...f+1+2...f+2+3...qcf+1...ss+3...second hit of 2,4... qcf+3,2... qcf+2,1... and so on and so forth. those moves all spark on nh. move that spark on ch are b+4...uf+1,3... qcf+2...d+2... and so on and so forth.


combine rage arts and rage drive as one with
the name of rage drive which sounds better than rage arts which is lame af. all rage drives will have rage drive style startups but rage arts style cinematic on hit and plus frames on block. no startup freeze frame, no pc but just the blow with the rage drive blue effect added.

during the startup they still say something or whatever they said before like how eliza says "you want more?" during her ex meter special startup. also no horror move sirens during it but the regular game music continuing. without the freeze frame and freeze pose anna just does the slap with the rage drive effect during the start up of the slap and say "this should be fun" during the slap startup.

all of them would be changed to be single hit rage drive startups and rage arts cinematic on hit. we don't need so many different, separate extras added to the game. classic rage drives will be changed into an idea i have below called ex meter moves/mix ups with nerfed properties and/or damage.

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#30 “Quote” Edit Post

while i don't like 2d fighters and their 2d fighter mechanics in tekken, especially ex meter itself, the ex meter thing gives me a great idea for something new in tekken that could be added in good way without ruining the balance of the game. tekken 7 removed a lot of mixups from a lot of characters for the reason of being to strong/heavy of a mix up and the idea i have for ex meters being in tekken is to give characters back certain removed mix ups or give new mixups costing them a meter to do them.

the ex meter will be 4 bars long and will fill up by delivering damage or receiving damage but twice as fast when receiving damage. you can build and store meter energy the whole match meaning you don't start over with nothing each new round. ex meter mixup moves costing a bar doesn't mean that the old mixup is now plus frames or even now safe or counter hit properties as natural hit properties if it wasn't buffed to be so.

anna's db+1,4 is now basically as fast as her db+1,1 in ttt2 making the mix up way too strong and that's why they removed her db+1,1. this ex meter will allow anna to do db+1,1 costing her a meter. this would be called a meter mix ups. it's not a regular mix up that can be thrown out as much as wanted for free. another example would be anna's uf+4,3,4 versus a new mixup uf+4,3+4 being her ss+3 with the same impact speed as the low. that would be way too powerful for a regular mix up that can be thrown out as much as wanted and would require a bar to do that.

anna's f+4 clean hit damage increase got removed but the move is still -14. that move does NOT deserve to be -14 anymore and should at MOST be -12. the ex meter moves/mixups idea comes into play. lets just say f+4 is now -12 still with no clean hit damage. a new ex meter move f+3+4 is her f+4 with it's clean hit damage as natural hit and -14 instead of -12 costing a bar too do. they should do the same thing with paul's qcf+2. remove clean hit from qcf+2 and make qcf+1+2 a ex meter version of it with it's clean hit damage as natural hit damage and way more launch punishable costing a meter.

old rage drives would become ex meter moves with nerfed properties and/or damage cost a bar or two bars. an example would be anna's qcf+2+3 rage drive costing a bar or two bars to do, no longer launches but just floors the opponent face down head towards (giving free fc+f+2) and is no longer +5 but now -5 or maybe even unsafe -11 depending on how it's balanced.

the ex meter mix ups would have the same yellow effect and sound effect that the 2d characters were given but no invincibility (clearly) as we are keeping it TEKKEN and not 2D mugen.


make cpu on ultra hard actually ultra hard. i want the cpu to side step, duck, legitimately block punish and whiff punish me at least 50% of the time. ultra hard is what i consider normal difficulty as is.

add team battle with the ability to have one single character as a team against eight cpu as a team. i don't like that i'm forced to have the same amount of characters i'm facing. i want that challenge sometimes.

add tekken force/scenario campaign with all stages from t3, t4 and t6 remastered along with new ones so it doesn't get stale.


add tekken force/scenario campaign same as described above with up to four players online and enemy amount, boss amount (dual bosses) and boss strength automatically balanced by the amount of players on a team.

add team battle mode that can go up to 16 players (eight on each team). change team battle game online that whether you win or lose, the person behind you goes next (on both teams obviously). if you didn't die, you will be up again after rotation with your remaining health slighty increased (like how it always does) against the first person who didn't die as well with their remaining life slightly increased as well.

so say if i'm first on my team and every player but one player loses on my team, i'll be up again against the player who didn't die with our remaining health from last battle slightly increased.

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#31 “Quote” Edit Post
Ex meter is the one big way to differentiate Tekken 8 from Tekken 7. That would also allow a way to remove rage and RA and RD excess in every round end. Also like the idea of PC on unblockable though it would require extensive testing to not make it OP nor useless.
(2)Change the mechanics on Rage, drive and art as well.
(3)For juggle changes I would say, create the final stage change into a special condition(like the volcano stage is walled but in the final stage it becomes infinite). High gravity, low gravity, faster EX meter, no SS and so on. This will create stage differentiation and different strategy but at the same time wont break the game because its only one round out of 5.
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Hope VF6 would be announce and out by the time T8 will be there so it could be influenced in a positive way.
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Remove juggle starters and long juggles altogether, replace them with sabakis that give you one free canned combo.

For Example with Kazuya, ewgf is a sabaki move that works on all high and mid punches, you get at stun that allows you to do any one of the canned combos of Kazuya. Or Law, WS2 is a sabaki that works on all high and mid punches and high kicks, the stun allows you to do any one of Law canned combos.

Another bonus is that all canned combos from all characters become useful, for once. Right now, most canned combos are useless.

The sabakis should look like real martial art moves. Like with Kazuya, he blocks the opponents arm followed by an uppercut that stuns. With Law, WS2, he auto blocks the punches or high kicks, followed by a punch that stuns. The stun and canned combos don't launch, the opponent is standing/kneeling/sitting/crouched/on one leg/ side turned/back turned/staggering when the canned combos land, the result is a knockdown or they recover standing/crouching/ off axis and so on.

With Kat let's say u/f+3, instead of a flip kick, she uses her left kick to block any low kick or low punch or any throw, followed by a kick that stuns which gives her a free 33333, or 44444 or u/f+4444. u/f+44444 is no longer a launcher but a natural combo on hit.

Something like that.

Canned combos, meaning NCs and NCCs

And remove power crushes from characters like Lei, Xiaoyu, Feng, Katarina, Leo , they are martial artists.
Replace their power crushes with sabakis , but keep the active sabaki frames the same as power crushes. So they can use their new sabakis like other chars use their power crushes.

Trading punches with the opponent suits brawler type characters like Steve , King, Miguel, Bob, Gigas etc. better.

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#34 “Quote” Edit Post
still early for t8 ... t7 still hella successful and probably is the most successful tekken in the last decade

if i were to change something it is to balance the weaker characters and buff in such a way to guarantee 1 or 2 hit moved than a full combo

game needs shorter combos but its fine if they didnt change anything especially after coming off ttt2 5-10 second combos
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#35 “Quote” Edit Post
Looking at how MK11 is shaping up, it puts me in a weird place when thinking how Tekken can bring something new to the table.

I hated the variations in MKX, but making them customizable adds a crazy level of depth and freedom in 11.... But on the contrary, I enjoy Tekken's huge move list, and a individual could have a different "variation" of a character by simply utilizing different moves.... If anything, I hope Tekken 8 allows you to select different Rage Arts, as MK11 seems to have an option to change Fatalities as well....

MK11 also seemed to take emphasis off juggling, and more importance to the stand up game.... while also buffing wake up options.... I feel they were inspired by Tekken with that decision......It would be nice in Tekken 8 if they added an aggressive risky option to catch backrollers (so people can stop whining about Oki), but parallel to that, adding a few wake up options to better punish aggressive opponents who guess wrong .... MK11's meter options on wake up seem very interesting, a lot better than just invincibility frame special moves in MKX

I feel Mk11 will really shake up 2019, and it will be interesting how Tekken will respond in keeping their game relevant for the remainder of the year and in the forefront as possibly the best fighting game on market.
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#36 “Quote” Edit Post
I would like the game to have TTT1 PS2 style, and I would like fights to feel like more grueling, where you take damage over time and perhaps lose damage dealt from certain limbs, or taking extra damage when the same limb is beaten over and over. I would like the grappling system to perhaps be expanded upon, give the environment more objects to interact with, like slamming opponents through desks and things like that
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#37 “Quote” Edit Post
make getting up more dangerous because it's way to safe in T7. Back rolls should be just as punishable as they were in previous tekkens. Basically though i want a game were most of the damage is done through oki and neutral set ups and not half life diala combos. That way matches are won by the superior strategist and not the guy who lands 2 combos first. If Bamco insist on keeping high damage combos it should only be the really difficult ones. The ones most of us can't do. Which brings up another issue even if you have god like skills and can do all those uber dificult combos it's rarely worth it as you can just do a brain dead combo and only lose around 10-15 damage points.
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#38 “Quote” Edit Post
Just bring back sidestepping like in TTT2. The game is still to liniear.
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#39 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by CHANG39
As the title suggests, let's talk Tekken 8.

Here are my list of characters that are most certainly will make it in the next Tekken game:

Characters that "might" make the cut or will come out eventually:
-Armor King
(I don't expect any of the new characters in T7 to make a return, maybe Claudio, also hopefully no more guest characters)

Hopefully Tekken 8 uses the Tekken 6 graphics engine, it looks so much more fluid and natural than the UE4, from the small details (snow foot tracking, water reflections+physics etc.) to the animations, Tekken 7 looks damn good for a UE4 game, but not for a Tekken game.

Give characters their own purpose, go back to T4-5 story presentation, the non-Mishimas in Tekken 7 feel more like place holders than characters, give them purpose and a reason as to why they are in the Tekken universe.

Content, Bring back Survival, Team Battle, Tekken Ball etc.

Make customization great again, Tekken 6-TT2 did a lot of things right, at least give us T6's customization items back, also allow us to customize the character panels as well (such a missed opportunity in T7).

Bring back the stage and music designers from T4 and TT2 (minus the uneven terrain from T4).

Tekken 8 should be a next-gen game only.
Well aside from the game being displayed at 580p and the picture being blurry, I pretty much agree with the fact that they should bring back t6 graphics, and I would like the stages from tekken 4 to make a return. Tekken 6 customization was good, add ttt 2 decals into the fray and you'll have some pretty dope outfits. tekken 4 like story should be brought back, best story ever in tekken history bar none. I would also like to have a tekken 4 like ost back.
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#40 “Quote” Edit Post
Which characters will make it isn't the factor that will decide if T8 will be great or not.

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