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The inaugural season of Tekken World Tour for the Asia Pacific Region has finally concluded, as their regional tier event is done; the Tekken 7 tournament at South East Asia Major 2017.

The Tekken event held in Singapore has seen quite a large growth in attendance as well as the average skill level at the tournament, as this year's tournament had a large wave of top players from Japan & Korea coming to pursue prize money & TWT points. We've summarized the results as well as gathered the archives for you to enjoy.

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From: Indonesia
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Stream Archives
top 8 part 1
top 8 part 2

pools p1
pools p2
pools p3
pools p4


Top 16


Players to watch:
Pool A: Mercury, Okaty, Okay, Saint, Tanukana,
Pool B: Chanel, Jeondding, Doujin, Lowhigh, Aken
Pool C: Noroma, SbyRazor, Meat, Yuu, Shin Akuma
Pool D: Knee, Book, Soyongdory, ManggaDuaPlayer
Pool E: R-Tech, Zap, Qudans, Arenz
Pool F: Help Me, Nobi, Pekos, AK
Pool G: Shin, ZF, Kkokkoma, Take, Dimeback, Maru, Kari
Pool H: JDCR, Malgu, Kurokuro, Liliman

Final Results:
Spoiler (highlight to reveal)

1st Qudans (DJ)
2nd COOASGAMES| Noroma (Jack-7)
3rd Echo Fox|JDCR (Dragunov)
4th Jeondding (Lucky Chloe, Eddy)
5th Echo Fox|Saint (Jack-7)
5th Low High (Shaheen)
7th VS AMG FV| Book (Jin)
7th Yamasa| Nobi (Dragunov)

9th Yamasa| Take
9th Help Me
9th Rox| Knee
9th KuroKuro
13th Okay
13th Yamasa| Yuu
13th Legion|Coffee Prinz
13th SFD.Kari.AC

17th Cyclops| Tanukana
17th ITS| Channel
17th Shin Akuma
17th Soyongdory
17th VS.AMG | FV Arenz
17th PBE| AK
17th Dimeback
17th Malgu

25th Okaty
25th PBE| Doujin
25th VS.AMG | FV Meat
25th Tsubumi
25th EGC| Mawts
25th GetNews| Pekos
25th PBE| Maru
25th Nishi

Pool Result:
Pool A: Saint, Okay
Pool B: Lowhigh, Jeondding
Pool C: Noroma, Yuu
Pool D: Knee, Book
Pool E: Qudans, CoffeePrinz
Pool F: Help Me, Nobi
Pool G: Take, Kari
Pool H: JDCR, Kurokuro

Total attendance: 105

And these are the final 5 players that from the Asia Pacific region that are coming for the Tekken World Tour Finals, November 12th 2017.
Spoiler (highlight to reveal)

Qudans (DJ)
COOASGAMES| Noroma (Jack-7)
Echo Fox|Saint (Jack-7)
Yamasa| Nobi (Dragunov)
Rox| Knee

and qualified through winning Evo 2017: Echo Fox|JDCR (Dragunov)

- TWT Standings
- TWT Standings monitored by the community

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