Tekken 7 - How Break Nina's Chain Throws?

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Jorg Weisz
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Tekken 7 - Break Nina Williams Chain Throws | Full Guide

Nina Williams is known for her chain throws, and they can be such a pain. In this video I"ll show you how to break them one by one.

Nina's chain throws move list:
Backhand Slap Combo:
- Backhand Slap
- Seoi Gyaku Juji-gatame
- Triple Slaps
----- Neck Crusher
----- Leg Stretch Arm Lock

- Betrayer
- Twisted Nightmare
----- Neck Crusher
----- Leg Stretch Arm Lock
- Arm Break
----- Double Arm Break
----- Falling Arm Break
Crab Hold Combo:
- Commando Arm Lock
- Heel Hold
----- Double Snap
----- Double Heel Hold
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