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Hi, as we know Feng has a monster poking game. Could some of the more experienced players break down his key pokes and poking strategy? And discuss some of the poking sequences they like to use?
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Here's a few ideas:

d/f+1: awesome i14 mid that is 0 on block unlike most d/f+1's in the game, so if they're aggressive and try to jab after a blocked one a b+1 will CH trade for a free shoulder and a d+2 will crush them and knd for a free stomp.
On hit you're at +6 so another d/f+1, b+1, jabs, b+4, grabs, d+4, d/b+1 variations and d/b+3 cannot be interrupted (not considering Yoshi and his flash now). Keep in mind throws, jabs and b+1 can be ducked and launched however so be modest and don't spam these. Also d/b+3 can be hopkick crushed but d+4 cannot after a d/f+1 on hit, but unless they're playing crazy risky or you're being too obvious with your lows they shouldn't try that. D/b+3 is launch punishable on block too of course so again don't be obvious with it.
On counter hit nothing is guaranteed but the fallback stun gives you a ton of frames to set up a high damage mix up (which is exactly the same after CH WS+4 by the way). I personally like to use d+2 mixed with d/b+1variations or f,f+2 if I want something quick and relatively safe or a more risky high damage mix up like dash~SS+4_dash~SS~d/f+3 or qcf+1_qcf+2_qcf,n~WS+3 or STC+4_STC+2 if I feel like they are scared enough to not attack. I recommend using these high risk mix ups sparingly and wisely though because everything but d/f+3 can be punished for a good chunk or even a juggle on block.

d+2: great low poke, on CH you get a free CC into stomp as said, and while it isn't the fastest poke it high crushes amazingly and isn't launch punishable on block like d/b+3.
Unfortunately it is -3 RC on hit according to my testing and not around +2/+3 like the frame data says, so nothing is uninterruptable and your best bet is a quick WS+4_FC d+4 mix up or a u/f+2 which will evade and hit if they try to jab interrupt.
If you're positive they won't attack after d+2 you can do riskier stuff like FC d/f+1 (which high crushes and gives again a CC into stomp on CH) and hope they don't hopkick you out of it and start ducking instead to launch them with WS+3_FC d/f+2.There's too many variables here however so I wouldn't recommend this against good or aggressive opponents.

d/b+3: launch punishable on block at -15, but still an amazing low. It's extremely fast, goes under highs and has great range.
On hit and CH you're at +4 RC and they are forced into crouch as well, so you can do a basic mix up with your uninterruptable options WS+1_WS+1,2_WS+4_FC d+4. These options should keep them in check and scared of trying anything after getting hit with a d/b+3, and that's where you can mix in more rewarding lows like FC d/f+1, CC d+2 or CC into another d/b+3 (mind the risk of getting this one blocked though as said).

WS+1: another incredible mid poke, -1 on block but +5 on hit and CH. It can be done out of crouch dash by doing d,d/f,n+1 to cover a lot of ground, and the fact that this doesn't push back on hit like d/f+1 makes it great for setting up one of Feng's best mix up's on a deep hit if they're scared enough not to attack: the SS+4_SS~d/f+3 50/50 (if they're at the wall substitute the d/f+3 with SS+1+2 but more on this move later).
To get them to turtle after a WS+1 on hit use jabs, b+1, d/f+1, b+4, d/b+1 variations, the d/f+1+2 grab, d+4, d+2 or d/b+3. All the mid options here and the grab cannot be interrupted, but highs and lows can be ducked or crushed or low blocked obviously. Know that d+4 can be hopkick crushed after a WS+1 on hit but at the risk of being floated for a juggle by your other options they shouldn't try this often.

qcf+1+2: the awesome headbutt, relatively quick for a crouch dash move, grants a free stomp on CH and is a great poke to throw out every now and then because it sets up a lot of things nicely on hit and block by granting a ton of +frames and forcing them into crouch.
On block you're at +5 (not +4 like the frame data says), and d/f+1 and b+4 are not interruptable. Know that both moves can be SSed up on both sides of the screen however and it is also possible to backdash them to make them whiff (even though backdashing these follow ups is a bit strict and not something people usually do, and to avoid getting sidestepped you can always use d/f+3+4 in your matches which gives a free 4~3 on hit or f+1+2 which gives a full juggle). After a blocked qcf+1+2 a d/b+3 trades with ws+4 and is interruptable by the generic FC d/b+1 punch, but is still a decent option as a fast and unseeable low for when they're just blocking.
On hit you're left at +9 so all of the above above as well as d/b+1 variations are valid options. d/f+3 will launch them if they try to WS interrupt or even do a FC d/b+1 punch and it launches if the crouch to low block but is risky since it will whiff entirely if they just hold back to block high. f+1+2 launches any WS+4 interrupt attempt too but is high, f+1+3 or f+2+4 grabs reach and are uninterruptable, SS+1+2 will evade and hit them if they try a WS+4 or FC d/b+1 punch and even u/b+2 is uninterruptable if you're feeling fancy. Since decent players will rarely try to attack after getting hit with a qcf+1+2 however doing a slower low poke like d+2 or even going for a b+3~4 to set up BT mix ups can work well too.

(to be continued - gotta test stuff so this is taking longer than I thought and I'll do a bit at a time)

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Awesome stuff BlackPriest! Excited to see part 2. Really helpful stuff.

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What I would usually prefer to use after d/b+3 would be u+2 if assuming they are conditioned or naturally expect to block any fast mids, basically giving yourself a free +2 block advantage to those defensive players, or right after d/b+3 I would use f+1+3 to throw them.
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