Let me introduce some videos I created(from Japan)

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1st Dan
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From: Japan
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My player name is Doctor and I am from Japan.
I am making some special videos which have Japanese and English subtitles.
I hope many people can enjoy watching them.

This one is King VS Gigas.
If you don't know much about Gigas,
or if you want to use Gigas more, this video will be useful.

This one is with my master Vib. He uses many King's skills.
If you are interested in King's special techniques, this video will be useful.
It is like a wrestling rather than serious fight.

I am showing you what you can do with King Step.
You can see some techiques and strategies in this video.

I am still making some new ones.
You can watch them in a bus or a train,
and even in places you are waiting for something.
I am putting subtitles because you don't have to
listen to it, just watching is enough.

I will be happy if you put some comments or request.
Thank you!

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