TEKKEN 7 DLC Roadmap Includes 2 Guest Characters

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They hinted that the guest characters would be just as hyped as Akuma. At first I didn't really like the idea, but then seeing how many Street Fighter fans are planning to get Tekken I realized that his playstyle and movelist is a great way of improving the player base.

So now I honestly cannot wait to see the next two guest characters, personally I would love to see Akira/Goh (Virtua FIghter), Hugo (SF), and also Ryuji Yamazaki from (FF\KOF). I wouldn't mind even a Mortal Kombat character honestly, a slow motion Johnny Cage nut cruncher to close the round would be sensational.
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I want to see Alba Meira from King of Fighters Maximum Impact.
Or maybe Prophet from Crysis.
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Originally posted by Crystallust94
Since I don't know many other fighting games....I suppose it may be one character from POKKEN and one from Naruto, as it happened with Lars many years ago...

I think Pokken is a good shout. Not sure about Naruto, never watched it.

Harada said
If it were a game character, let me think. I would ask for two—one from a fighting game, and one that is not.

Does Pokken count as a fighting game? I would love Akira from VF or Terry Bogard too.
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Well, in any case I hope they are very famous characters and actual fighters.
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I want Kazuma Kiryu.
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Originally posted by BlackViper55
To me, Sabin from FFVI would make a perfect choice.

This got me thinking. It's actually more likely to get Tifa for FFVII with the remake coming out and all. That would be amazing.
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wouldn't mind some anime chars
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