Knee, The Elimination Of The Legend | Vs. LowHigh|

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Tekken 7: Fated Retribution - Knee, The Elimination Of The Legend | Vs. LowHigh | KOIFT 2016 Global Final |

Knee, he's known as the best Tekken player in the world, also known as the legend, yet, this doesn't seem to be true in this very event, he was eliminated so fast by his brother in fists from the same team LowHigh. In short, a surprising highly-skilled Korean match-up.

Information About The Match:
Players: Knee , LowHigh
Characters: Devil Jin, Marshal Law
Stages: Arctic Snowfall, Dragon's Nest, Mishima Dojo
Commentators: ARIS (@AvoidThePuddle) & Tasty Steve (@Tasty_Steve)
Gaming Platform: Arcade
Tournament location: Tokyo ,Japan
Signature A Tekken Addict, Since Tekken 2.

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