Saint (Jack 7) Vs Chanel (Alisa) KOIFT 2016 Finals

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Saint (Jack 7) Vs Chanel (Alisa) |KOIFT 2016 Global Final|Grand Finals|

An epic, astonishing and surprising grand finals. Saint the EVO 2016 CHAMPION with his (Jack-7) Versus Chanel from Knee Team with his (Alisa), two of the strongest players in Korea.

Information About The Match:
Game: Tekken 7 - Fated Retribution (FR)
Players: SAINT (@bogus10003) Vs. CHANEL
Characters: Jack-7, Alisa Bosconovitch
Stages: Arctic Snowfall, Mishima Dojo
Commentators: ARIS (@AvoidThePuddle) & Tasty Steve (@Tasty_Steve)
Gaming Platform: Arcade
Tournament location: Tokyo ,Japan
Signature A Tekken Addict, Since Tekken 2.

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