KOIFT NA |Grand Finals|Mr. Naps Vs. Circa Anakin

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King of Iron Fist Tournament - North America |Grand Finals| Mr Naps (Bryan) Vs. Circa Anakin (Jack-7)

These are the grand finals of King of Iron Fist Tournament: North America, this was a historic matchup, the winner will represent the whole NA area in the upcoming Global King of Iron Fist Tournament this December the 10th .
Mr Naps with (Bryan Fury) against Circa Anakin with (Jack-7).

Information about the match-up:
Commentators: ARIS (@AvoidThePuddle) & Mark Julio / Markman (@Markman23)
Players: Circa Anakin (@CircaAnakin) & Mr. Naps (@jimmyjtran)
Game: Tekken 7: Fated Retribution [Arcade: Version D]
Characters: Jack-7, Bryan Fury
Stages: Mishima Building, Dragon's Nest, Jungle Outpost
Platform: Arcade
Location: San Francisco, California
Signature A Tekken Addict, Since Tekken 2.

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