The New Bob??!?

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I got to play T7 with Kor and NeoX while we were in Dallas and for the most part we all agreed Shaheen was a pretty good character.

For whatever reason this dude has all these safe mids and on top of that 4,1 which is incredibly godlike. Even though its high/high its still a good move and the mid extensions make his keepout mixup pretty decent.

If Shaheen does end up being the new Bob he'll be getting figured out pretty easily. Right off the bat we noticed the best thing to do was turtle him and play him like a mishima since his 4,1 is basically a faster electric that can be used to keep your opponent from running in. Getting in his face and maintaining pressures against him is such a pain since mashing out 4,1 is such a brain dead option. His df1 mixup is so annoying to deal with. Df1 SS hopkick will still kill jab retaliation and 4,1 into d1 is the scrubbiest thing ive ever had to deal with.

Overall he's a very solid character, his lows are nothing to go crazy about except for his d4 being safe at certain ranges but i have a feeling people may struggle against him at first but will ultimately figure him out.

P.S Tekken 7 is a backdashing fest

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