Raven okizeme/setup thread

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I wonder why isn't there a thread for this yet. . I'm gonna post my Xiaoyu/Raven setup. Works with Miharu too. The key is using df4,4,3 as a TA filler. Sounds ridiculous, but it's awesome. Example:
uf3, 4, ff2, ff1+2,1+2, TA! ssr df4,4,3
I love this team mainly because of the options Xiaoyu has after that.

Note: df4,4 is a spike, but the opponent can tech roll for some reason.

Stand up, tech roll (both sides)
TA! ssr df4,4,3, ssr3
- Don't use this too often, your Xiaoyu will get murdered if they block ss3. Other than that, it's amazing and catches enemies a lot (if you use this setup for the first time on them).
TA! ssr df4,4,3, ssr f2+3
- Breakable, opponent can fall to the ground or turn around. If the foe doesn't know that, go for the ff, RDS 4 combo.
TA! ssr df4,4,3, ssr
- The (df4,4,)3 launches people who try to duck the things above. Connect with ff1+2,1+2 for a juggle.

Back roll, raw tag
TA! ssr df4,4,3 ff1+2,1+2
- Be creative at the wall.

Playing dead (staying on the ground)
TA! ssr df4,4,3, ff3+4
- This gets you the classic ff3+4 spike. If you don't know about it, go look at the Xiaoyu forums.
TA! df4,4,3, ff1+2,1+2
- Only works at the wall. Connect XMTS as soon as the (df4,4,)3 hits.

Tag crash
TA! ssr df4,4,3, bb, B, df2~1
- Tag crash hits Raven but whiffs on Xiaoyu.
Practice the timing.

That's pretty much it, I'll probably post some Raven oki later (3~4 spike for example). Please leave some feedback or some oki/setups^^
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