Bryan Set-ups, Tech-traps and spike moves?

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Anyone give me these info? will help me a lot ^_^
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D+2 on hit do a backdash....if they did ws4, launch with jet upper.

At the wall After b+1 b! D+1+2~f, 34 you can dash and if they tech rolled the taunt will hit. If they stay down do a d4 and do the same thing again if they tech. Just watch knee from tekken 6.

If you do launcher filler 1 filler 2 bound dash db2 then dash to taunt. It will hit if they stand up it also beats get mid and low kicks. Just d4 if they stay down.

After a balcony break i like ff3 (hold) then run up and jet upper if they raw tag. It sucks if they tag crash but oh well.

I got more stuff and wanna learn more stuff too so maybe some other people will post.
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Great hit is also b+2 1~ss and you have open to some mid. Im prefer f+4 1b! or D/F 1 1 1 1 2 and Snake edge but its worst thing agnist better players. Im ~brawler rrank so sanke edge work most of time . Also me need some set ups for bryan ^^. Share boys how you play ^^

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