Punishing Capos b+3,3 and ws1,3

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How to Punish Capos' B+3,3 and WS1,3


Should be quite easy to understand even if it's in Italian. If you need I can translate for you.
Basically when there's only a move written, that works for Eddy&Christie and for both b+3,3 and ws1,3. Otherwise I specify every case.

b+3,3 and ws1,3 are -14 on block. Fastest move from RLX stance is 14 frames so you virtually have a 27 frames window. There are characters who punish properly with an up-to-14 frames move. Others don't cause either they don't have it or their move doesn't hit. These Chars still have that potential 27 frames window so they can pick other moves. Since this is very situational, depending on many factors, I just put HIT.

There are Characters like AO, Kuni etc who have a punish move but this doesn't lead to any juggle or mini-juggle whatsoever, so in this situations I put the "right" move and also HIT.

I didn't mention many chars' moves able to pick capos up in case they decide to move from relax, like for example Bryan's d\b+2.

Interesting how in some cases things change between Capo used and between the two moves.
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Imo, it's almost always a good idea to use a decently fast attack that doubles as B! when used in the combo. Reason being when Capos does anything from RLX and is CH'd (and only when CH'd), they are considered as airborne, resulting an instant B! combo. If Capos are low in life, you should also buffer the ~5 in it so you can get a roughly 65 pts damage (seems to be an upper limit for instant B! juggles against getting up).

In Kuni's case, d+1(~5) is a good option, and in Yoshi's, f+1+2(~5).


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