"Ballroom Dance" FC d/f+2,1,4

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This FC low punch string has been buffed in TTT2, so Iíve decided to update this guide (originally from T6) and repost it. I'll try to explain the different options and the risks involved with using the "Ballroom Dance" and it's variations. Hopefully after reading this, your Lei will be able to "dance like a butterfly, and sting like a bee".

Here are the four basic "Ballroom Dance" variations:

- FC d/f+2 RC (LOW that hit's grounded)
- FC d/f+2,1 BT (LOW, low)
- FC d/f+2,1,4 PHX (LOW, low, mid)
- FC d/f+2,1,4~b (LOW, low, feint)

I'm suggesting to also mix up the mid kick with the quick BT low kick or even Leiís BT Slide:

- FC d/f+2,1 BT d+3 (LOW, low, low)
- FC d/f+2,1 BT D/B (LOW, low, Slide)

In T6 you could parry the second punch after the first was blocked. If you were playing against good players, then you were required to mix up the second low punch with a quick WS mid or a sidestep into the background. The first punch jails in TTT2 so thatís no longer an issue. These mixups are still very good because the second low punch can leave Lei much more unsafe than the first low punch:

- FC d/f+2 WS 1 (LOW, mid)
- FC d/f+2 RC~u (LOW, SS)
- FC d/f+2 FC 4~4,3 (LOW, LOW, LOW)
- FC d/f+2 RC throw (LOW, high)

Now let's go over the different ways Lei can be punished for using these moves.

First of all, this string starts with a low punch, so it can be parried obviously. The first punch takes 18-frame to impact (i18) the opponent, so it is also kinda slow. It can be stepped to Leiís left side (SSR), but tracks decently to Leiís right side. The other important thing to note is that none of this string is a natural combo (NC). Your opponent can get hit by the first punch and still be able to block the second punch. However, if the first punch is a counter hit (CH), then both the second punch and the mid kick are a natural combo (NCc).

FC d/f+2 by itself is -12 on block. Lei will Recover Crouched (RC) and so will your opponent if they've just blocked it. Your opponent is going to have a slow reaction because they'll be expecting the second punch. Itís possible you wonít be punished at all. When it hits, Lei is -1 RC.

FC d/f+2,1 by itself is -13 on block. Lei will recover Back Turned (BT). Being -13 in BT is the equivalent of being around -19. Again though, not many players will risk a launcher here because they'll have been expecting the kick extension. You're probably going to be punished with an i12 WS punisher. I'll give my reason for saying this below. Lei is also vulnerable to an inescapable back-throw. Just know that it is possible to get launched when you only do the two punches. If you're opponent happens to block the first punch, they will automatically block the second punch.

FC d/f+2,1,4 is a semi-safe version. If your opponent is a good player, they will react to the first punch and crouch-block the second punch. After blocking the second punch they can then use a i12 WS punisher, which will interrupt and hit Lei before his kick extension. Throw attempts seem to grab Lei from the front in TTT2. If they use an i13 WS punisher, it will double-hit with Lei's kick. If your opponent fails to use their i12 WS punisher after blocking the second punch, and instead blocks Leiís kick, then Lei will be +0 in Phoenix Stance (PHX). Lei will be the equivalent of -21 frames if he cancels PHX by holding ~D. Leiís fastest attacks from PHX are i14 left kicks. So Lei should be punished here with standing i13 attacks.
Launch Warning: Kaz, Capos, and Bruce can launch with i13.
I want to mention also that it's a good habit to input f+2+4 the very moment FC d/f+2,1,4 would impact. This "chicken" is some next level stuff, but it's easy to do here if you buffer the 4 and tap f+2. This is more important when you play against opponents who have reversals (e.g. Asuka).

FC d/f+2,1,4~b will cancel the kick. This feint has a built-in sidestep (SSR). However, the sidestep isn't fast enough to avoid the i12 WS punishers Lei should be getting hit by after his low punch gets blocked. This is something you can use when your opponent doesnít know that the kick can be interrupted after the second punch is blocked. Itís really just an alternative to going into PHX. Itís very unlikely (yet possible) that Lei could be hit by i26 attacks after the second punch is blocked (i15 moves after the second punch hits) because of this feint.

FC d/f+2,1 BT d+3 is a really good mix-up to the mid kick if both punches hit. Lei is -1 in BT after the second punch hits. Your opponent will be expecting the mid kick to follow and will probably be holding ~B to block. BT d+3 is a super quick (i10) low that leaves Lei +3 on hit. If your opponent happens to block this low kick, they can use their i12 WS punisher. It is also possible (however it's very unlikely) that your opponent could interrupt Lei before the low kick with a perfectly timed jab or even beat it with a low-crush move (e.g. hopkick). If your opponent blocks the low punch(es), they will have 23 frames before Lei's BT d+3 will hit them. They will however probably be using a WS i12 punisher (throws grab Lei from the front). BT d+3 low kick mix-up could actually work after the low punches get blocked, but ONLY IF your opponent is unaware that they can punish the second blocked punch with an i12 WS move (in other words, if your opponent is constantly waiting to block the mid kick extension after blocking the punches). I do NOT suggest that you try BT d+3 if the low punch(es) get blocked. It could form into a bad habit. Besides, Lei could be massacred for it.
The reason I like doing this ^^^ "Ballroom Dance" to low kick is because it works. The only way Lei could get launched is if you attempt this low kick after the punches are blocked (or if they're reckless and hopkick after the two punches hit them). However, most good players are trained to either punish the second low punch with an i12 WS punisher, or they will wait for the mid kick to either catch it with a reversal or block and punish it with an i13 move (i14 trade with PHX 3).

FC d/f+2 WS 1 is another decent mix-up if the first punch hits. I do NOT suggest you attack if the low punch gets blocked. Lei will be -12, so attacking could get him launched. After the first punch hits your opponent, Lei is -1 RC. This WS 1 (or WS 4) works because of your opponent's delayed reaction due to anticipating the second low punch. If they happen to block WS 1, Lei is safe at only -4. If WS 1 hits, then Lei is +8. WS 4 does a little more damage (4 more: 20 dmg vs. 16 dmg) than WS 1, but Lei is only +5 on hit and is -6 on block. Note that both WS 1 and WS 4 can be sidestepped. WS 3 is the answer to catch side-steppers. It does much more damage (33 dmg), but Lei is -15 when it is blocked and only -4 when it hits. Note that it is also possible (although unlikely) that your opponent could be hit by the first punch, yet successfully interrupt your WS 1 with a perfectly timed crouch-jab.

FC d/f+2 RC~u is another option. As I said before, Lei is -1 after the first punch hits, so your opponent could possibly interrupt the WS follow-up. Being only -1 makes for an ideal time to attempt a SS set-up. Lei can successfully SS jabs when he is -2 and can sometimes SS jabs when he is -3 (if he steps to the correct side). The punishment for getting the low punch blocked is the same as I listed above. Again, I do NOT suggest you try a SS after a blocked punch. Lei can be launched before he even starts the SS animation.

FC d/f+2 FC d/f+2... or FC d/f+2 FC 4~4,3 may both sound like stupid ideas. Both of these mix-ups give your opponent around 18 frames to retaliate before the second low hits them (the punch trades with i19, and the kick will trade with i17). However, if you've been using the "ballroom punch to SS" with the "ballroom punch to WS 1", then both of these "ballroom punch to FC low" mix-ups WILL work for you (and frustrate your opponent). I donít suggest following the FC low punch with another FC low attack if you haven't first been using the SS and WS 1 mix-ups. This is the best way to ensure your going to get away with using these FC lows following a FC d/f+2 hit.

FC d/f+2 RC throw is an alternative to the FC lows I just mentioned. Throws can be escaped, ducked under, and they also fail to connect on jumping opponents. So this option would lose to your opponent's hopkicks and crouch-jabs. Just like the above FC low follow-up, this works best when you are also using the "low punch to WS" and the "low punch to SS" mix-ups. Remember that f+1+3_f+2+4 will track and snatch up a sidestepper.

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Ei8hTy SiX
Drunken Master
Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 157
From: USA Iowa
XBL: Ei8hTy SiX
#2 “Quote” Edit Post
Lei doesn't have the best options when fully crouched (FC). Therefore it's important to know all of his options. Many of these are just ridiculous and will never be used, but it's worth the few minutes to go over them.

FC moves:

WS moves:
WS 1
WS 2,1
WS 3
WS 4
WS 3+4

u/b_u_u/f moves:

f,f_b,b moves:

It's a little more difficult to use the "ff_bb" crouch cancelling moves because you can only buffer the first directional input. You still need to time the f+whatever (or b+whatever) as soon as Lei becomes active again. That is why I wrote them with the "just frame" symbol (colon).
It's interesting to know that you can also use use bb to cancel into moves like b+4 and Leiís new b+2.
b:b+3+4 goes into BT
b:b+1+4 goes into PHX
b:b+2+3_f:f+2+3 goes into SNK
Signature Rip - "So... does Dragunov have any stances?" Aris - "No. He's heterosexual."

Steve - "Don't be jealous." Lei - "Know how Sergei got that scar on his mouth? Haha!"

LUYG Ep.7 24:40-25:12

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