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Ei8hTy SiX
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#1 “Quote” Edit Post
■■■■■■■■■■■■ LEI WULONG SNAKE SCHOOL ■■■■■■■■■■■■

This is a study of Lei Wulong's Snake (SNK) stance. All of Lei's stances can be used in different ways. This text will attempt to focus on the frame data, so that everyone who reads it may find the information useful to their own unique play style. The purpose of this study (and the others that follow) is to help new Lei players improve by better understanding the benefits and risks of each move. And maybe those who have been playing Lei for years will learn something they didn't already know.

The Snake stance is the stance that new players find themselves in most often. This is due to a few different factors. First of all, spamming left jabs while walking forward starts an endless loop of Snake strikes. Second reason is that a few of Lei's best moves transition into Snake. Thirdly, each of the other animal stances are able to get into Snake via a sidestep (SS). Lastly, many of the Snake attacks/strings keep Lei in the stance.

I believe it is important to first understand the properties of all the Snake attacks before learning all of the transitions that get Lei into the stance. This enables the Lei players to make wiser decisions when considering which Snake attacks to use after transitioning into the stance. However, so that the reader may follow, I'll first list the different ways to manually enter the Snake stance.

=========== Movements into Snake ===========

3+4 - This has a high/mid punch parry from frames 20-38

f+2+3 - This has a built in sidestep right (SSR)

b+2+3 - This has a built in sidestep left (SSL)

SS (2+3_1+4) - Either input will add a SS to the same direction Lei is moving

SSR from (Dragon_Crane)

SSL from (Panther_Tiger)

========== Snake Stance Moves List ==========

SNK 1 Strings - aka Rushing Snake / Snapping Snake

SNK 1 is Lei's jab from this stance. It's a very fast high attack that only takes 11 frames to impact the opponent. Like a jab, this move is linear, which means that it can be easily sidestepped by Lei's opponents. Lei can string up to five of these consecutively (aka Rushing Snake). Each of these consecutive strikes does less and less damage (13,12,10,9,8). This string will add tracking to Lei's left side so it may hit opponents who are sidewalking right (SWR). The first three hits are a natural combo (NC), which means that if one connects, the rest are unblockable. If you score a counter hit (CH), then you can combo all five. When Lei uses these in a string he has the option to remain in his Snake stance by holding forward (~F). Remember that this is generally a bad thing to do because it puts Lei at a frame disadvantage and Lei can be launch punished if the attack is blocked. The 1,1,1~F SNK transition is worth attempting when the string is ducked and your opponent is waiting for Lei to stop the string so they can punish. The transition has a built in SS, so it avoids most WS moves. Unfortunately, hopkicks are the standard here and normally launch Lei.

SNK 1(up to five total) -6 blocked, +5 on hit

SNK 1,1(up to five total)~F -15 blocked, -2 on hit SNK

Lei can instead alternate left and right punches (aka Snapping Snake), which are good because they hit mid after the first high. This is a safer way to stay in the Snake stance and can potentially do more damage (13,17,13,27) as well. This string adds tracking to Lei's right side which means it will hit an opponent who was side walking that direction (SWL). A simple SNK 1,2 will keep Lei in the Snake stance at a frame disadvantage similar to SNK 1,1...~F but reduces the risk of being ducked and is safer when blocked.
SNK 1,2,1 is the natural combo and has an option to transition into Panther stance. This transition is an excellent one (when the string hits) that improves his frames. The frame data when blocked is misleading. Being -6 in Panther stance is not safe. As you know, PAN avoids all highs and moving forward in PAN will automatically low parry. Lei can not however block mids from Panther. If you hold back (~B) in Panther, you blocks lows instead of parrying them. To cancel PAN stance and block (~d/b~B) takes a long time (about 18 frames). Lei is unable to block mids i24 or faster after SNK 1,2,1~F is blocked. If you do accidentally transition to PAN when SNK 1,2,1 is blocked, it's probably best to attack with PAN 1 which will trade with any i17 mid and is only -12 when blocked.
The last punch of SNK 1,2,1,2 will keep Lei in SNK and knock down (or wall splat) the opponent if it hits. This high punch is never gauranteed, but Lei is safe when it is blocked. It can be only be ducked if SNK 1,2,1 is blocked. The risk/reward of using this last punch is in Lei's favor when you've confirmed that SNK 1,2,1 landed, and especially so if the opponent's back is to a wall.

SNK 1,2 -13 blocked, -2 on hit SNK

SNK 1,2,1 -10 blocked, +1 on hit

SNK 1,2,1~F -6 blocked, +5 on hit PAN

SNK 1,2,1,2 -8 blocked, KND on hit W! SNK

SNK 2 Strings - aka Snake Bites

SNK 2 is awesome. This quick mid takes 15 frames to impact. The move tracks to Lei's right side but is susceptible to opponents who move around Lei's left (SSR). Lei can string up to three right punches consecutively for good damage (20,13,20). The third hit is a low move and a natural combo but is unsafe when blocked. It's best to hit confirm before throwing out the last punch. This means only tapping 2 twice. If the first punch lands, tap 2 a third time. If the first punch is blocked, do not attempt the third punch. I personally always hold ~F while using the SNK 2 string. Doing so after either of the first two punches pets Lei into Dragon stance. Lei goes to Panther stance while holding ~F after the third punch. If you do not ~F transition after these punches, you will be at a frame disadvantage and can be punished when blocked. Remember again that Lei is unable to block mids from PAN stance.

SNK 2 -10 blocked, +1 OC on hit, +8 on CH

SNK 2~F -5 blocked, +6 OC on hit, +13 on CH DGN

SNK 2,2 -12 blocked, -1 on hit

SNK 2,2~F -4 blocked, +7 on hit DGN

SNK 2,2,2 -17 OC blocked, -1 on hit

SNK 2,2,2~F -13 OC blocked, +2 on hit PAN

*Note that when a SNK 2 connects, it puts the opponent into a crouch which limits their options (example: they can only SS into the background). This makes the move stronger from 1P side because the Dragon stance is weak to it's right (SSL avoids most DGN attacks). When SNK 2 is a counter hit, the opponent becomes stunned giving Lei a +8 frames advantage. Going into Dragon will increase the stun's frame advantage to +13. This means that Lei gets a free DGN 4,1,2 totalling 74 damage if SNK 2 lands as a CH.

Lei can also substitute the third low right punch for a delayed low kick that puts Lei on his back and on the ground. This is the same kick string that Lei can perform from his Neutral normal standing position by pressing 4~4 quickly (aka Lift Up Cannon). These lows are very risky. The first kick may be low parried even after SNK 2,2 scores as a CH. If SNK 2,2 is blocked, Lei's opponent could interrupt the first low kick with any mid or low move faster than 21 frames (i21 double hits Lei's). The second kick may also be parried if the first is blocked.

SNK 2,2,4 -16 OC blocked, -5 on hit KNDs

SNK 2,2,4,3 -2 OC blocked, +9 on hit KNDs

SNK 2,2,4,3,3 -14 blocked, JG on hit FCDs

SNK 4 - aka Snake Kick

SNK 4 is the quick (and only) low from the stance. It too takes 15 frames to impact. It does little damage (14) but will hit grounded opponents. It has good tracking to Lei's left side and some to Lei's right, making it difficult for opponents trying to step around Lei's SNK stance. This low poke keeps Lei in his SNK stance, but (like SNK 1,2 and SNK 1,1...~F) it gives the initiative to your opponent. If you are using this to poke in SNK, take note of how the opponent responds. If they are jabbing you out of SNK after a SNK 4 connects, you can really make them pay for it by later following it with either of the two SNK moves we haven't mentioned yet (SNK 3 in the open / SNK 1+2 near a wall). If they are dick punching you out of SNK after SNK 4 connects, following it later with SNK 1+2 will actually beat their crouch jabs too!

SNK 4 -13 OC blocked, -2 on hit SNK

*Note that Kazuya, Bruce, and Eddy/Christie can launch you with their 13 frame crouch punishers. Some other characters have a difficult time hurting you here. This also applies to "d+4~D to SNK" which is -13 when blocked as well.

SNK 1+2 - aka Angry Viper

SNK 1+2 is Lei's powerful wall splat move from the stance. It takes 21 frames to impact and does good damage by itself (33). This move tracks to Lei's left side but his opponent can SSL (to Lei's right) and get around it. This mid is scary because it will instantly high crush. That means it will safely go under any high move that your opponent attempts. It is punishable only with jabs which makes this a very solid move. Although it appears to be a two handed move, it is punch parriable.

SNK 1+2 -10 blocked, KND on hit W!

SNK 3 - aka Rattlesnake

SNK 3 is one of those moves that some Lei players think is useless. It's another high crushing mid, but it doesn't wall splat and is linear, so it's easily sidestepped. It does good damage (40+), but because it takes a slow 28 frames to impact, Lei will most likely never land this by random use. This move is definitely situational. This alternate SNK high crush may be interrupted, but it is difficult to punish. After SNK 3, Lei is left in his Facedown (FCDs) stance. Lei even has the option to go to the default Facedown (FCD) grounded position by holding ~D during the kick. Another obvious yet overlooked difference is that this move is a kick. Some opponents may have a punch parry or reversal for SNK 1+2, but not for SNK 3. Landing this move gives a mini juggle (gauranteed WS 3) totalling 55 damage. If there aren't any walls around, consider using this move instead of the 1+2.

SNK 3 -7 blocked, JG on hit FCDs

SNK Movement

Movement from the stance is pretty good. The stance doesn't have any built-in defensive properties like some of his other animal stances, but Lei does sort of roll dash while moving forwards which could randomly dodge a single high. It's nice at range to stay low and close the distance by tapping ~f and then using a crush move. When you sidestep left (SSL) Lei is in Dragon (DGN) stance. Sidestep right (SSR) and Lei is in Panther (PAN) stance. The Panther stance is technically a crouching stance, so a SSR from SNK to PAN is especially evasive. The sidestep to Panther pretty much high crushes in addition to the step. To cancel out of SNK, input either of these directions: (d/b_D_d/f)

SNK SSL will put Lei into DGN

SNK SSR will put Lei into PAN

SNK (1+3)_(2+4) will SSL to the DGN throw (1 break)

SNK (1+3)_(2+4)~B will feint the throw leaving Lei in DGN

SNK (d/b_D_d/f) will cancel the stance

========== Attacks into Snake Stance ==========

Now that we understand the properties of each move in SNK, let's look at the "dirty dozen". These are the twelve attacks that transition into SNK:

Move List/Frames when Blocked/Frames when Hit

low - d+4~D -13 OC -1

low - d/b+4~(U_D) -24 OC* JG(close), +8(far)

low - BT d+4~(u_d) -24 OC* JG(close), +8(far)

low - PLDs 3~(U_D) -24 OC* JG(close), +8(far)

low - PHX 4 -14 OC +2

low - SNK 4 -13 OC -2

mid - d/f+2~F -9~-8 JG(vs. standing), +2(vs. crouching)

mid - f,N+1~SS -13 -2(vs. standing), +2(vs. crouching)

high - 1,1~F -15 -2

high - SNK 1,1...~F -15 -2

high - SNK 1,2 -13 -2

high - SNK 1,2,1,2 -8 KND W!

*Note that Lei will not enter SNK if any of the Rave Sweep variations are blocked.

A quick look at this and you'll notice a few things. The first thing I noticed was that the only safe transitional attack into SNK is d/f+2~F (remember that SNK 1,2,1,2 is not a natural combo and ends with a high that is duckable when 1,2,1 is blocked). It seems that Lei is better off if he uses movement to create spacing, so he can safely go into Snake manually from a distance rather than trying to force the stance after an attack. I personally find myself side-stepping into Snake from the other animal stances most often. I occasionally start a round with SS 2+3.

The second thing I noticed was that transitioning into SNK is a mistake in some of these scenarios. If you juggle with d/f+2, going into SNK greatly reduces your juggle damage. Likewise, the juggle for the "clean" Rave Sweep from Standing position (d/b+4) requires Lei to enter Drunken stance (~F) instead of Snake (~U_D) . And if the Razor Rush (f,N+1) hits a crouching opponent, it's actually better to not enter the stance. Lei is +11 if that happens and gets free jab string damage if he doesn't transition.

The third thing I noticed was how almost all the scenarios leave Lei between +2 or -2 in SNK. This seems to be the standard situation. The only exception is the Rave Sweep at long range. The Rave Sweep gives Lei amazing frame advantage in SNK (+8). This is hands down the best Snake stance entrance. The sweep can be done from three different stances. Transitioning to SNK from the PLDs or the BT versions is ideal, but from the Standing version it's best to enter Lei's Drunken stance. The sweep takes about 20 frames to impact and many claim that they can see it coming, so it definitely carries a risk of painful juggle punishment.

========== Moves Recap / Summary ==========

Safe moves from Snake:

2~F (-5 +6OC +13CH) (to Dragon) (tracks right)

2,2~F (-4 +7) (to Dragon) (hit confirm before inputting 2,2,2~F) (second hit tracks left)

1,2,1,2 (-8 KND) (to Snake) (wall splats) (duckable high on block) (unduckable if 1,2,1 hits)

1_1,1_1,1,1 (-6 +5) (do not press ~F) (1,1,1,1,1 is NCc) (duckable highs)

Other important moves from Snake:

1,2,1 (-10 +1) (should only get crouch jab punishment because of extension) (hit confirm before inputting 1,2,1~F PAN at +5)

4 (low poke) (-13 -2) (good tracking)

1+2 (high crush, wall splat) (-10 KND) (tracks right)

SSR to PAN (very elusive)

Best Ways Into Snake Stance:

Rave Sweeps~(U_D) (from max range) +8 frames

Manually at a range

SS from other animal stances

PHX 4 +2 frames

d/f+2~F (hit opponent crouching) +2 frames

f,N+1~SS (hit opponent crouching) +2 frames

d+4~D -1 frames

Counter Hit Hunting:

(Opponent far) Rave Sweep~(D_U) SNK 2~F DGN 4,1,2,(3_2~F)

PHX 4 SNK 1,1,1,1,1 f,n,4,1,2,(3_2~F)

SNK 2,2,4,3 KNDs 4 (u/f+3_d/f+2)

============= Scenario Risks =============

Following Rave Sweep~U_D (+8):

SNK 1,1,... - may be ducked

SNK 1,2,1,2 - impact, but first punch may be ducked

SNK 2 - impact

SNK 2,2 - impact

SNK 4 - may be SSL (helps Lei to input Sweep~U_D that corresponds to SSR)

SNK 1+2 - may be backdashed

ANTI LEI SUMMARY - backdash/block only beaten by SNK 4

Following PHX 4 (+2):

SNK 1,1,... - may be SW or ducked/crushed

SNK 1,2,1,2 - may be SWL (SSR/SWR avoids two) (SSL avoids first punch)

SNK 2 strings - may trade with opponent's i13 moves

SNK 2,2,2 - (SSR/SWR avoids first punch only)

SNK 4 - may be hopkicked or trade with i13 (may be SWL at close range)

SNK 1+2 - may be SSL or SW (Alisa may SSR) (Lei may BT Slide)

ANTI LEI SUMMARY - SSR to dick punch (if done fast enough) beats all but SNK 4

Following SNK 4 (-2):

SNK 1 strings - may trade with opponents i13 moves

SNK 1,1,... - may be SW or ducked/crushed

SNK 1,2,1,2 - may be SWL (may be SWR at close range) (SS avoids first punch)

SNK 2 strings - may trade with opponent's i17 moves

SNK 2,2,2 - SSR/SWR avoids first punch only

SNK 4 - may be SWL (may be hopkicked) (trades with i17)

SNK 1+2 - beats all highs and even d+1 dickpunches. May be SSL or SW

ANTI LEI SUMMARY - Dick punch beats all but SNK 1+2. SSR to dick punch beats all but SNK 4

Following blocked moves (-13~-15):

Lei's best option is to block/backdash and hope for the best.


This information has been compiled and brought to you by Ei8hTy SiX
Proof read by Officer Wulong and approved by Master Wang Hahaha.

Thanks for reading! If you noticed any errors, let me know so that I may fix them. If you have additional thoughts, please share them with the rest of us. We love to share and learn from our fellow Lei players. How do you incorporate the Snake in your games? What are some good setups or applications?

Oh yeah. I know that the thread title "Serpent Academy" in Latin is silly. I almost used a Harry Potter reference "House Slytherin" from the Hogwarts School, who's motto is "Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus" (Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon).

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#2 “Quote” Edit Post
Awesome post. Thanks for this.

I'd like to add a few things, if I may:

1. The option I usually do after CH SNK 2~f is DRG 1+2. If this hits, Lei can continue into a juggle: (2), 1+2,1, BT 4,4, B!

2. Sidestepping into SNK is good because like you said, the transition into SNK makes Lei sidestep into whatever direction he is sidestepping to before pressing (2+3)_(1+4). One thing I do from a distance is hold 2 while electric sidestepping, then press 3 to do an additional SS before going into SNK

3. SSL into SNK may be used to punish a tag crash. After B!, do f,f+2, then SSL (2+3)_(1+4) the tag crash. This will net you a free SNK 1,2,1,2 or SNK 2,2,2 into a mixup.
This tag crash bait was posted by one Lei veteran whose name escapes me right now. Please forgive me! Once I see the original post, I will give him credit here

Ah, I knew it was shauno, but I had to make sure:

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Ei8hTy SiX
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#3 “Quote” Edit Post
Excellent tag crash defense! Thanks
Does that CH SNK 2~F DGN 1+2 really work for you? I saw that green)Lei had also suggested it in his General Guide - Section 9.1. The stun is breakable, so DGN 1+2 is not gauranteed. That's why I always do the "Wolf Strike" string there.

I feel compelled to include Lei's three instant "Snake attacks" from his normal standing position.

f+1+2 - aka Twin Snake Strikes
f+1+2 +4 +8
f+1+2~F +0 +4 Panther
f+1+2~U_D -6 +0 Crane

SS+1 - aka Snake Palm Fist
SS+1 -5 +6
SS+1~F -9 +2 Tiger
SS+1~U_D -9 +2 Dragon

d/b+1 - aka She Juan Rui Ya
d/b+1 +0 OC +8, (CH+11 OC) Coiled Snake

Coiled Snake Stance
The Coiled Snake (cSNA) stance has only two high-crushing attacks for a mid/low mix-up. The only other two ways into cSNA are:
KNDs 3+4 cSNA
TGR 3~F -12~-10 KMD cSNA

cSNA Mixup
i21 mid (33 damage) cSNA 1 -10 KND W! - aka Crouching Snake Strike
i24 low (18 damage) cSNA 4 -29 OC JG - aka Coiled Snake Strike
Doing neither attack within a second or two will cause Lei to fall back into KNDs.

Miscellaneous Tidbits
The "cSNA 1" and "SNK 1+2" attacks are the exact same in every way.
Think of the third right punch of Lei's "Wolf Strike" string: (f,N+4,1,2)_(DGN 4,1,2) as being essentially the same as SNK 2. Both are -10 when blocked and can continue the same SNK 2,2 string options. The only differences are:
1.) The Wolf Strike has the (4,1,2) 3 extension for a monster CH combo.
2.) SNK 2 has the option to "~F" transition to Dragon.
3.) SNK 2 has better properties when it connects. It does 10 more damage and either forces the opponent to crouch on regular hit, or causes the great stun on CH.

There was a funny conversation on the naming of the Coiled Snake Stance. Some people call it the "Sitting Snake" (sSNA) or "Crouching Snake". >>>Here<<< is a link to the thread and the reasoning for my variation.

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#4 “Quote” Edit Post
Uppercut to Snake
65 damage solo combo:
d/f+2~F SNK 2~F DGN 4,1~F TGR 1 B! f,F+3,4
74_72 damage solo combo:
d/f+2~F SNK 1 (2_f+1) 1+2,1 BT 4,4 B! f,F+3,4

Rave Sweep (clean) to Snake
74 damage solo combos:
BT d+4~SSL SNK~SSR PAN 2 f+2 1+2,1 BT+4,4 B! f,F+3,4
PLDs 3~SSL SNK~SSR PAN 2 f+2 1+2,1 BT+4,4 B! f,F+3,4

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Signature Rip - "So... does Dragunov have any stances?" Aris - "No. He's heterosexual."

Steve - "Don't be jealous." Lei - "Know how Sergei got that scar on his mouth? Haha!"

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#5 “Quote” Edit Post
altho SNK 1212 is never guaranteed, it's worth pointing out that the last punch can't be ducked on hit.

so if SNK 121 connects and the opponent tries to duck the last 2, they'll get hit by it instead. it's an ok gimmick, particularly by the wall, seeing as the last 2 is safe.
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#6 “Quote” Edit Post
Thank you TheDinosaur! I updated the information.
It's a very good option near the wall when SNK 1,2,1 connects.
And if Lei doesn't attempt it, his opponent will still have to face the Panther.

Last edited by Ei8hTy SiX on Sep 25th, 2014 at 21:09

Signature Rip - "So... does Dragunov have any stances?" Aris - "No. He's heterosexual."

Steve - "Don't be jealous." Lei - "Know how Sergei got that scar on his mouth? Haha!"

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